Golden Temple of Amritsar

Golden Temple of Amritsar – India’s Shining Star

We had been back in India a mere two days when we made our way to Punjab to witness the Golden Temple. Sikhism’s Holiest site, this temple welcomes all to enjoy its beauty and spirituality. Dave and I don’t normally become excited over temples, but the Golden Temple is incredibly impressive and beautiful. It is not a large temple, but it is impressive. Built in 1577, the temples dome is guilded with 750 kg of pure gold.

forbidden city china

Forbidden City Beijing – All You Need to Know Before You Go

The Forbidden City in Beijing houses centuries of rich history in China. Located in Beijing it sprawls across the capitals city centre. Chinese history wasn’t my forte. I knew that the movie The Last Emperor was based in the Forbidden City. I had also heard that there was a Starbucks that opened at one time right in the middle of it all.