How to Live Abroad- Practical Tips

“I want to travel more.”

I’d venture to say 98% of the people asked what they wished they could do more of, they’d say travel. I have no stats, this is totally made up, but I’m sure most would agree it’s a common answer. Everyone would love to travel more or learn how to live abroad. I believe American’s especially.

We get hardly any days off, no less paid vacation! In fact, we have the least paid leave in the world!

That last line is actually a fact. So Americans REALLY need some time off, preferably to explore the world just a bit. 

How to Live Abroad

how to live abroad

Want to know the funny thing? We Americans are some of the luckiest people in the world in terms of ease of travel and even living abroad.

It’s very easy for us. We have the most opportunities, but rarely take advantage of them.

how to live abroad course

Hopefully this trend will start to change soon.

There’s not much you can do if your boss isn’t keen on letting you take off for a eight day vacation, but if you want to travel more, live abroad, or even get a job that allows you to traverse to foreign countries, AND you happen to be American… You’re in luck.

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mexico living abroad

Overseas Travel

Let’s see which of these ways can get you abroad STAT!

To start, here are three things we take for granted:

Passport: Hey there you, with your shiny new blue passport in hand that you’ve never used! Any idea how powerful that little book is? No, really… Do you?

We have one of the most powerful passports, right along with the UK, in the world. What exactly does this mean? We can get into nearly 150 countries without a visa.

What to Consider

This is huge considering there are passports out there that can barely get into 25 countries without a visa.

Mula: Our money? Yeah, it’s pretty powerful too! Again, one of the most powerful in the world. So blindly choose a country off the map and your chances of your money increasing when you go over are pretty darn good.

Language: Do you have any clue how lucky we are that we speak English? You will never be able to appreciate how fortunate we are to have English as our native tongue until you go travel (or try to teach it). More on this later…

The opportunities that most of us don’t even know about:

I will admit. I was like many others in the US. I had NO idea about these opportunities…Until I started traveling. I think traveling opens up most people’s eyes in many different ways.

how to live abroad river

How to Live Abroad and Work Overseas

Don’t worry. You’re not to blame. These opportunities aren’t really advertised, are they?

In Europe, it’s super common for those who just completed school to go on gap year and travel, work in other countries, and explore different places.

In the USA? You’d be shunned, called crazy, and told you’re making the biggest mistake of your life if you did this after high school or even after college!

Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re not crazy. This won’t be a mistake. You should do it!

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Here are just some of the opportunities you have to travel, work, and live abroad as an American:

Working Holiday Visas

How about jetting off to Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or South Korea? You can obtain a working holiday visa and work and travel the country for six months to a year!

If you’re still a student, you can do the same in Canada for six months.

The requirements vary for each country, and you’ll need to be under a certain age (usually 30) to apply, but if you start soon, you could end up obtaining a visa for all the counties that offer this program.

NGO’s and Governments Jobs

Yes, why not? Want to travel? Get a job at an NGO that you support and travel to the places they need you at most.

Maybe this arrangement could work best for those who don’t want to travel or live aboard TOO much. It could be short assignments or long term travel and living abroad, it all depends.

The same goes for government jobs. There are plenty of opportunities for you to obtain a job with the government that could involve traveling often or living abroad.

The options are endless, you will need to become BFF with Google and start looking!

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Teaching English

Thank whomever you feel the need to for blessing you with English as your native language. It’s a gift!

So with that said, have you thought about teaching English? No worries, you don’t need a teaching background.

Just grab a TEFL certification, your degree in anything, and jet off to almost literally any country on the planet and you’ll have a job.

There’s way too much info to go into detail here, but you could be an English teacher in a foreign country, save and travel around!

And another amazing option is to try teaching online. I’ve done both! Even at the same time.

This job can be done anywhere in the world and you can earn excellent income. Working from home is a fantastic choice as you can make your office anywhere in the world. Which leads me to…

sunset living abroad

Online Work

Computers are involved in our everyday life now.  A good chunk of our jobs are done using computers.  Computers are now in most homes across the country. 

Why are we still going into an office again!?

OK, so an office job is sometimes necessary. When customer interaction is needed, certain equipment etc… however there’s a large amount of jobs that could be done with a simple laptop and nothing more than a wifi connection.

So why not work from home, and make that home anywhere you want it to be at any given time?

IT, tech, creative writing, graphic design, data entry, and a slew of other jobs are out there, on the internet, and they don’t care where you live.

And because you speak English as your native tongue, you’re that much more sought after.

There are surely more opportunities out there, but let this sink in for now. You are lucky to have a few things that we take for granted and others envy.

Why not use them to your full advantage? If you want to travel and live abroad, stop thinking you can’t.

You can!

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chiang mai living abroad

Still not so sure? Well, I’ve done everything on this list with the exception of NGO and government work. I’m nobody special.

Just a regular girl wanting to travel the world, but being realistic enough to know she needs to continuing working for it because nobody has handed me money or told me anything about my secret rich grandfather living in Bulgaria or anything. Soooo… I work and travel. If I can do it, you can do it.

Nina Ragusa is an American wildflower who shares her world explorations and methods of living the travel lifestyle – without fluffing the details.

She likes to tell it how it is! Nina is a professional beach bum, a hula hooper, and revels in getting lost on purpose.

Tag along to see her adventures and tips on how to travel, live and work abroad forever fabulously, rather than frivolously.

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Now get out there in the world!

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