It was our first time in La Paz, Mexico but it will definitely not be our last. With non-stop flights from L.A. it’s turning out to be a great weekend getaway for those on the West Coast. Sadly for the rest of us, we have to make due with the longer flight, but that also gives u an excuse to stay longer too!

La Paz, Mexico

La paz mexico

Church in La Paz

We didn’t know anything about La Paz before visiting this sleepy town 100 miles up the coast of the Baja Peninsula from Cabo San Lucas, but after spending a few days there, we considered buying a condo on the beach. Seriously, there are only a handful of places that we’d consider living in this world, and La Paz is one of them. Why do you ask? Well, let me tell you all there is to do in La Paz.

Sea Kayaking

kayaking la paz, baja california

On the Sea of Cortez in Baja California

I think the number one activity in La Paz is the outstanding Sea Kayaking. You can do day trips or multiday tours. We took an amazing 10 day excursion with Baja Outdoor Activities to San Jose Island and it was pristine. We barely saw another soul during our expedition and had the most amazing time. It may have been a lot of work, but we also had a lot of fun. Pods of dolphins swam by our group of 11 on a daily basis, we saw a whale, (and it isn’t even migration season) margaritas were flowing on the beach each evening and people spent their down time snorkelling and hiking on the stunning coast line. There are trips all over

Whale Watching

Whale Tail

Each year whales make their annual migration through Baja California. They stop to have calve and nurse in shallow lagoons. We have heard from Baja Outdoor Activities that in season whale sightings are almost guaranteed and that many times they come right up to the boat and swim alongside giving guests the chance to pet them. That’s an extraordinary experience, that I think I’d love to try!

Sea Lions at  Los Islotes at Isla Espiritu Santo

sea lions baja sur mexico

Sea Lions are so cute

Swimming with sea lions is one of the most uplifting things you will ever do in your life. We had the opportunity to swim with them on several occasions and we never give up the opportunity to jump in the water with them. One of the most popular excursions in La Paz is less than an hour panga ride away. Visit the Los Islotes sea lion colony and see these playful creatures close up. Espiritu Santo has one of the most unspoiled eco-systems in Baja.

Explore the Malecón

A Statue on the Malecón

Stretching 5.5 km (3.5 miles) from Hotel Marina – the hotel where we stayed in La Paz, there is a beautiful waterfront promenade known as the Malecón. Evenings are the best time to visit as the entire town seems to come out to enjoy the cooler evenings. People bike, run and walk along the waterfront, stopping in restaurants for dinner or drinks and live bands play late into the night. It’s magical.

La Paz, Mexico Hotel Marina

Pool at Hotel Marina in La Paz



There are many great restaurants all over La Paz, ranging from small fish taco stands to fine dining. Our favourite meal out was at Jonathan Roldon’s Tailhunter where we enjoyed coconut shrimp, fish tacos, fresh salsa, guacamole and the best margaritas we’ve had in years. It’s  has been a staple in La Paz for 18 years and he also runs fishing charters out to the Sea of Cortez. It’s a place where we instantly felt welcomed and at home. Yet another reason why we think we could live here.

Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding things to do in La Paz

Deb loves to Paddle Board

If any of you have been following for a while, you’ll know that Dave and I love paddle boarding. If we could carry a paddle board with us, we’d do it everywhere. Well, in La Paz, you can rent paddle boards and paddle along the shore. Hop on to discover the waterfront and stop in town for an ice cream to cool off. I think that if we lived in La Paz, we would use our paddle boards for our commute. If we ever needed to go into town from our waterfront condo (I’m dreaming now) we’d just hop on our boards and paddle in.


La Paz is filled with jewellery makers and artists and there is a loca co-op for artists, a walking street filled with artists and various art shops throughout the town. One of my favourite parts of visiting Mexico is to by handmade necklaces and this trip was no different. We bought chains from street vendors and had them change them in front of our eyes to suit our taste.

Go to the Beach

Beach in La Paz, Mexico

Just 15 minutes out of town, you’ll find some of the best beaches in Baja. It’s no wonder we saw so many condos developing out of town. Baja city doesn’t have a beach downtown but it’s not long out of the city centre that you’ll find yourself on some beautiful stretches of sand. You can reach them by bus, motorbike or renting a car.

Go Off Roading

Off roading is huge here. So huge, that the Baja 1000 finishes in La Paz every other year. The nearby desert terrain is the perfect setting for off road fun. With little civilization along the tracks, a person has hundreds of miles to fun to explore. We had a taste of the off roading experience during our drive to our launching off point for our kayaking trip to San Jose Island, and we can attest, it is some of the best off roading we’ve seen outside of Mongolia.

Go Sailing

La Paz marina

Marina filled with Sailboats in La Paz

Sailing is a major activity in La Paz and when in Baja California, how can you not take a sailing trip on the Sea of Cortez? While out on a boat you’ll have the chance to see nearly everything mentioned above. There is nothing better than sailing on the sea and the spectacular coastline of Baja California will take your breath away. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets.

Why La Paz?

La Paz, Mexico is growing quickly. Golf courses are springing up, eco adventures are becoming popular, diving is a huge attraction and the town is a perfect getaway for the whole family. It’s has it all. La Paz is perfect blend of a sleepy Mexican town with all the amenities of the big resort towns like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. When we plan our next trip to Mexico, it’s going to be here for sure.

