Places to Visit in Southern Vietnam

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In Autumn, I embarked on a volunteer experience in Southern Vietnam for just under a month. I saw a lot and these are my tips for places you must visit. 

In some ways, Vietnam is a lot like the rest of South East Asia, with a cuisine focused on rice and seafood. Yet it has many of its own unique charms that make it a fascinating destination for anyone seeking a bit of adventure.

Those few weeks in South Vietnam were some of the most entertaining, and enlightening, of my life so far. That’s why I’m writing this piece really, I want to share the magic of this incredible country along with some of my own tips for travelling in Vietnam.

Places to Visit in Southern Vietnam

I spent my time in the southern Vietnam of the country so I think it’d be best if I just focused on that area in this article. Read more: Best Things to Do in Vietnam.

1. Mekong River

visit vietnam | mekong river

The Mekong River is just under 4500km of diverse wildlife and incredible views. During my trip, I went on a two-day tour of the Mekong and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

These tours are very reasonable when it comes to price, they usually only set you back between $15 and $25.

Most tours will include a trip to the island of coconut monk (which is both bizarre and fascinating), a tour of the coconut candy factory (a coconut themed day) and an incredible lunch at a local restaurant.

2. Coconut Island

The second photo I’ve included is the view from the jetty of the stilt house where we stayed.

visit vietnam water
Coconut Monk Island

My tour included a motorcycle journey up the Vietnamese highway – great views of the rice fields and jungles on both sides of me. I ended up the day sleeping in a house built on stilts on the banks of the river.

3. Ho Chi Minh City

top things to do in ho chi minh city vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City skyline and the Saigon River, Vietnam

Although Hanoi is where the head of Vietnam is, Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is probably where its heart can be found. This bustling city of around 7million inhabitants is a hive of activity 24/7.

I often found myself kept awake in the early hours by the constant stream of scooters and pedestrians going about their business as if it were daytime. There is a huge amount to do in the city, the main tourist attractions are probably the Reunification Palace which is the site where the Vietnam War symbolically came to an end.

I personally took a lot from the War Remnants Museum which is dedicated to Vietnam’s fight for independence. Many of the exhibits are horrifying so I would advise anyone with young children not to go.

Interestingly the city is also home to a cathedral named after Notre Dame in Paris (picture below) – visiting hours are limited but it is well worth a look.

visit vietnam | ho chi minh city cathedral

As I mentioned above the nightlife in Ho Chi Minh is not much different from what you’d expect in any other city in the world. Bars and nightclubs are open to the early hours offering cheap beer, cocktails and the Vietnamese version of western food. The city caters to whatever you fancy; there are large elegant bars that resemble the finest in Europe to the corner bars with plastic tables and chairs belting out 80’s pop music.

Of course, you can’t go to Vietnam and not do karaoke; HCM has probably the best selection you’ll find so if you’re finding your karaoke voice this is the place.

4. Chu Chi Tunnels

visit vietnam | cu chi tunnels
Going in the Chi Chu Tunnel

For anyone visiting southern Vietnam I have to insist that you visit the Chu Chi Tunnels. It will only take a morning or afternoon out of your day if you’re a bit rushed for time but it is a great experience. It is about 30 to 40 minutes outside of Ho Chi Minh City and it is easily accessible by taxi, organised tour or by car.

The tunnels are part of the huge network of communication tunnels built by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War to evade American soldiers. The ones at Chu Chi are left largely unchanged since the war although they have been widened for Western tourists (although it is still a tight fit) and most booby traps have been disabled.

booby trap
One of the many booby traps

Visitors to the tunnels will be led by a guide who takes you through a maze of tight dark tunnels where you get a real feel for how the Vietcong lived. A tour of a Vietcong headquarters, complete with maps on the wall, ends with trying some of the rations that would have been eaten by the Vietcong during periods where they could not get out.

You may also get the chance to test out some of the military hardware leftover such as M16 and AK47 rifles on the onsite shooting range.

5. Cat Tien National Park

mekong delta
Canoeing on the Mekong Delta

Measuring around 720km² Cat Tien National Park is a treasure trove of wildlife and it is home to many endangered species. I’d highly recommend visiting the park even if it’s just passing through it is that good. It is a fair way from Ho Chi Minh City though (about 150km) so be warned that the journey will take several hours, especially on Vietnamese roads.

