It took one hour to capture this shot free of people. Winterlude in Ottawa is a very busy time of year and it is almost impossible to take a photograph of anything with out  a crowd gathering in front.

Maman is a famous sculpture designed by  Louise Bourgeois. It was first unveiled at the Tate Modern Art Museum in London England. It’s funny to me, I noticed the sculpture in a photograph on the Internet after returning from Winterlude and said to myself, “Hey, what’s that spider doing there?” It was then that I found out  that Ottawa isn’t the only city to be graced with this unique work of art. Other cities displaying this intriguing piece are Missouri, St. Petersburg, Bilboa, Tokyo, Seoul, Doha and Des Moines.


The sun sets over the Art Gallery of Ottawa

It really is a fascinating piece of art. Standing in the snow and cold at sunset proved it. People were drawn to it over and over again and couldn’t stop themselves from running up to take a closer look. Every detail is taken care of right down to eggs in the spider’s sack. It really is a captivating piece.

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  1. Katie Martin

    That is such an interesting sculpture. I had never heard of this artist’s work. I myself have a relatively strong case of arachnophobia, so normally I would not be very intrigued by a giant spider sculpture, but the way she made it is so artistic and delicate and almost robotic; a stunning work of art for sure. Now I’m curious why Louise Bourgeois decided to use spiders as her muse in the first place. I guess I’ll have to look her up. Oh, and this picture you got is stunning. Great job finding such a great angle and gorgeous lighting and somehow getting it taken without people in the way. Are you going to take pictures of the other spider sculptures now that you know they are all over?

    1. debndave Post author

      That’s a great idea Katie, we may have to seek out all the spiders around the world and photograph them. It will be our new mission.

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