A couple of weeks ago I posted about the fact that India is much cleaner than we expected.

Well, the minute I posted that article, I have been eating my words.

India is Filthy.


People Ignore Garbage in the Street

Ever since that day, India has become progressively worse.  You see, we started our journey through the country in the South of India.  We had heard all of the stories about the garbage, the cow dung, the pollution etc. We thought that we should ease our way into India so that we would be more prepared once we traveled north.

Goa was so nice, it had people cleaning the beaches each morning. (Except for the cow carcass that the dogs gnawed on each day) We even saw garbage trucks go by every once in a while.  Hampi may have been rough around the edges but it was still possible to walk without a gagging on a regular basis.

Kerala almost seems sanitized at this point and Mumbai,  well lets just say, I would love to go back to Mumbai. It had a few sidewalks that we could walk on. It had a few garbage cans here and there and it even had a waterfront path to escape the traffic.  We didn’t even see cows in Coloba or the Fort District.

In retrospect I think that we may have made the wrong choice starting in the south.  I think that if we traveled in the opposite direction we would have witnessed India becoming cleaner as we go.  Sure it would have been just baby steps to cleanliness, but with each city we would have noticed an improvement.


Homeless Man sleeping (we hope) in Street

Instead we are seeing a dirtier and dirtier India with each stop.

We have become so grossed out in the North that we just may wimp out after Varanasi and the tiger sanctuary and skip out of Dodge while we still have happy thoughts about India.


Garbage everywhere but in the Can

Rajasthan has been noticeably a mess.

Our first stop was Udaipur and we loved that town.  Sure, it had cow dung and garbage in the streets.  The lake was polluted and at times you could smell the stench of urine where men had peed against the wall, but it wasn’t too bad.


Public Urinals, No way I’d go there

As we have moved on, each city has become more cluttered with refuse, human waste is in the streets along with the cow dung. Open sewers flow along the buildings foundations of old cities and it is impossible to walk anywhere.  The filth was becoming more apparent with each day.

Yes, I am eating my words.  I admit it, I take everything back.

India is Filthy.

garbage contributes to making India filthy

Garbage Piles and adds to the Filth


Garbage in the Alley leading to raw open sewage













Now that we are in Rajasthan, we wonder why the governing body doesn’t get its act together.  There is no need to live in this waste.

There are a billion people in India, it should be easy to employ people to clean up the street.  Why not put in some garbage cans? That would be a great start.   If things are too disgusting to start off, why not put your criminals to work?   We have punishments in Canada where people are sentenced to community service.

Dave and I walk around daily and state how there isn’t a reason for all this mess.  Well, we can’t talk while we are walking. I have to assume the position of walking behind him while he leads the way.  It is impossible to walk side by side.  We must walk in single file. We have to walk on the road with the cars, the rickshaws and the cows and oh yeah, the filth.

Don't Throw Garbage Sign

Don’t throw Garbage Sign, Nobody Listens, India is still Filthy

We commented to each other that India is very bad for the relationship.  We never get to hold hands or socialize while we walk.  Nope, walking in India is work.

I have to walk with my scarf around my nose to block out the disgusting smells that linger in the air.  We have to watch where we step, we can never take our eye off the road.  One lapse in concentration and you could easily be stepping in a gooey mess of giant poop.  Maybe they should have touts sell hip waders I’m sure they would be a big hit!  All the while you have to dodge buses, cars, rickshaws and the odd loogie of spit coming out of windows or flying through the air from somewhere. You may trip over a homeless guy sleeping in the street… or a sleeping dog. Cows don’t move for anything and you have to fend off touts and beggars the entire time.

You want an adventure?  Try going out for a leisurely stroll in India.


Stench of Urination in the Streets

The temples are beautiful, the forts are nice, but the waste, the shit and garbage are such a turn off that we are really considering leaving the country. What can I say, we’ve reached our limit.  We are Canada’s Wimpy Couple rather than Canada’s Adventure Couple.  We just can’t  get passed the feces and rotting food in the street.

It really makes us appreciate what we have in in Canada.  A Garbage Union.  Those guys deserve all the money they are making and more!

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  1. Vijay Srinivas

    Had been to Switzerland for 3 weeks in October. Indeed, I was amazed to see the neat and tidy surroundings there. No garbage. No potholed roads. Not a single person was found spitting and pissing in the streets, anywhere I went to (I took some random rounds as well).

