The Many Uses of the Simple Sarong

There is one item that I swear by whenever we are on the road.  The Sarong. We always bring 4 with us when traveling. Two for Dave and two for Me.  Why you ask? Well they are the most useful piece of clothing that you could possibly pack.

Uses of the Sarong

Uses of a sarong

Here is a list to show you just how versatile a sarong can be and how you to can use a sarong in many different ways on your travels.

1. Sheets – Some Places don't supply sheets believe it or not. And other places, well let's just say that I would rather have something between me and the sheets.  Put two sarongs down on the mattress, voila, instant sheets.

Use Sarongs as sheets

2. Towel – You are traveling in a hot climate. Do you really need to bring a thick and heavy towel with you? Use a sarong instead, it works great to dry yourself off and it dries quickly.

3. Visit To Temples – Be prepared to visit any temple no matter what you are wearing. Always carry a sarong with you for a quick cover up. If you happen to be in shorts and spaghetti straps, you can use a sarong as a shawl to cover your shoulders or wrap it around your waist to cover your bare legs. It is very versatile.

Weare a sarong as a akirt for Temples

4. Headscarf – in Countries that Require a lady to have her head covered, you don't have to go out and buy a headscarf, use your sarong. If you have a neutral colour, it will look almost like the real deal. You will be showing respect for the culture without having to buy a new piece of clothing.

Use your sarong as a headscarf

5. Use for Shower – If you are staying in a place with a shared shower, you don't have to walk to the bathroom fully clothed, just wear your sarong.  You not only use it as a towel, but a robe as well.

6. Sunburn Protection – There have been times when my sunburn has been so bad, that I can't get anything on. Sarongs are soft and comfortable and I can wear a couple of them as clothing until I heal. Twisting it around my neck turns it into a halter top and as usual, wrapping it around my waste to use it as a skirt. I can use another as a shawl to drape over my shoulders and I am instantly covered to visit temples.

Silk Sarong used as a dress

7. Privacy – You may need this more than you think, but if you are ever in a place where you have to go to the bathroom in a public area, you can have your friend or loved one hold up the sarong to use as a wall to shield you while you are doing your business.  Or if you have to change in a not so private area, it can be used for the same thing.

8. Skirt – buy a sarong with a nice neutral pattern or better yet, one solid colour and you can wrap it around and wear it as a nice skirt for an evening out.

Sarong worn as a skirt to travel

9.  Shawl
– Nights can sometimes get a bit breezy in tropical climates, but you don't want to be packing sweaters. Wear your Sarong as around your shoulders as a shawl. You will instantly warm yourself up in the night air. Or like I said earlier, use it to cover your bare shoulders when visiting a temple or to be more conservative.

10. Beach – Put a couple of sarongs down on the sand and you can lay comfortably on the beach. Give it a shake after use, and it is instantly clean.  What you just used as a beach towel is now your wardrobe back to your bungalow.

Sarong used as beach towel

So there you have it. There are our many uses of this simple piece of fabric called a sarong.  This is why I make sure to bring sarongs with me whenever I go away. You can buy them at any market for cheap, cheap, cheap. I have several sarongs and I buy them wherever I go.  I use them for anything I can imagine and I am always finding new ways to use my beloved sarong.

Do you have some other uses? I would love to hear them.  How have you used a sarong on your travels?

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