Read more about La Paz, Mexico at Reigniting the Adventure in La PazThe Divorce Kayak, Can we Survive the Sea of Cortez

Our Adventure in Mexico was courtesy of Baja Outdoor Activities in La Paz. They do day kayaking trips around the Baja Peninsula including multi day group and private excursions and kayak rentals. If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure in Mexico, drop Ben an email to see what they can do.

To find out more about travel to La Paz, Visit Baja Sur tourism to see all the Adventures in Mexico that await you on your next vacation.

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  1. Salika Jay

    I see why you would live there. Beach alone is good enough I guess. It’s pristine for sure. Looks like there’s so much to do as well. Have fun guys!

  2. Jeremy Branham

    I’ve heard lots of good things about stand up paddle boarding. However, I’ve read mixed reviews on it from being easy to hard. The waters look beautiful there so kayaking would be a lot of fun.

  3. Barbara

    Wonderful list of things to do in La Paz for sure and they all look like great fun! I think I would enjoy the Sea Kayaking just for the beauty of that water alone…something I find hard to resist!

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  5. Alma

    Hi guys,

    I came across this post while browsing the net. This is such a great post and experience .

    I have never been to Mexico, but seeing how great the place is with your awesome photos, I might push through with my plan next year and that is to visit the place (crossing my fingers)! And I will specifically put this place in my list of “must see /go places”in Mexico. :)

    I am actually involved in a website ( that is currently on its development process which will be focused mainly on giving information to Mexico travelers that will help them ease the planning. So I hope that when it is up and live , you’ll check it out and would love to share your experiences to our users.

    Thanks Deb and Dave for sharing such an awesome post!

    1. debndave Post author

      So glad we could entice you to go to Mexico. I’m curious how you can give advice to travelers to Mexico when you havent’ been there? Hopefully you’ll get there next year so that you can give them first hand information. It’s beautiful and make sure to add La Paz to your list :-)

  6. Abby

    Dream trip!! Love all of the activities (go Baja Outdoor Activities!). Even though I live in the hottest place ever, I am longing for a tropical trip…

    1. debndave Post author

      You will have to give it a shot. We had always gone to the other side ourselves. CAncun, Maya, Cozumel Playa Del Carmen etc. It’s only in the past couple of years that we’ve ventured to the other coast of Mexico and we’ve been wondering why we didn’t do it earlier! Love it here.

  7. Jennifer

    We just went sea kayaking in Greece and loved it! Stand up paddle boarding is next on our list to try.

    We haven’t spent much time in Mexico, but La Paz looks wonderful.

    1. debndave Post author

      Stand up paddle boarding is so much fun. If we find ourselves on a beach for an extended period this winter, we’re going to buy a couple of boards and use it as our workout. It’s a great core workout.

  8. Lisa @chickybus

    Glad that there’s so much to see in La Paz. Hope to be there one week from now!

    Just wondering re: a few things. You said that La Paz doesn’t have a beach downtown, but that you can reach some great ones by bus, etc. (15 minutes away). I’d love to spend a few days in the town of La Paz and to visit the local beaches during the day, but also want a few nights right on the beach itself. Is there a really nice one (lovely and not too crowded) that you highly recommend?

    As for paddle boarding…I’ve never tried it, but might when I’m there. Looks like fun! :)

    1. Simon Loftus

      Great Article Deb and Dave, I am always surprised at how few people have heard of this amazing city. Having lived here for 2 years now, and visited for 8, it is somewhere I am so glad that I found!

      Hey Lisa,

      There are actually a few smaller beaches along the Malecon in La Paz, but as they are by the road they aren’t as tranquil as the beaches 10 to 15 minutes away by car.

      There is however a beautiful little condominium and hotel on the beach 5 minutes out from town which unless you are staying there you might not think of going to because there isn’t much parking unless you are a guest.

      It is called La Concha, and the condominiums are very reasonably priced especially for being right on the beach. We rent quite a few there and 60% of our guests come back every single year they love it so much.

      Drop me an email if you have any questions, and I would be happy to help.


      1. debndave Post author

        Thanks for the information Simon, we may even look you up too! We’ve been considering wintering in La Paz ourselves. I think it’s the perfect spot in Mexico.

  9. Ben

    Awesome!! Thanks so much To Deb and Dave – it our was our GREAT pleasure to host your visit and we look forward to helping all your fans discover this amazing corner of the planet.

    Many thanks
    Team BOA

  10. Wadinga

    LOVE IT!!! I’ve been to Loreto twice, and I m thinking La Paz this year. Whats the best time of year do you think? Loreto- August was way too hot- December was way too cold! I preferred August over December…thoughts? Great post!

  11. Deb&Gary

    Hi Deb&Dave! I love your blog on La Paz. Gary & I have lived there for about 5 yrs now. Gary more so as he is retired, I’m still working.
    We visited Cabo a few years ago and we loved the area so much we built a house in the hills off Tecelote Beach north of La Paz, Maravia Country Club Estates.
    Stop by Palapa Azul next time you are in La Paz, Gary is there everyday after 2, November to April.
    I found the best time to travel there is Oct-Nov or Mar-April.
    Summer is way to hot.
    Happy Trails to you!!!

  12. Toni Floor

    Hi Dave and Deb,
    My name is Toni and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about the Baja of Mexico to share on our site and I came across your great post…If you’re open to it I would love to feature your story, please shoot me an email at toni(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    -Toni F.

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