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Top 5 Memorable Massages in the World

Yesterday we had our first massage in India. It was a memorable experience and you can read about it here. We had the full body Ayurvedic Massage will therapeudic oils. I am sure that we will be having more as we go through our travels. It made us think about the other memorable massages that we have had on our past travels. We love getting a massage, it is a luxury that we cannot afford to have regularly at home, so we take advantage of it wherever we go. Some experiences have been better than others and some stand our in our memories better than others. Here is a list of our Top 5 most memorable massages

daintree rainforest massage

Ayurvedic Massage and Indian Bath in Alleppey

I learned how to shower like a true Indian today. How you ask? Because I had a woman bathe me!
It all started when we arrived at Palmy Lake Resort after our houseboat tour. Once we settled into our spacious bamboo bungalow, Marcy the owner asked us if we would be interested in a massage.
Dave and I love massages, but it seemed way too early in our trip to have a massage. We normally treat ourselves to one after we have been suffering for some time.