A Post Office in Antarctica

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It seems that everyone is trying to lay claim to the continent of Antarctica. The British did it by opening a post office in the Antarctic. If there’s a government agency, they must have some right to it, right?

We were told that Chile sent a newlywed couple to conceive a child in Antarctica in 1978 to legitimize their claim to the continent. Argentina was not impressed by this event so they sent a pregnant woman to give birth to her child in Antarctica, thus being the first citizen of the seventh continent.

So, what did the British do to make their claim stronger? They opened a post office. The babies were already born, so a governmental body made sense to be the next natural progression.

History of the Post Office

post office antarctica post box

People swarm to Port Lockroy to send a postcard home to their loved ones and explore the museum which used to be an old British Outpost.

Known as the penguin post office, this post office became an historic monument in 1996.

Expedition ships stop at Port Lockroy regularly allowing passengers to send a postcard and buy a few souvenirs from the continent.

Museum at Port Lockroy

port lockroy antarctica

It is also a museum set up exactly as it was during early days of Antarctic researching at Port Lockroy.

sweatshirts post office

The base is now a historic site for people to explore and get a glimpse as to what life was like for researchers and whalers living in Antarctica during the 1940’s to the 1960’s.

kitchen antarctica

The kitchen was left as is, there are bunks and barracks and even the old radio room is intact.

Leftovers From Researchers

radio post office

The researchers kept their favourite movie stars and bombshells close to their hearts and painted their images on the walls.

skis post office

The post office and outpost is also home to a penguin colony who decided to join the researchers after they arrived.

penguin antarctica

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  1. Hi
    I work in the post office in Ireland and as a tradition we send christmas cards to other post offices around the world.
    Could you send me your address so we can send you one, but it might not get there before Christmas.

    Paul Sheridan
    Registered Letters Office
    Dublin Mails Centre

  2. HI there! Im Jure from Slovenia ๐Ÿ˜€ MY wish is to send you my postcards package to you! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really want you to have it and of course send you some wishes from much more warmer place heh. I love to visit penguins some day :/

    • Me either. It’s such a fun thing. I guess back in the day, ships passing through would take mail home for researchers and eventually they must have thought, let’s make a proper post office for everyone!

  3. Antarctica is the place I would most like to visit in the world! It’s such an interesting, creepy, lonely place. When I was at uni in Christchurch, New Zealand, I was tempted to take some science or geography papers that would actually have involved going on a trip to Antarctica – I wish I had now!

  4. How cool. I got a postcard from Antarctica earlier this year, and thought that postal stamp was just about the coolest thing ever.

  5. already on my list of places to go! made it as far as Punta Arenas……I think Antarctica as part of a cruise would be nice

  6. How cool! Sometimes I mail myself postcards from the really fun post offices. Some of my favorites have been the northernmost post office in Svalbard and the Santa Claus Post Office in Rovaniemi, Finland!

  7. A post office in Antarctica?! But of course! Where else would I mail my postcards from? Neat find, guys!

  8. Fun to see this ‘space race’ to lay claim, and the museum actually looks very cool. Great photos as well.