Once inside one of the largest areas of rainforest in Vietnam, it’s like you’re transported into another world.

The dense jungle is obviously a risky place for someone to be who doesn’t know what they’re doing; for this reason, you should always be accompanied by a guide. If you’re fortunate enough you may see Asian elephants, bears, tigers, and hornbills.

5. Phu Quoc

phu quoc beach
Relaxing on Phu Quoc Beach

Although the quiet island of Phu Quoc lies just off the coast of Cambodia it is part of Vietnamese territory and is becoming increasingly popular.

It has acquired a bit of a legendary status with backpackers in Vietnam due to its stunning beaches, clear seas and great bars.

When I was in Vietnam it was somewhere that the locals always suggested I visit, it is pretty much like any high-class beach destination in the world.

Aside from relaxing by the pool or lounging at the bar with a cocktail or two, there are plenty of things to do in Phu Quoc. Seeing as you are so close to such beautiful water it’s a shame not get involved with that at some point; jet skiing, diving, fishing and even personal boat hire are all great options.

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  1. I hope your upcoming plans go to Phu Quoc again. I think there will be more interesting things for you. Eat local food, snorkeling …
    I am very happy that you have had many good experiences about my country

  2. Thanks for sharing such an amazing & informative blog which will surely be a big help to those travelling to the vietnam. There are many amazing places to visit and out of many the beach resorts in the southern part of the country is very popular among the tourists.There one can find many beautiful beach resorts which provides top class hospitality & great food.

  3. Actually, I wanted to start with the North but, as a history lover, I think I’ll change my mind. I’d like to visit the Reunification Palace to get a feeling of how the war was. Thanks for this article Josh

  4. If you happened to visit or stay in Da nang, don’t forget to go in the dragon bridge. I’ll recommend you to go there at night since the dragon will be covered with bright lights and sometimes it also blow fire and water.

  5. O gosh how I miss Vietnam. I absolutely loved the area of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa. The people are so lovely and friendly. The food is super. I want to go back!!

  6. O gosh how I miss Vietnam. I absolutely loved the area of Halong Bay ad Ha Giang. The people are so lovely and friendly. The food is super. I want to go back!!

  7. I think that if you go to Vietnam, you should visit the Nothern because it is very beautiful.

    On the contrary, it can not be said of their compatriots in the south. Not surprisingly, that this fact is significant in the economy: south Vietnam growth engine, and boasts the lower unemployment and the higher average wage. Increasingly glitzy city of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) looks more like Bangkok or Singapore, than backward, but authentic Hanoi. Northern Vietnam is compared to the south in the development of backward.

  8. Let’s visit Ninh Kieu Wharf in Can Tho, Vung Tau beach, fruit garden in Tien Giang / Ben Tre.
    For find out Vung Tau beach, you can visit:
    I will update more places for you as soon as possible.

  9. If you have opportunity to come back Mekong Delta Vietnam, don’t miss Cai Rang floating market, cajeput forest, and Tam Nong sanctuary.

  10. Vietnam has become one of Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations. The cities of this vibrant country present dramatically different faces: Saigon throbs with an economic renaissance while Hanoi maintains its image as the center of Vietnamese culture, intellect, and tradition. The countryside is equally varied, from the rock formations at Halong Bay to the rural villages and lush tropical landscapes of the Mekong Delta. Northern Vietnam is also a favorite for many travelers, offering hill tribe villages and dramatic mountain scenery. Throughout the country, travelers relish stunning landscapes and superb cuisine.

  11. I heard very well about the southern vietnam and its mind blowing beautiful attractions. You have shared very nice stuff about vietnam and i think that it may be helpful for vietnam tour.

  12. Thanks for sharing this Vietnam travel tips. All places are most beautiful attractions of southern Vietnam that you are suggested and i must say that traveler should must visit those while on traveling at southern Vietnam.

  13. The tunnels are part of the huge network of communication tunnels built by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War to evade American soldiers. The ones at Chu Chi are left largely unchanged since the war although they have been widened for Western tourists (although it is still a tight fit) and most booby traps have been can book Bus Tickets in online through