Incredible Kenya Pictures an Amazing Visual Journey

Written By: The Planet D

Travel in Kenya is exactly what one hopes for when going on safari in Africa. The people are friendly, the scenery is spectacular and even though the country is progressing at a rapid pace, it still feels as if you have stepped back in time. I Dream of Africa. And I revisit it regularly through memories made by these pictures of Kenya.

Amazing Kenya Pictures

Let’s go on a visual journey of our favorite destination in Africa. Kenya in photos.

Kenya Photos of Wildlife

Kenya pictures - leopard in tree
The Leopard of the Masai Mara, Kenya

We sat for an hour waiting for this beautiful leopard to show its face. Other trucks had come and gone when they heard there was a leopard sitting in a tree. But we held out until it was quiet and calm. This beauty looked directly at me as I snapped this shot, just in time before she put her head back down to relax.

a family of rhinos drinking at lake nakuru
A Family of White Rhino drink in the morning sun at Lake Nakuru.

Rhinos are some of the most elusive animals in Africa, but you are almost guaranteed to see them in Lake Nakuru. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this familly sipping water out of a stream just a few feet away from our safari truck.

wildlife photography monkey in kenya
Sneaky monkey, Kenya

Most people don’t think of monkeys in Africa. Everyone is too focused on lions, leopards and elephants. But when you spot these little guys, they are the cutest.

elephant in amboseli national park
Elephants graze in Amboseli National Park

There are no shortage of elephants in Kenya, especially in Amboseli National Park.

lioness africa
A lioness hunting on the Masai Mara

It is fascinating to watch a lioness hunt. We tracked her for at least an hour.

flamingoes of lake nakuru
Flamingoes sleep at Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is famous for its flamingo population.

cape buffalo big 5
We can’t forget about the cape buffalo
elephant in black and white
elephants are the most majestic creatures on the savanna
kenya leopard in grass
Catching a leopard walking in the long grass
rhino of kenya
Rhinos are so rare to see we had to include another
cheetah photo of kenya
A cheetah looks back as if to say good-bye
wildlife photography hippos in kenya
Hippos Bathe in Kenya

Most of the time we saw hippos in the distance, but at our safari lodge in the Masai Mara, we had a hippo pond right on the grounds!

kenya pictures young male lion
A young male lion surveys a herd of Buffalo on the Plains of the Masai Mara

This male lion looks a little straggly, but that is only because he is young and his hair is just starting to come in. It won’t be long before he has a full mane.

Images of Kenya People

masai woman kenya photography
The proud Masai Woman of Kenya

Visiting a Maasai Tribe when in Kenya is a must. The Maasai people of Selenky welcomed us into their homes. We learned of their way of life and sat around the fire at night discussing what life is like for the indigenous people of Kenya.

kenya pictures masai warrior
A young Masaai Warrior.

Photographing the Maasai people was a highlight for me. Meeting them really added to the diversity of my images of Kenya. Whilte some people dressed in traditional Masai clothing, others dressed in today’s modern clothes.

kenya in photos kids
Kids smile for the camera in our guides local village

Visiting the hometown village of our guide Makau was a true privilege. He grew up here and introduced us to the children and his family. They were in school at the time of our arrival, but they made sure to come outside and say hello.

kenya village visit with children
Dave says hello to the local children
maasai people of Kenya
Joining in the Masai Parade

Kenya Landscape Photos

balloon at sunrise over masai mara
Sunrise Balloon ride over the plains of Africa

Taking a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara of Kenya is an experience we will never forget and it’s worth the extra splurge if you go to Africa. Read all about it here

masai mara at sunrise from a hot air balloon
Masai Mara at Sunrise
photos of kenya amboseli sunset
Sunset in Amboseli National Park

Nothing beats an African sunset. Once you see one it will steel your heart.

pictures of kenya in black and white
Storm clouds loom in Kenya

Kenya is even beautiful when a storm is coming. The dramatic clouds make for stunning Kenya photos.

champagne balloon ride masai mara
Champagne dreams in the Masai Mara, Kenya
incredible kenya photos baby elephant playing
A baby elephant is the cutest

We hope you enjoyed these Kenya photos from our time on the Masai Mara, in Lake Nakuru and Amboseli National Park.

