Why Meeting Fellow Travel Bloggers is Important

Recently we have had the chance to meet several fellow travel Bloggers.  Over the past year, we have been on our own trying to bounce ideas off of one another while working in our travels.

While that has worked out well to a point, it hasn't been until these past couple of months that we have been really inspired and excited about the future of travel and blogging.

Travel Bloggers and Twitter Meet up in Paris

Meeting Fellow Tweeters in Paris France

Why Meeting Fellow Travel Bloggers is Important

It all started with our first tweet up in Paris with Paris Buff. We learned quickly that Twitter personalities really do shine through.  Marlys at Paris Buff was as perky and friendly as I imagined her to be. 

As successful entrepreneurs and fellow writers, she and her husband Michael asked us about the direction of our Blog. We realized that we hadn't given it a lot of thought in the past. It was having somebody that is like minded ask us the question “where is it that you want to be?” that we had to actually sit down and think about our future goals and plans regarding Canada's Adventure Couple.

We didn't have a concrete vision of how we wanted to move ahead with the Blog, and meeting fellow writers and Twitter friends reminded us that we need to have goals and a concrete plan.


Meeting Fellow Travel Personalities in Alaska

Princess Cruise

Just a few days after Paris, we went on a Princess Cruises Press Trip. The people that we met on #FollowMeAtSea were inspirational and professional. 

While we all had the best time of our lives traveling through Alaska, we also took our job on the ship very seriously.  We tweeted and wrote diligently about our time on the Coral Princess and we worked hard to give Princess Cruises the results that they were looking for.

Bouncing ideas off of one another was exciting at dinner. We learned from some of the top Twitter and Bloggers on the internet about what they do to raise funds and gain publicity and how they put together packages for tourism boards and companies and what exciting applications they use to track results and gain information. 

We couldn't wait to get home to start implementing some of the ideas that we came up with to take theplanetd brand and our travels to the next level.

We noticed that the more successful the people, the more they are wanting to share.  Everyone in that group, were the cream of the crop and at the top of their fields. 

Many suggested ideas to us that we hadn't even thought about before and shared their successes with us all.  People are quite the entrepreneurs and we learned that we to have the capacity to take our blog to the next level and do something special with it.

To follow more of these great people, here are their twitter handles.

Travel Blog Exchange

The momentum kept going when we went to The Travel Blog Exchange in New York.  While we didn't get what we wanted out of the talks and seminars (we were only there the final day) we met up with some of our favorite writers and personalities on the Internet.  Because of TBEX, we have the biggest project of our lives coming up next year. 

We will be participating in the Mongol Rally with Sherry Ott of Ottsworld. Michaela from Briefcase to Backpack filmed us all committing to the project in New York and we are now in the planning stages of driving across a continent together with the possibility of Rick Griffin from Mid Life Road Trip coming along!

Since then we have met up in Toronto with Canadian Writers and Bloggers forming the Toronto Travel Tribe thanks for Mariellen of Breathe Dream Go. Talking to Janice of SoloTraveler made us realized that we are all on the cusp of something great. 

The world of travel writing, tourism and promotion is changing and if we all play our cards right, we can be a part of it.  Once again, we met great people and bounced ideas off one another and we are looking forward to seeing them all again and getting to know them better.

Which brings us to today…

We had a wonderful weekend in Montreal thanks to an invitation from Todd and Lauren of GlobeTrooper.  It is saying yes to last minute plans that can really make for something special.   We had a blast checking out the Just for Laughs Festival with them and Marcello of Wandering Tradr. But it was our chats at breakfast that we enjoyed the most. 

What Globetrooper has done in a few short months is impressive.  They are moving up the ladder of the Trip Planning and Travel Community websites quickly and are truly fun and great people.

We chatted and brainstormed together and bounced ideas off of one another. We all learned something from each other and we all formed a bond that is deeper than simply chatting online.


Meeting GlobeTrooper and Wandering Tradr in Montreal

Everyone that we met these past few weeks have become great friends.  We will all help and support each other as we all learn and grow together.

So the next time you hear about a tweet up, a meet up or receive a last minute invitation to go out and meet a fellow traveler or Blogger, take it! The meeting may open up an entirely new direction of ideas and possibilities.

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