Top 5 Memorable Massages in the World

Yesterday we had our first massage in India. We had the full body Ayurvedic Massage will therapeutic oils. It was different and it made us think about oru other memorable massages we've had around the world.

Top 5 Memorable Massages in the World

I am sure that we will be having more as we go through our travels in Asia.

It made us think about the other memorable massages that we have had around the world.  We love getting a massage, it is a luxury that we cannot afford to have regularly at home, so we take advantage of it whenever we travel.
Some experiences have been better than others and some stand our in our memories better than others.

massages of the world

Massages of the world

Here is a list of our top 5 most memorable massages.

Reflexology: Penang Malaysia

get paid to travel massage therapist

Deb getting a pedicure in Nepal

In a back alley in the heritage city of Penang, Dave and I had our most painful experience while having a massage.  We thought it would be nice to have our aching feet massaged and tended too after traveling for about 4 months.

Well, this wasn't your every day pamper me massage.

This foot therapy involved strong hands pushing on pressure points and not letting go until he was good and ready.

We squirmed in our seats and winced with pain while he prodded around our feet.  Our expert reflexologist told us exactly what was wrong with us and all of our ailments.

He was bang on about everything and even though it was painful, it was definitely an unforgettable massage for the feet.  Price: About $10

Back Bending Massage in Laos

destination spa massages on earth

Destination spa for men

We had been told my many that we had to get a massage in Laos.  We were in Vientiane when we had our first experience.

The two of us walked into a large room sectioned off with curtains and mats all over the floor.

We had a massage side by side and these guys twisted our bodies in all directions.  They were pulling us back, sitting on top of us, pulling our arms.

It was a little scary at times, but we came out alive and feeling pretty limber to say the least.

About $5

See our Review of Iceland's Blue Lagoon. Is it Worth Visiting? We let you know. 

Beach Massage in Vietnam

Nothing like relaxing at the spa!

Nothing like relaxing at the spa!

We were chilling out in Mui Ne after both experiencing about a week of illness.  A massage was just what the doctor ordered to make us feel better.

Two little unassuming women walked by as we lay on our lounges and asked us if we wanted a massage.

We decided to go for it and they put us through the wringer.  These little ladies had strength and they pounded and pressed on our muscles until we were literally black and blue.

Dave got the worst of it.  We assume since he was the man, the woman pushed even harder.  He had bruises all over his body for a week.

It was quite tender to touch as well. $3 bucks, you get what you pay for.

Heavenly Ethiopia Massage

We had just been riding our bicycles through Africa for nearly 2 months and by the time we reached Addis Ababa, we were in desperate need of some pampering.

We booked at room at the Ghion Hotel Resort a where they also had a spa.   Our muscles had been tight and sore since we left Cairo, so a massage was must.

We were led to separate rooms where we received our individual massages.  It was very sanitary and hospital like. But the massage was great.  Just the right amount of pressure to work out the knots, but not to hard that we were black and blue.

After the session was over, we were free to spend time in the steam room and  jacuzzi tub that they had just filled specifically for us.  We hopped in and out of the steam room from the cold water shower to the hot therapudic steam.

After a couple of hours there, we were ready for bed.

Luckily we had two rest days in Addis Ababa.

About $12

Bali Floral Bath and Massage

massages of the world bathtub

Ubud Bali is one of the most tranquil places on the Island.  It is a beautiful town set in the interior and it was a perfect place to book a massage.

We each booked individually, but they took us in together.  We walked into the office and were sent to a room where there were two tables side by side.

They closed the hospital like curtains then told us to take off our clothes and lay down.  We didn’t know how much we were supposed to take off so we stripped down to our birthday suits unsure if we were supposed to or not.

I guess that everything was O.K. Because they didn’t bat an eyelash when they came into the room.  It was a very soothing and professional massage.  They covered us with towels and worked on each section with expert hands.

After an hour, we were lead to another room where a floral bath was waiting for us both.  We hadn’t had a bath in months.

It was heavenly and we stayed in that tub until the water turned cool and our hands and feet pruned up.

About $10

Have you had some memorable rubdowns around the world? Let us know of a place where you had your best or most unique massage, we are always seeking out some pampering!

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