There were so many varied landscapes wildlife and experiences, we cannot fit it all into one photostory so check out more in the links below.

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All photos by ThePlanetD all rights reserved

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57 thoughts on “Incredible Kenya Pictures an Amazing Visual Journey”

  1. Hi, I find your article about Born Free very interesting. I have loved Diana Muldaur in the Born Free TV series ever since I first saw it on TV in 1976. Do you happen to have any idea where the house is that where the TV Adamsons lived back then? In real life it belonged to Jules Sylvester’s father. It must be on the Lake Naivasha. My teacher was also so a good friend of the real Joy Adamson. Regards from Holland, Simone

  2. Those are some great photos especially showing the animals and the people of Kenya. Very healthy kids.

    The pictures of Amboseli sunsets, elephants and the rhinos in lake Nakuru national park are amazing. I know coz Im able to see them oftenly during my 1 day safaris to Amboseli national park and lake Nakuru national park day tours.

    Robert has recently posted about it here: 1 Day Nairobi Tours

    • Lucky you! Amboseli was amazing. I’d love to be there when it’s clear enough to really see Mount Kilimanjaro. It was shrouded in cloud when we visited, but still gorgeous.

  3. Great photos. I would encourage those who haven’t visited Kenya to do so. Together with Masai Mara, there are other spectacular destinations such as Kakamega, Aberdares National Park and Samburu National Reserve.

    • Thanks for the tips. you are so right, there is a lot to see in Kenya. It will take us many visits to this extraordinary country to be able to see it all.

  4. I’m afraid my comment doesn’t bring anything now – me, too, I am very impressed with your amazing pictures; be it the landscape, the wildlife, or the people! Waiting for the right moments (and playing Tetris;)…) definitely payed off. Wow!

    • Haha, thank God for Tetris! Dave had the long lens and could get the shot once the Leopard moved, I couldnt’ do much with my video or my iPhone, so Tetras it was! There was nothing else to look at anymore. It sounds awful I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • It’s amazing how he looked right down the barrel of the lens. The light was perfect and Dave snapped it at the perfect moment. That leopard didn’t stay still for long. Normally he was looking away or hiding

  5. Just… Amazing! I’ve been to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, but never to Kenya. It looks stunning. Thanks for sharing these super photos.

    • You’d love Kenya Simon! We had been to all those other places before Kenya as well and there is something quite special about the country that makes it one of our favourite spots in Africa. It has a lively positive energy that reminds us of Tanzania as well. Two amazing destinations.

    • Africa is one of our favourite destinations. We are so happy that we could revisit it after fours years of being away. There is something about it that keeps drawing you back once you step foot on the continent. I’m sure you’ll get there one day soon for sure!

  6. Wow you guys! You know how much we love your photos, but that one of the leopard is incredible. It’s our favourite yet, Nick and I are at a loss for words! The fact that it’s looking right at the camera, the lighting is perfect and it’s in a tree!

    Awesome post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks so much Dariece. We Love the leopard the most as well. It all worked out well, but I have to give Dave kudos for being patient. When he caught sight of any animal, he sat with his eye against the lens and waited patiently for however long it took to be ready to snap a photo. At one point, I sat in the van and played Tetris on my iPhone because I was so bored. Dave stayed steady and kept an eye out for movement and managed to grab shots like this. It’s his patience and talent combined that made for such incredible photos. Not everyone can do that. I feel that he got National Geographic shots and we only had a 3 day safari to do so. Most photographers need weeks in a location to do what he did. Plus, our guide Makau was really great at keeping an eye out and making sure that we got what we needed.

