A Post Office in Antarctica? You Betcha!

It seems that everyone is trying to lay claim to the continent of Antarctica. The British did it by opening a post office in the Antarctic. If there's a government agency, they must have some right to it, right?

Post Office Antarctica

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History of the Post Office

Chile: We were told that Chile sent a newlywed couple to conceive a child in Antarctica in 1978 to legitimize their claim to the continent.

Argentina: was not impressed by this event so they sent a pregnant woman to give birth to her child in Antarctica, thus being the first citizen of the seventh continent.

United Kingdom: So, what did the British do to make their claim stronger? They opened a post office.

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The babies were already born, so a governmental body made sense to be the next natural progression.

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People swarm to Port Lockroy to send a postcard home to their loved ones and explore the museum which used to be an old British Outpost.

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It is also a museum set up exactly as it was during the heyday of Port Lockroy.

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The base is now a historic site for people to explore and get a glimpse as to what life was like for researchers and whalers living in Antarctica during the 1940's to the 1960's.

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The kitchen was left as is, there are bunks and barracks and even the old radio room is intact.

Leftovers From Researchers

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The researchers kept their favourite movie stars and bombshells close to their hearts and painted their images on the walls.

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It's also home to a penguin colony who decided to join the researchers after they arrived.

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