Paris in October: Weather, Fall Tips, And What to Expect

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Who doesn’t love the French capital? Whether you have three days or three weeks, you will fall in love when visiting Paris. There’s so much to see and do, from the Eiffel Tower to the Champ Elysees and artwork in Versailles on one of the most iconic Paris day trips. And that’s before you enjoy the delicious French cuisine and dining culture. We all know that Paris is a catch. But what about visiting Paris in October? What is spending fall in Paris like?

Paris in October Tips

In this guide, we will give you the ultimate insights into what it is like to experience Paris in October – and if you should choose October as the best month to visit. Get ready for insights on special October events, weather, fall dining, and outfit inspiration for visiting Paris.

Planning Your Trip To Paris Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours in Paris in October. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting France!

What Weather to Expect: Paris in October

Paris in Fall Weather Train tickets

When visiting outside of summer, it pays to consider what the weather will be like. The high season might have faults, but its nice weather and warm temperatures win millions of people over for a reason. So, what weather can you expect when visiting Paris in October?

Generally, you can expect average temperatures of around 14-15 degrees Celsius. In October, Paris has highs of 17 degrees and lows of approximately 10 degrees Celsius. You can check out your specific dates closer to the time by using weather forecast apps.
In northern France, Paris follows the usual fall pattern of mild daytime temperatures with sunny days and colder temperatures at night. The beginning of October also tends to have better weather, with early November seeing drops in temperature again.

Paris in October Nuit Blanche, aka White Night. Paris in October

If you want a great trip to Paris in October, bring long-sleeved shirts and a warm coat that goes with all your outfits. While average temperatures in the day are relatively mild, it really gets chilly at night, which is crucial to remember. You’ll also notice the cold more in activities like visiting viewpoints – which is super windy and exposed at the top, so keep this in mind when planning October outfits. Easily removable and added layers are essential. You also may wish to schedule more indoor activities and look at your nearest Metro stations rather than walking at night.

Finally, the good news is that Paris isn’t majorly wet in October. The beautiful city sees, on average, just 8 days of rain in October, meaning you shouldn’t have wet days spoiling your trip. Overall, October in Paris is definitely the first of the ‘cold and wet months’, but it is the mildest month to choose in the fall period and still a brilliant time to visit before temperatures drop in November.

Is it a Good Time to Visit Paris in October?

Paris in October Notre Dame in Paris

The question of all questions: Is Paris good to visit in October? We’ll answer quickly: Paris is fantastic to see in October. Visiting Paris is meant to be exciting and fashionable – full of entertainment, good food, and good outfits. October is the pinnacle of excitement in this city, with countless festivals and celebrations, including the International Contemporary Art Fair, Wine Harvest Festival, Halloween, and Paris Fashion Week. You can celebrate Halloween at Disneyland Paris or at one of the eerie attractions like the Paris Catacombs. Alternatively, you can head to Montmartre to celebrate the wine harvest and wine tasting at the only remaining vineyard in the city center. The biggest reason that Paris is so fabulous to visit in October is because of all its events.

The second main reason is that traveling to Paris in October means getting shoulder season benefits. The first half of October has the fewest crowds since the end of October is when school holidays start, and Halloween decorations and All Saints Day (Vacances de la Toussaint) preparations are in full swing. If you choose, early to mid-October, you can snag more competitive prices and access to leading attractions with fewer crowds – what’s not to love? Shoulder seasons are fantastic for experiencing Paris on a budget.

Late October isn’t off the cards either. It is still quieter than high season, and you’ll experience hidden gems like obscure annual events that tourists miss out on by traveling to Paris in spring or summer. Late October is ideal if you love your wine or want somewhere different to celebrate Halloween.

As a whole, Paris is one of the best places to visit in October. What is more Parisian than fashion, celebrations, and wine harvests? The fall colors really bring Paris’ magic to life as well. Visiting Paris should definitely be on your list this fall, and it is 100% worthwhile as a fall destination.

Is it Busy in Paris in October?

Paris in October Louvre Pyramid

This question has two parts; overall, it depends on when you visit in October. The main dates to pay attention to are the school holidays, typically in the final week of October, and Halloween, the end of October. This splits October in Paris into two sections: early to mid-October with fewer crowds, and the end of October with slightly more crowds.

If you want actual shoulder season benefits to see all the highlights without crowds, we’d recommend traveling to Paris in early October. At this time, you’ll have fewer crowds and get that quieter experience of the French capital. This is the best time to book tickets to leading attractions and have a more serene experience in Paris.

Whereas, if you are okay with booking skip-the-line access to major attractions and want to explore Paris in October for all the celebrations, the second half of October is the period for you. When traveling to Paris, ‘busy’ is often a trade-off to experience the best events and celebrations. The second half of October in Paris is much more celebratory, inviting crowds. This is especially true leading to All Saints Day on November 1st.