      • Haha, that’s too funny, I can just picture you sitting in the van playing on your iPhone! You’re absolutely right though, it is all about patience, and in this case, patience definitely paid off! We agree that these are Nat Geo shots, well done ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I know, it’s terrible. But Dave had the long lens and I couldn’t get close enough to the leopard with my video camera lens or the iPhone, so I might as well play a game. We weren’t near any other animals at this point. It was either watch Dave watching the tree or play with the iPhone. I decided to play :-)

  7. Simply exquisite photos guys. I’ve explored southern Africa but the eastern part of the continent is high on my list for the future. The photo of the group of children is particularly touching.

    • Kenya is amazing. I think it’s our favourite country in Africa. Tanzania was originally, but now we’ve swayed to Kenya. South Africa is nice too and we always have a great time there, but there’s something about the other countries in the continent that really move us and fill us with emotion. Zambia, Namibia, Sudan, Ethiopia…we love them all! We still have yet to explore Western AFrica though, I can’t wait to see what they’re like. Hopefully soon!

  8. Outstanding photos, D & D. You must have gotten quite close to the animals. My 11-year-old has a safari near the top of her list; looks like Masai Mara would be a good choice.

    • Thanks Sophie. Yes, at times we definitely came very close to the animals. Dave had a 500ml lens though as well. So for the leopard and male lions, that came in handy. They were still a bit away from us. you could see them with the naked eye, but when we tried to video them with my camera, they were too far away. The big lens helped immensely.

  9. Nice pics. The trio rhinos are particularly cute. But I still wouldn’t like to meet one close up. Hoping to take the kids on safari in South Africa in the summer.

    • Haha, yes Kirstie, it’s much safer to remain in the van and watch the rhinos from a safe distance. They are cute though aren’t they. I hope you have an amazing safari this summer!

  10. Amazing photos! It is so hard to choose favorites, but I absolutely love that sunset in Masai Mara and the family of rhinos. I hope we get to go on safari someday. Until then, I will ogle these photos.

    • Thank you Jennifer. I love that sunset too. I think what I love the most was the memory. I’ll never forget the elephants walking by us in silence at sunset. It was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

  11. Amazing collection of photos. I loved the Rhino family photo the most. Can you tell me which lens you used to get a close up photo of the animals?

    • Hi Sheila, we used a Canon EF 500 mm lens. I highly recommend it when you go on safari in Kenya. we didn’t need it for South Africa, but Kenya definitely.

    • Same with us. We spend 4 months in Africa in 2008 and didn’t do a proper safari except for a cruise in Chobi National park. It was so exciting to finally be on a real Masai Mara safari four years later.

  12. Wow! I’ve never been on a safari… yet. I must admit Kenya was never a destination of choice for one, but maybe with these photos, it could be. Great visual on what was probably an extraordinary journey.

    • Thanks Sherry, Kenya is really incredible. We’ve been to about 10 countries in Africa, and after visiting Kenya its right at the top. We went on safari in South Africa and Botswana as well, and they don’t compare to safari here. Now we just need to do the Serengeti in Tanzania so that we can truly compare.

  13. Fantastic collection of photos – took me back to when I’d watch National Geographic on Sunday nights as a kid. My favorite is the photo “The proud Masai People of Kenya” – it’s a beautiful portrait and the colors! Wow!

  14. These are truly magical Kenyan photos capturing the pride of its people and the spectacular landscape. Ours is a truly beautiful country.

  15. Holy cow, what amazing images! I can’t even choose a favorite – they are all so striking!

    Can’t wait to go on safari myself sometime.

    • Thanks Amanda, I’m glad you liked them. We had a hard time choosing as well. Just choosing these photos for the post was difficult enough. Dave has so many amazing shots.

  16. Incredible photos! Wow. I’ve just got back from safari and it was so tough to get a decent shot of a leopard. The one you’ve caught on camera is beautiful.

    • Thank you Monica. We were really lucky to have the tree all to ourselves before all the trucks arrived. Plus I had a really good lens with me too .