    Being an Indian myself, it wouldnt be pretty to disgrace my own country, but the truth is INDIA IS INDEED, DIRTY. People here dont have civic sense.

  2. List Of Paid Directories

    It’s crucial timings of India. No responsibility. The people we met in India were amazing. We were just frustrated with the filth. I wish that the government which is very rich and emerging as a world powerhouse would have more love for it’s people and create infrastructures. Really you collect a good information.

  3. Harry

    what i can say? i traveled in India for 8 days, and be cheated every day, by the driver, the people in the hotel…. what a filthy place!!i will never go and will persuade my friends not go.

  4. Kusum

    It’s may be ok to sling back a shot, but face it, India is filthy.
    I wish to god, that the payment for answering prayers is a demand to keep the neighbourhood n village CLEAN.
    I love my India, but I can’t overlook the trash.
    What can we do????
    That may take many years.
    What else?
    I think stricter laws n reinforcement of laws..is a solution, because same Indians go abroad n live cleanly.
    Population control,that surely is in the hands of all of us, yet laws will be needed to see that they r not dodged…God bless all who put in the effort.
    Sorry to bother u, I don’t even know you,may b I too am escaping.

  5. luckyindians

    if any of you tourists want to come to india let me tell you which places are cleaner, good to visit & beautiful…
    1 wonderful kerala
    2 mount kudremukh in western karnataka(cool place)
    3 incredible ancient ruins of hampi
    4 goa of course for it’s sandy beaches
    5 scenic spots like ganpatipule,matheran,mahabaleshwar in maharashtra
    6 banglore,mysore or any other south indian city
    7 beautiful sceneries in simla,darjeeling,manali,ooty(very cold places)
    8 the great himalayas
    9 south mumbai (of course)

    1. debndave Post author

      Thank you Lucky Indians. You are right there are many place in India to travel to and if you read the rest of our posts on India you will see that we loved it as well. We wrote many positive articles on India and the people that we met. And agree, Kerala, Hampi, Goa, Mumbai…we loved them all.


    Know why India is so?Its because of corruption,that made heavenly India such.A true Indian when blended with knowledge yields a man with super high qualities, like one of them… Mahatma Gandhi!!! , the root cause is corruption,which is keeping most of indian people backwards, with lack of education and facilities.Presently there is a war on corruption, which if won, will nourish India and make it a very lovable place, with her various historical places and cultures… So please, if u r Indian, support anti-corruption movement, and if not,and cannot help or support, please don’t criticize us and our India , that’s all…

    1. DRAGON

      As an american who lives in a place with a very dense indian population speaking from personal experience Indian folks are the friendliest culture i know. However they are also the dirtiest and lack general hygiene… It doesn’t take much for local municipalities to tax and hire public services. NOBODY has to live like that…

  7. Maria Magdalene

    I think that if India actually allowed a ton of foreign investment without useless restrictions, it would actually benefit the country tremendously. It would also probably lead to more cleanliness as more and more foreign corporations moved in and gentrified areas. The problem is that India puts too many restrictions on foreign investment. I say allow them to bring their culture there. Maybe, Indians will clean up the more they see the same.

  8. jon

    What can I say? I thought we were prepared for some hygiene issues on our recent trip to India…BUT Nothing could prepare me for the actuall reality. One of the above comments described India as a “hell on earth” which is slightly over dramatic, however there are hellish elements for sure.
    The Stench was brutal (along with the heat) and was just relentless everywhere we went. The open deffication made me sick to my stomach. Was it Human or was it beast?…still not sure
    We soon became terrified to eat anything that was not sealed and even sealed, all I could think about was the sights and smells around me…The upshot was I lost lot of weight.

    Another comment above has mentioned that for many Indians it is their pride that allow them to live in such conditions…Then why doesnt the Indian gvnmnt offer incentive for these particular jobs’ , Here in the UK a street cleaner earns a good salary as do refuse collecters and earn more than…say an office cleaner school/college cleaners, janitors, chefs etc…That is incentive that allows for practicallity over pride in times of need
    The Indian people need a wake up call if they gonna clean up their act. They are plain Lazy

    I’m glad to have left India and be home now but even now I feel my travels there have changed me for the worse, I hate myself for this but I now hate to be around the Indian community where I live…I don’t mind the Indian people who live there but the area is becoming as bad as what we saw on our trip (minus the poop), And that realisation scares me….

