Crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica

We had our trepidations about crossing the Drake Passage. They are the roughest seas in the world and 20,000 sailors have lost their lives exploring these waters. In the 21st century things are much better for passengers cruising to Antarctica. Our ship, the Sea Spirit has state of the art stabilizers and Captain Peter has been sailing these seas for over a decade.

We were in good hands and along with our healthy dose of Dramamine, we were ready to take on the mighty waves.

The rocking was fierce and the chairs and tables are bolted to the floor, but while the boat was tossed around in the mighty Drake, we found the experience to be pleasant and almost fun.

Staggering through the hallways being hurled from side to side caused a chuckle or two as we met other passengers along our route.

It was 11:00 pm when we hit the Drake with full force and we went to bed just in time before the really big waves hit. As we lay down to sleep we heard a few yelps and hollers from cabins around us as the ship rocked from side to side.

I don’t know how we slept through the worst of it.  But we did. We heard stories of people being tossed out of their beds, unsecured items flying through the air and many a passenger huddled by their toilets praying to the porcelain Gods.

I awoke with sore arms wondering why on earth my hands felt cramped and realized that I must have been clutching the bed all night long subconsciously keeping myself from rolling to floor.

We made it through the worst of the Drake and lived to tell the tale.

Now Antarctica waits. We’ll be sea kayaking among the ice burgs, camping on the continent and witnessing the cute and cuddly Gentoo and Chin Strap Penguins.

Our Antarctica adventure is brought to you by Quark Expeditions

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