Yala National Park, A Photo Story


Having a high concentration of leopards, Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to spot them.  But the leopard isn't the only animal you will see in Yala.

It is teeming with life and exotic animals can be found around every turn.  The Landscape reminds you of something more out of Africa than Southern Asia and it's location makes it easy for anyone visiting the country to take a trip to try to spot the elusive leopard of Yala National Park.

Enjoy Yala National Park, through Dave's Camera Lens.

leopard stares us down in yala national park sri lanka

An eagle takes a rest in Sri Lanka

elephant flapping ears in Yala National Park

Jackes in Yala National Park

Crocodile rests in sun at Yala national Park, Sri Lanka

Male Peacock shows colours in Yala, Sri Lanka

Pelican flies in Yala National Park

Bee eater of Sri Lanka

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