  9. Lila Rajiva

    I disagree that this was a rude post. I think the authors were just being honest and I appreciate it. Maybe the criminal political class will be embarrassed into spending some of the money they loot from the middle class on actual services.

    Ordinary Indians who have civic sense and decency struggle against the cultural malaise and government programs (massive welfare) that caused all this.

    If you live in India, you too will gradually become indifferent to the filth and poverty. It’s the only way to survive.

  10. Krishna

    Animals in India clean up the street- the humans create the problems- they throw plastic waste and cows eat them and get serious diseases!Cows and dogs are to be worshipped for their services!They sacrifice their life-for the inconsiderate humans!

  11. Parth

    You guys are certainly right there. I returned from my trip to Singapore, and I cried for the people who aren’t so much privileged to know how the country can be made.

    For my little two cents, I’d just like if you people help us instead of complaining. No offence. :)

    1. Vivek

      Why do you ask someone else to help you to do what you should be doing as a matter of hygiene and self-respect? No foreigners have an obligation to help clean India. That is the job of the people who live here. Do you ask your neighbor to come and help clean your toilet?

  12. dhananjay

    As an in Indian from Jaipur, i must say that your article truly captures what India has become. All the time, i cant help but wonder why is it that we cant clean things up. If you look at it, it’s not just the filth on the roads or in the alleys, its of our minds; and unfortunately India, and in particular the North, has become laid back, rowdier, arrogant and extremely self centered, with eroding morals and sense of being. We justify everything in some twisted logic of spirituality, on not accept our mistakes. Our social preconceptions are just plain DUMB sometimes.

    having said that, i still cant live anywhere else other than this country even after having studied in the UK. The food here is just lot huge notch BETTER :)

  13. The Guy

    I was in Tamil Nadu the week before last and it didn’t differ much from your pictures above.

    I suspect Goa is so clean because it is an international tourist spot. There are too many ruppees dependant on the place. To be filthy will put people off going.

    1. debndave Post author

      Hey The Guy, I do have to say that Goa is cleaner but it still isn’t what I would describe as clean. There was garbage in the streets and a dead cow on the beach. There is a lot of work needed to be done but hopefully it’s getting better.

  14. VG

    Yes India needs to be sanitized . Seems like everyone cares only for himself and not for the country. Politicians suck and dont think outside the box … given up on India .. not for sightseeing …probably good for spiritual growth..just my 2 cents

  15. lakshmi

    Hai I’m lakshmi frm Kochi,kerala. You know how I reached this blog.. well I typed “why are Indians unhygenic’.. you are absolutely right n ur blog.. I kp thinking y is it so… Throwing garbage jst lyk tht.. as if th whole plce s a one big garbage can.. I do agree wd all tht u hve said.. India s beautiful but v Indians r destroying her… Sorry

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  17. Travel2013

    India may be filthy and smelly and disgusting but it aint as boring or cold or heartless as western countries have become. Despite all the filth in India., people are happier …and most indians who leave india to settle abroad now come running back to India after realizing what trouble those western econmies are in, Indians with money have lifestyles richer than the queen of england. Poor westerners who travel in india never get to see the other side of India’s riches….they only see the poverty nothing else….but do they even realize why that poverty exists? Who’s fault is it really? When u have 1.2 billion people packed in a country and most of them are poor, then surroundings will be filthy…but what the writer of this article doesnt realize is that poverty and dirt in india exists because we were looted and exploited for 500 years by the british before getting independence only 60 years ago…and in 60 years india has come a long way too….at least its a powerful economy and a safe economy unlike the leveraged risky western countries, indians are also happier people generally….europeans, canadians and americans are all miserable…they have very hard lives and no personal relationships and a dangerously declining population due to a low birth rate. Europe and America are finished, they grew their economies and expanded in such a way that there is no more room for growth or even survival….the had been living way beyond their means for decades and now they are all deep in debt hanging on to a lazy unenthusiastic population.

    1. MeraBharatGaaan

      Hahaha! Dumbest comment yet! I guess your indian dad is loaded and you can ignore all the beggars and poop on the roads because you are a terrible person. People in Europe and america live longer, happier lives because their lives are worth much more compared to India because life is so cheap. Keep drinking the indian Koolaid, you’ll be upto your neck in garbage soon.