Paris in October Eiffel tower sunny fall day

What is worth noting is that even if you choose late October to experience Paris, you’ll still have a quieter experience than you would with summer crowds. In Paris, October is much quieter than the summer peak season – and even Christmas. So, instead of just ‘avoiding the crowds’, choose between October’s two sections depending on what activities and entertainment you’re planning. If you want Halloween celebrations, choose the end of October. Choose the beginning of October if you wish to have quieter museums and short queues, fully embracing the low season.

How to Dress to Visit Paris in October

Paris in October Xenia Adonts Paris Fashion Week PFWFW19

No pressure, but fashion in Paris is a huge deal. This is even more the case in October when the iconic Paris Fashion Week runs. And since the months are getting colder in Paris’ fall season, you’ll naturally be paying more attention to outfits – in particular, layering your outfits and styling with warmer clothes like a light jacket in the day or a heavy coat at night. Apart from dressing to impress and feel confident, fall fashion in Paris is a practical requirement. So, what should you wear in Paris in October?

Firstly, you should definitely pack some comfy shoes. Sightseeing Paris involves a lot of walking – even if it is just a short stroll to your nearest Metro station. In October, you want warm, comfortable, closed shoes, especially during the day when you are busy sightseeing. It also pays to have waterproof shoes, just in case it rains. Bring a pair of heels for fancy restaurants and any evening entertainment, but make sure to have comfy shoes for the day.

Paris in October Alexander III Bridge on river Seine

Next, you should plan layers. You might have a jacket for daytime use, yet a trench coat for the evening when temperatures drop. If you plan your layers in advance, you can pack for the weather and easily add and remove layers while being mindful of your outfit. Paris in October requires flexible outfits – it could be 17 degrees Celsius at 1 p.m. yet 10 degrees by 8 p.m.

Lastly, consider the fall colors if you want to impress on your trip to Paris. You can get ahead of trends, do some fashion research, or just embrace the classics; tan and black never disappoint. You are planning on experiencing Paris in the fall when it is famous for its classy, layered outfits and sleek looks. Get excited!

Paris’ Best Places to Visit in October

Paris in October Notre Dame de Paris Autumn

So, with all that in mind, what are the best places to visit Paris in October? Where should you see this fall in Paris? There are all the classic attractions to experience, but also some that come into their own at this time of year. We will give you some October-specific inspiration on the best places and attractions to visit this fall in Paris. But we’ll also provide fall-specific insights to remember when visiting the classic attractions. Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is by no means just a seasonal attraction. This is one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, with a stunning rooftop viewing point and the constant fire that is burned for the unnamed soldier under its arch. When planning a Paris trip, you must visit the Arc de Triomphe. You need to remember that it is also one of the best spots to admire fall foliage in October. On the rooftop viewing point, you enjoy views down orange tree-lined streets towards the Eiffel Tower.

2. Eiffel Tower

Paris in October Eiffel Tower visit

The Eiffel Tower is so iconic that you advance reservations outside high season. The closest metro station is the Champ de Mars, and you can enjoy a leisurely walk up to the tower – walking through the Champ de Mars park for stunning views of the Eiffel Tower framed by orange hedges. Everyone should go up the Eiffel Tower once. Still, one thing to consider when adding the Eiffel Tower to your October itinerary is where to find beautiful views with scenic foliage from the ground. Look for parks and areas of green space.

3. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is famous, and that’s an understatement. It is the most outrageously decorated place you can choose if you want a fun destination in Paris. It is one of the only places to go traditionally ‘all out’ with Halloween, which is less widely celebrated in France. Disneyland is the place to be if you want ghosts, smoke machines, and jump scares.

4. Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is renowned for its dance performances and is popular all year round in Paris. However, it is particularly well-suited to October, when you’ll appreciate indoor activities in the chillier evenings. The classic red windmill is easy to spot from the Blanche metro station. Grab your tickets here.

5. Bois de Boulogne

Bois de Boulogne is off-the-beaten-track. Once a royal hunting ground, it is a massive park with lakes, botanical gardens, and countless trails you can enjoy on foot or on a bike. With all that said, it is so far east that it is more popular with local Parisians than the typical three-day-tourists who cling to the Eiffel Tower and streets of the 8th or 1st Arrondissements. In the fall, though, you should most definitely break that pattern. The thick trees turn beautiful fall colors, and you get a stunning combination of foliage and the city skyline.

6. Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges is another Paris attraction that is all-too-often sadly overlooked. However, this square is the oldest planned square in Paris – built by Henri IV in 1612. It has some serious history, and in the fall, the orange trees are beautiful against the red brick houses around the park’s perimeter. If you want to experience fall in Paris’ lesser-visited green spaces, Place des Vosges has a beautiful residential yet historic appeal.

7. Notre Dame

Paris in October Visit Notre Dame

Who doesn’t love Notre Dame? The beautiful cathedral is famous for its recent tragedy, where a fire destroyed much of its original structure. It is also renowned for its literary figure, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Its nearest metro station is Cite – just minutes away from the cathedral. While it is still under reconstruction as of 2023, you can soon visit inside again. As for now, you can experience the outside and rebuilding that will be marked as one of Paris’ most influential landmark events. If you visit in the fall, Notre Dame is brilliant because it is easily seen on a River Seine cruise. It is also just a short walk from the metro station, meaning you don’t have to get cold walking for miles.

