11 Inspiring YouTube Travel Channels to Follow

Last week GrrlTraveler shared a with us list of the best travel channels on Youtube. We loved finding new people follow, as well as seeing that some of our friends and favourites were on. She even included us (without us asking) which was awesome! Check out our travel channel for videos twice a week from around the world! 



While Christine had a strict criteria for her choices for the best travel channel like consistent updates, niche, and channels that bring a new spin on the word Travel Show – (She has a TV producing background after all), we chose our list from the people that we watch regularly, have entertaining videos and personalities and do creative work. These and Christine's list are the Travel channels that make us want to travel and I know they will do the same for you. 

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Who has the most inspiring YouTube travel channel?

10 Inspiring Travel Channels on YouTube

Mike Corey

Mike is one of the most innovative storytellers in travel on YouTube. With his unique editing, fantastic footage and wild sense of adventure you'll love watching his videos from around the world. Because of his high production value, Mike is hired a lot for companies and brands to make professional travel videos on their channels.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is the king of adventure travel doing everything from diving with sharks in South Africa (without a cage) to trekking solo across Greenland. If you want inspiration or need some motivation to get your lazy butt off the couch, check out his videos that he's posted from his past five years of travelling around the world.

Arienne Parzel

Arienne has burst onto the scene in the past year, but we've known her for quite some time. Winning the Best in Travel at Last Year's Buffer Festival in Toronto (this is considered the Oscars of YouTube Travel) she has gone none stop producing quality videos. Her 8 part video series highlights her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro with World Vision Canada. Her videos are professional quality and she is highly sought after by brands and destinations to produce travel videos.

Cailin O'neil

Cailin was one of the first travel bloggers/youtubers we ever discovered. Coming from a film and TV background she puts a lot of information and personality into her videos. Cailin is a fellow Canuck who has a great sense of humour and a talent for storytelling. Coming from a film and tv background, she makes her travel videos feel like a proper documentary like one of our favourites the Tomatino Festival.

Steve Hanisch

Steve is another travel videographer with high production value on his travel channel that is sought after by tourism board and travel brands. He speaks around the world about making travel videos and produces his videos in both English and German. He's also got a great sense of humour and is an all around nice guy.

Devon Supertramp 


DevonSupertramp has a massive following similar to his pal FunforLouis. While Fun for Louis is a daily vlog, Devon Supertramp's videos feel more like a high budget movie trailer for destinations. His stuff is definitely the style we like and as far as travel channels out there he's the tops.


Stoked for Saturday

Stoked for Saturday just won the TBCAsia best travel video award so they are certainly doing everything right. The've even helped out some of the best travel videographers out there supporting Devon Supertramp during his trip to New Zealand. It wasn't long ago that these two were writing a guest post for us here on ThePlanetD. Now I am sure others are seeking them out for help and advice on their own travel blog and youtube travel channel.

Backpack with Brock

We met Brock in Toronto a few years back and loved his energy and style. His joy of life translates effortlessly into his YouTube videos and I look forward to his smiling face coming into my inbox each day. He's travelled to 70 countries and continues to post a mix of daily blogs and fun videos.


Wandertooth has amazing video editing skills and travel couple Geoff and Kaitie have been on the road for three years. We love his style so much, we hired him to help us out with our own videos. Geoff is another travel videographer that works with destinations and brands to produce videos yet still manages to post his own on their travel channel at least every couple of week.


Gareth travels slow and really delves into the destination that he visits. Tourist2Townie travelled extensively in Brazil and became a sensation in Brazil. While visiting a Rio favela, we even saw his logo plastered on the walls of the community. Now that's fame! He's now left South America and is bigger than ever traveling the world and sharing his video series from each country he visits on his exceptional travel channel.

Brendan Van son

Brendan has a great mix of photography tuturials and day vlogging. Mixing his talents for photography and his great sense of humour, he has been able to carve out a unique niche that has attracted a large following. If you love to take pictures of your travels, you'll love his getting the shots series “Where he explains how he takes his breathtaking images.

What's Your Favourite YouTube Travel Channel?

If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of Canadians on this list. I didn't know it until I compiled this one but clearly We Canucks tend to have a lot of love for each other. This list is also not in a particular order. They were literally written as they popped into our heads. We didn't change things around from most important to least, we didn't decide who should go first or last, we just wrote as we thought about the travel channels that we subscribe to.

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Do you have a favourite YouTube Travel Channel? Make sure to leave a link in the comments below. We'll keep adding as we find them! 

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