    2. Nirmalp

      Oh come on…The same old excuse time and time again. The british ruled us for so many years and because of that we have become lazy ,corrupt filthy .Utter nonsense. I am an Indian and very ashamed of how people here are so filthy

    3. Vivek

      Oh, grow up and stop playing the victim! When the Brits left less than 70 years ago, there were 400 million Indians. We’ve added 800 million, and haven’t done a darn thing to clean up the country. How much longer are people like you going to moan about colonization or about Muslim invasions? The fact is, Indians are by nature/nurture de-sensitized to the lack of cleanliness and hygiene. There is ritual purification, sure, but what about outside the temple and outside the home? Not that the homes are all that clean, anyhow. I see maids coming out of mansions swinging trash bags which they dump on the next corner. Surely those “upper class” Indians who employ them are aware of this practice? Of course they are, but they simply don’t give a darn as long as it’s dumped out of their sight.

      There’s only one way to clean up the country: with a big stick and hefty penalties, for both officials as well as citizens. In this, Singapore should be a model.

      And stop running down Europe and the US, another disgusting Indian habit. When India depends on them for its major exports(and even India’s exports to China are indirectly supported by Europe and the US), it is not merely unseemly but downright hypocritical. When you see all the “little Indias” throughout the west, you come to the realization that the lack of cleanliness is a failing of the Indian consciousness, not of colonization or any other excuse you care to make up.

    4. REALIST

      Too bad “travel2013″ has never been outside of india as then “travel2013″ would be shocked to discover how far behind and backward india IS. BTW: you know who are THE harshest critics of india? It’s those Indian citizens who have traveled to places outside of india such as North America and Europe and East Asia. Those persons see the Japans and the Germanys and the Britains and the Canadas and the Australias and then those Indian citizens go home and face the realities of THEIR indian home cities and they become angry as to why “superpower” india is NOwhere near the CLEAN cities IN THE REST OF THE WORLD….

  18. Haider Hilal

    Where is the impact of 20 years of economic boom on the streets of India. The reality is that India has successfully portrayed an image of shining India at the expense of ignoring basic human rights in the country. Filth, dirt, pollution and poverty are increasing, not decreasing.

    Terrorism and extremism would not stay forever. The area is going to be under reasonable control soon (as it was before 2001) and then, I would suggest all of you to pay a visit to Islamabad. Filth is not even a word that we know of here. Clean atmosphere, beautiful tracks to walk, hiking and spring brings the best of the flowers you can imagine.

    Most people are surprised by paying a visit to Islamabad. Their assessment of Pakistan changes the moment they get out of the Islamabad airport.

  19. ashit kohli

    Useless post ..useless comments ..and useless people ! Why don’t you travel to any other country if you don’t like India ? India is such a beautiful country , more beautiful than you think ..Idiots !

  20. jon

    I recently watched a tv show (Ironically called “An Idiot Abroad”) Basically its about a guy (Karl Pilkington) who travels to various destinations to report on the seven wonders of the world, albeit in a comedic slant. Its a funny show.
    However when this guy was sent to India to report on the Taj Mahal the whole series took on a very miserable tone. This guy who is normally so very laid back and seems to be so disaffected by anything suddenly became very depressed and he actually “Cried” that he wanted to “come home”…So disgusted by india was he that he just could not hide his reaction to this country during the filming. He was basically Sick from food poisoning from the first day he arrived and continued to be sick throughout and appeared to spend most of the trip in filthy toilets. This very laid back guy actually cried and begged to leave india and go home. At the end of each episode he normally finds so many positive references to each country he visits but at the end of this episode he could only say that he couldnt wait to leave…When his friend (ricky gervais) asked him what he thought of india he replied “I Fucking Hated It Mate” Sorry for the long post but after watching this show i realised that what he was feeling about India and the hygene conditions was exactly how I myself felt about my trip there. I feel it just left me feeling very depressed and homesick. The indian people we met were lovely (Although some were very shady. Some (not all) will cheat you, and would steal the eyes from your head if your not carefull) but the indian friends we met were also not happy with their “way of living” over there. It is a shame because there are beautiful parts to india but unfortunately the the densely populated parts are not at all clean or hygienic and it is sad that this is the memories i am left with.

  21. Aviska

    I am Indian and I am appalled by the filth that humans can live in. .
    You don’t have to be rich or educated to keep the area that you live in, clean.
    But it seems that even the rich, educated people love the filth as well.

