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Volunteering in Nicaragua – Building a School and Giving Hope

A small town Canadian girl (yes I call myself a girl even at 46) gets a chance to go to a Central American country to build a school not once but twice! How sweet was that. It was even better this second time as I brought my 16 year old son Joey. We were joined by 10 other people making up our team of twelve.

The Grey Wolf Sanctuary of Haliburton Forest

About 3 hours north of Toronto is the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre. Haliburton Forest is a nature lovers dream and a visit to the wolf sanctuary is a must. Haliburton is a place for hiking, mountain biking and canoeing in…

The Incredible Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

We love visiting ancient ruins, and the ancient temples of Bagan in Myanmar are incredible. I find that we are drawn to temples and ancient cities find out about the past and to explore how people lived centuries ago. We…

Cu Chi Tunnels of Vietnam

The Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam are a fascinating 200 km system of underground tunnels. You can visit Cu Chi from  Ho Chi Minh City on a day tour. Setting off in a comfortable minibus, we left Ho Chi Minh on…

10 Amazing Temples of Egypt – That We’ve Seen

I’ll never forget seeing the glorious ancient temples of Egypt for the first time. And with each visit to Egypt, we are continuously impressed again and again. After all, Egypt houses the greatest temples on earth. While many Egyptian temples…

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