Versatile Travel Style – We finally look good

We have a good friend in the travel world named Trish from Tripstyler. She always looks so fashionable when she travels. Dave and I, on the other hand, have always looked a bit frumpy and disjointed with our travel style.

We pick up cheap items in Thailand: You know, the God awful Fisherman's pants that only look good on skinny twenty somethings? Or we do a shopping spree in places like Cape Town or Brisbane to update our tattered travel wardrobe. We've had a mishmash of technical gear too.

Versatile Travel Style – We finally look good

We pick up free trekking pants from conferences or take advantage of an opportunity to wear a company's clothes on one of our adventures. We've even bought knock off brands in Nepal to add to our technical wear. Our travel cloths were very muddled.

Dave and Deb then…

travel style clothing

Old Dave and Deb: Mismatched and Knock off clothing at Everest Base Camp

Royal Robbins to the Rescue

Dave and I are extremely excited to announce our newest partner Royal Robbins. We're joining their Go Everywhere team as we travel the world and showcase our adventures while wearing their fabulous clothing.

Royal Robbins is a clothing company and their mission is “to equip the outdoor person that lives inside of everyone. To create apparel, footwear and gear so innovative – so superior in comfort, fit and quality – that you would wear them proudly.

Our motto is “adventure is for everyone” and Royal Robbins fits perfectly with our belief that everyone has the potential to put adventure in their lives.

Dave and Deb now…

Royal robbins clothing

Dave and Deb now!

We've come a long way baby

The problem we've had in the past is we feel we look great in our trekking wear and adventure gear, it's been when going into a city or for a night out at a restaurant that we don't fit in. We look like weary travellers that have joined the real world and are in desperate need of a shower.

Travel Wardrobe: Versatility

We now have versatility in our wardrobe. We feel just as comfortable on the trail as we do on the town. Our wardrobe can now be mixed and matched to look great on any occasion.

Fashionable clothing for our many travels through the airport…

royal robbins travel clothing

Can you say Rock Star? Royal Robbins from Head to Toe

I have never felt so good to be back to having a proper style. When Dave and I had a house and a career in our country, we always put on our best outfit, stayed up to date with the latest styles and worked hard to look our best.

We want to start that trend again. Who says travellers can't look good?

Excellent lightweight technical gear for trekking…


hiking Canada's toughest coastal trail in Royal Robbins

Travel in Style and don't break the bank

When looking at the Royal Robbins website to order our travel wardrobe, we were given a budget. We weren't sure how far it would go, but we couldn't believe how many items we could buy. Royal Robbins is high quality clothing and travel gear, yet it's very affordable.

Lucky for me, because I lost my “Sophia Hat” in Ireland. I can order another one for only $30. I really loved that hat.

Royal Robbins Travel Clothing

I love that Royal Robbins Sophia Hat

Check out women's wear line at Royal Robbins

Royal Robbins really does cover everything you need for travel.

From trekking in the woods…


Dave pauses to take in the view

To warm jackets and waterproof jackets….

Warm stylish travel clothing

Warm stylish travel clothing

to cozy sweaters….

Dave jumping in front of a castle

Keeping warm in Ireland

To stylish beachwear ….

Deb in cancun

Chilling by the pool in a RR sundress

And a sharp dressed man….

dave relaxing

Leisure clothes for a sunday drive

We wear Royal Robbins horseback riding and feel comfortable

Royal Robbins clothig

We even look good horse back riding

We wear our Royal Robbins wardrobe sightseeing…

5 Deb walking abandoned castle aka The Twins

Checking out the castles of Ireland

Heck, we're wearing Royal Robbins everywhere.


Dave and Deb in Santorini Greece

Get used to seeing us looking good! (I know, it's a whole new concept here on ThePlanetD.) Because our entire travel wardrobe is now Royal Robbins. We're loving changing it up.

We ordered versatile clothing with complimentary colours that can be mixed and matched to look like a new wardrobe each day! We can walk out of a long trek and into a bar looking like we fit in anywhere.

The great news is, it is all so light. Lightweight travel clothing is imperative. When our box of clothes came, we thought they must have only send half our order because it didn't seem to have much in it. We had it all though, and now, we are traveling in Style!

For a complete list of the clothes we wear visit Our Most Complete Travel Packing List You'll Ever Find

Check out the Royal Robbins Go Everywhere blog for our latest posts. We're an official part of their #GoEverywhere Team and that is exactly what we're going to be doing! Next stop Hong Kong, coming soon Peruvian Amazon. But first, you'll have to read all about our time in Santorini and Ireland.

“Slainte!” – That's Cheers in Irish!

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