    I live in South Africa, and a well educated IT guy from India visited our malls and said that it was too clean for his liking.
    He said that he preferred the filth.

    Based on that comment, I wonder if there’s any hope.
    If the earth that they walk on is one gigantic garbage bin and they all love it that way, then there’s nothing more for me to say!

  22. loveben

    If you have never lived in Canada, you will not truly understand how filthy India is compared to Canada. I’m a Canadian currently living in India and it is here in this amazing country, that I have learnt how to breathe from my mouth and not from my nose. I know it might be unhealthy for me to breath from my mouth, but at least I don’t have to smell through my nose the repulsive stench arising from every street. At times, on one street, there will be ten different smells each one vying with the other in repulsiveness. But I do see some change happening like in Gujarat:

    Garbage collection from doorstep paying dividends
    Himansshu Bhatt, TNN | Jun 2, 2013, 11.12 PM IST

    SURAT: Tagged as one of the top three cleanest cities of the country, Surat is witnessing a distinct shift in garbage collection.

    After elected wing declared it’s intention to make public places of the city garbage and container-free a year ago, the steps taken by civic administration of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) to increase, strengthen and expand it’s door-to-door collection network has started paying dividends now.

    Today, the city sprawling over 326 sq km with nearly 10.5 lakh households, generates close to 1,500 tonnes of solid waste daily. More than half of this is collected from door-to-door on daily basis using nearly 325 vehicles.

    SMC, one of the first civic bodies in the country, started this collection system in 2004 and by 2006 it had nearly 200 vehicles lifting 350-400 tonnes of garbage directly from homes. It spent nearly Rs 10 crore then against Rs 17 crore on yearly basis today.

    “The desired effect of this expansion of door-to-door collection is seen on the garbage containers in the city. The numbers have come down by about 1,000,” said EH Pathan, executive engineer, solid waste disposal, SMC.

    “The effect of increased door-to-door garbage is that now we lift just 650-700 containers for disposal of garbage and expenses on this count has come down by nearly Rs 60 lakh per month,” said Pathan and added, “This means, as we pay more for door-to-door collection, we are saving Rs 7 crore on annual basis on container lifting count and over all spending the same amount of money for higher amount of garbage disposal.”

    “We want our citizens to develop a habit of keeping garbage and litter that is produced in their homes or by them to be kept within the house. The network of SMC will collect it once a day to keep city clean and healthy,” said mayor Raju Desai. “We don’t want people to throw their garbage in containers outside their societies and spread pollution,” he added.

    Surat had 1,650 containers placed on different city roads and public places for garbage collection and it used to empty all of them either on daily basis or on alternate day basis spending nearly Rs 20 crore on annual basis.

    SMC pays Rs 250 per trip for emptying a container.

    Bhimji Patel, who recently retired as chairman of standing committee, said, “Money is not the main issue here. We are determined to keep our city cleanest of all and so would not mind paying a little more if required.”

  23. Rajendra S

    I am a Indian, its true that most Indian cities towns are dirty as never imagined. the main problem is the people’s mean mind, selfishness and the education system now a days, I mean the children are taught (mostly forced) to read write and study 24hours but no one teach them how to keep our surroundings clean and the systematic life and only force them to become an engineer or doctor in future… I am ashamed of our people :/ …

  24. Jules

    I would love to visit India but I never will because of the filth I have read about and seen on travel programmes. There is NO excuse for governments who allow this or people to accept living in such disgusting conditions. Get your house in order India. This planet deserves better than the lack of respect you show it. It is sickening and shameful.

  25. Serena Miller

    We are currently in India at the moment and we are so glad to read your post as it is the blatant truth! It is a disgrace that a country of so many people can’t get around this issue and put people to work. We recently took a sleeper train and there were people spitting all over the floor and there was rubbish all along the tracks … the toilets also emptied straight onto the tracks so poo and wee on the railway lines. When we entered one city there were human skulls amongst the rubbish too. We love India and people seem wonderful but we are leaving very soon as like yourselves we want good memories and we don’t want to get any sicker!

  26. Sirius

    Unfortunately, its true. Indians as a lot lack basic civic sense. They also lack the moral fibre required to admit their own faults. Someone else, preferably the government/corruption/the nasty westerns are always to blame. If the street is filthy, its not because they have thrown trash on it; its because the government didn’t clean up.

    Worst of all, they have simply succumbed to considering this the *norm*. The majority of Indians cannot believe that it can be any other way. They dont see the garbage. They dont smell the stink. And they will not change. And if you point this out to them, they will take umbrage and claim *you* are nasty to say such mean stuff; the more literate of them will head off on a tirade about how America (or the west’s) morals.

    If you cannot *see* the problem, you cannot fix it. Indians cannot see the problem. Its a lost cause; by the time any action taken by helpful organization takes hold, the country will be waist deep in garbage, and people will not notice.

  27. Mayank

    Let me first say that I respect this blog post, you are good natured people, amongst people of all nationalities, I have utmost respect for Canadians. The ‘kind’ filth that you are referring to in this blog post is quite literal or obvious in meaning but let me say that it is one of the most ‘innocent’ type of filth. To give some examples: going to war with poorer countries for greed, high stakes gambling, driving SUVs while fully knowing their harmful impact on the environment, luxury ocean liners that dump waste in the oceans (that can never ever be cleaned), anonymous bank accounts where the biggest criminals could hide their money, exploitation of poor asian and latino women by the thriving porn industry, the massive processed meat industry and fast food industry is also filthy in many ways, overfishing is filthy, the high percentage of college students from rich countries who take drugs (isn’t wealthy Vancouver consistently in the news about this?), excessive violence in blockbuster films and video games that kids are exposed to these days, million dollar energy guzzling ‘luxuty’ homes, guns (well, let’s not talk about that here), all these, imho, are much bigger examples of filth. While apathy may be one side of filth (as visible on the streets of India), greed is certainly the other and the more scary side, I do hope you will agree partially if not fully. Thank you for letting me comment on your blog.

  28. jules

    In reply to Mayank: This blog is NOT about greed, global harmful impact on the environment, luxury ocean liners dumping waste in the oceans , criminals hiding their money etc, etc. All of your points are valid in their own right. Go start a blog about those issues. But do not try and deflect from the fact that India is filthy and there is no excuse for that. I have traveled all over the world and the filth I have heard, read about and seen on the internet and media about India is a disgusting reflection on a nation. It needs to get its damn act together on many issues, this one particularly. There is NO excuse, Period.

  29. Pause Break

    I’ve been to other third-world countries and experienced filth, but India exceeds every one of them . Poverty is not an excuse.

  30. Sayak Banerjee

    It’s been a year since I moved to the US and I am now scared to my guts to return to my home in India. People blame the government and corruption for garbage and the filthy streets while the CITIZENS are the ones who pee on the sidewalk and throw out their trash anywhere they want to. I live in Delhi, which is the damn capital and sadly, it is equally filthy. This isn’t anything new, but it bothers me now as I simply cannot imagine going back and living in such a filth. Indians lack a very basic civic sense and quite honestly, it is shocking how people make excuses and try to justify the garbage and filthiness. I pray to God I never have to go back to that country again.

  31. serena

    I too feel everytime that india is filthy its all because of overpopulation and intense corruption i feel so bad for my country’s sorry state. I hate our uneducated fools and our corrupt and lousy government.

  32. serena

    Im truly dissappointed with india’s present state i pray to god for a tremendous change. My class teacher once said that if we can survive in india we can survive in any part ot the world but that really was not a positive complement for india that was a wake up call for improvement. Seeing the crowd in trains everyday bring hatred and suicidal thoughts in my mind.

  33. harsha

    Indians are filthy because there are very few leaders who are ready to take the burden of cleaning the filth….. Leader doesn’t mean just a politician or a bureaucrat, even a child who throws his chocolate wrapper into the dustbin is a leader……unfortunately, most of the indians are not ready to take the first step in cleaning and try to blame on others…..we indians need true leaders who will bring a change in the masses…

  34. Amar Devi

    every thing these Canadian couple have posted this article I saw it just this month and things have gone worse since 2010, the most disgusting place on planet earth. if there is hell on earth it is INDIA.

  35. Ravi Verma

    I agree with the filth and lack of cleanliness but your comment about awarding India with the title of "most disgusting place on planet earth" makes me wonder are you talking about the same Earth :D lols

  36. Amar Devi

    Ravi Verma Yes, and I stand by my comment. Like it or not instead of getting offended do something about yr country. Don't mistake from my name I am from a place that resembles with heaven!

  37. Globetrotter2014

    Its really stupid when westerners come to India expecting it to be a clean sanitized country like theirs? Do u have a billion people out of which 80% are poor? Do you have the thousands of years old history that India has? Do you have 250 languages, so many religions, cultures, castes, races all living together in india for centuries ? India has completely different dynamics than Canada, this is an over populated country packed with people from very diverse and distinct backgrounds and canada is an under populated country full of majority white people and new immigrants who arent even accepted by the whites at all. In canada whites live in white areas, blacks live in black areas, asians live in asian areas, sometimes they try to mix and they have major clashes….your country with such few people cannot get along either yet you judge india with 1.2 billion people as being a filthy place? My advice – if you cant afford India properly then dont come here. To go to canada on a holiday an indian needs ten thousand dollars at least…so if u want to explore the GOOD parts of india and NOT deal with the shit here then you need to spend at least twice as much,,,twenty thousand dollars and you will be treated like royalty in India which u cant ever experience anywhere else in the world. India has culture, history, class, elegance, the best hotels in the world and a lot to offer but its easy to criticise india without understanding it properly. Western countries are boring now, ive left many and come back…they just offer a clean environment but nothing else…westerners are half dead depressed modern day slaves with no social lives no family ties no sense of community left in them….and they all come to india now to clean their souls.

    All poor western travellers complain about the filth in india because they think india is some dirt cheap tourist destination where they can live for 10 dollars a day…yes u can live like a dog in india for 10 bucks a day…but if u want to enjoy india properly then u need a 1000 dollars a day to spend and u wont even notice the filth. Rich indians dont walk on dirty streets, they have their own palatial mansions with gardens to walk or they go to private clubs where u cant even dream of entering. They all drive around with chauffeurs in luxury cars which cost 3 times as much in western countries…its a total myth that india is inexpensive …to explore india properly and to live here properly is very very expensive,..much more than most places in the US and Canada. Budget things in india are filthy but there is a lot of luxury here too which comes at a price.

    1. debndave Post author

      That is a really sad commentary that you mention. YOu seem to be proud the there is such a divide between the poor and the rich and that to live well in India, you have to be extremely rich. “Rich Indians don’t walk the dirty streets?” That’s supposed to make things better? I think it is terrible that the rich don’t work on cleaning up the country and help the poor who are forced to live in these conditions. Nobody should have to live on $1000 a day just to have cleanliness. You are talking about exactly what is wrong with the society. There should never be such a divide that people are living behind glass walls, ignoring the problem outside and being chauffeured everywhere. If that is the future of the country, there is a serious problem. The rich and the government need to give the poor more opportunity. I think that your argument is naive. If you think that having good parts of India makes it ok that there are such horribly filthy parts, then you are part of the problem. You shouldn’t be proud that the rich live perfect lives and that it is expensive, you should be working to bring the standards of others.
      You are mistaken that Canada is segregated. And it is sad that you think that. If you came here you would see that it is very much a melting pot. When I walk down the streets of Toronto, I am very proud of the cultures blending together in harmony.
      You are right, we are very much an underpopulated country, so there is no comparison. However, we have been to many countries that have a much larger population density than India per area and they have managed the filth. India is a country that has potential to be clean, it has wealth and the people in power chose to do nothing about the problem. If you keep defending it and ignoring the problem things won’t get better. I hope it does because the people met and the friends that we made in India, don’t deserve to live in filthy streets. They should be able to walk down the road and breath fresh air.

  38. Shaily

    jees you really hate India i see…I am proud t0 be an Indian(even though I stay in Canada)no offence but your dumb and childish. Dude i am in my teens but don’t behave like you.

    I know about the dirty things India and me and my dad are even tring to do something from here.Hoping for its success

  39. Anonymous

    Its not there behavior, its just there reaction. A normal one will behave like this only. I being an Indian know what is all around here, I and my Country appreciates the travelers to visit, But the Government bodies, the Civic bodies fails at every moment, at every effort.

  40. Zac

    That’s unwarranted. Just because she’s appalled at the lack of a civil body that cleans shit up (oh and builds infrastructure; for god’s sake, Siemens could make a fortune) does not mean you have to act like that.

  41. Haider Hilal

    So you love India, but cannot settle in India. Wow, that’s convincing for your arguments.

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