8. Pere Lachaise

Pere Lachaise is a famous graveyard where the tombs of individuals such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, and Edith Piaf can be found. You can take self-guided tours of the cemetery and pay your respects at the graves while admiring the architecture. It is a beautiful space and also well-suited to the Halloween theme of October despite its serene atmosphere.

9. Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is an entire neighborhood, and if you are planning a trip to Paris, chances are it is already on your radar. It is also known as the 5th Arrondissement, and it includes the Pantheon, located just under the River Seine, and Notre Dame Cathedral. So, why should you visit, especially in October? Well, the Latin Quarter has stunning cafes and bookshops. It is the perfect place to escape a rainy or cold day, grabbing some light lunch or a coffee to break up sightseeing. Shakespeare & Company is especially popular and within walking distance of the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris.

10. Champs Elysees

Paris in October Paris in the Fall

Champs Elysees is another classic Paris attraction. This long street leads from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, heading past tons of bars, restaurants, and high-end shops. If you are visiting during fall in Paris, window shopping is one of the best budget things to do in Paris. Or, if you are visiting Paris on a luxury trip, you can splurge on designer purchases. Louis Vuitton, BVLGARI, and Cartier are the most luxurious stores on the Champs Elysees. Shopping is a brilliant October activity – especially on a rainy day. It is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of less crowds.

11. Vigne du Close Montmartre

Vigne du Clos Montmartre is the only place in central Paris that still grows wine, and the small vineyard is a beautiful ode to Paris’ love for grapes and wine production. Vigne du Clos Montmartre has been running since 1933. It is only open to visitors who want to venture inside (rather than peeking over the railings) on certain days of the year. Luckily, the best time to find tours of Vigne du Clos is during the Fete des Vendanges, which runs in mid-October. The wine festival runs from the 11th to the 15th of October, 2023, and tickets are free. You even get wine tastings.

It is also worth mentioning the festivals and October events in Paris, like the Festival d’Automne. Check out the free things to do in Paris as well.

Eating Out in Paris in October

Paris in October Fresh Salon du Chocolat

What should you know when eating out in Paris in October? It is a great question. Everyone knows Parisian gastronomy is a big deal, so how should you remember this when traveling to Paris in the fall?

First, note that Paris is big on seasonal dining. This means you can find tons of seasonal ingredients in fall in Paris; think mushrooms, chestnuts, cabbages, and root vegetables. While you can always get these ingredients year-round, you tend to see more specials emerging using seasonal ingredients. For instance, you may see mushroom risotto or soups on starter menus. If you like warming and hearty dishes, get down to some of the trendy restaurants in Paris.

Some essential dishes to try when traveling to Paris in October are:

  • Soupe de Marron (chestnut soup)
  • Truffle fries
  • Bœuf bourguignon (stewed beef with carrots, onions, and mushrooms)
  • Vin chaud (spiced wine)
  • Champignon (pasta with mushrooms)

One of the best travel tips you can get when spending fall in October is to book in at a restaurant to try a seasonal dish. France takes gastronomy seriously, so it makes sense that seasonal, fresh produce in the harvest period is a time for delicious cuisine. You can book an evening meal in Paris to try seasonal dishes. Still, consider a hot lunch to warm up after sightseeing in the morning. October is also when dining in Paris starts to switch from al fresco seating to more indoor dining experiences.

Paris in October French bakery

Are you looking for places to have an October dining experience in Paris? Brilliant restaurants to try seasonal dishes at in Paris include:

Fall Colors When Visiting Paris in October

Paris in October Carousel

Traveling to Paris in October is easily the best time to see fall colors. Fall foliage starts in September in Paris, reaching its peak in October before finally finishing in November. October is the absolute peak month if you want to see Paris in orange, and you’ll enjoy a kaleidoscope of oranges, reds, and browns. There’s something hugely special about fall, and experiencing fall in Paris is even more special thanks to its fashion scene and iconic landmarks.

Of course, some places in Paris have better foliage than others. If you want to embrace the fall aesthetic in Paris, these are the top places to visit.

Canal Saint-Martin is our first recommendation for admiring fall colors in Paris. This neighborhood is home to a tree-lined canal, which turns stunning in fall – seriously pretty enough to turn Amsterdam green. You can walk along the canal footpaths and residential streets or take a boat tour down the canal.

Paris in October Notre Dame in Fall

The Arc de Triomphe should already be on your list when traveling to Paris. The incredible landmark has a scenic viewpoint at the top. It is brilliant for getting a vantage point of Paris that includes the Eiffel Tower, which tourists usually find disappointing when they climb just the tower. However, it also has a beautiful view of orange-lined streets in fall. And the combination of the tower, fall foliage, and Parisian streets below is perfect.

Jardin des Tuileries is our next recommendation when searching for beautiful fall colors in Paris. This stunning formal garden is next to the Louvre and its famous glass pyramid. Its tall, manicured hedges turn striking yellows, reds, and oranges in fall. You can walk the gardens for free, taking in the beautiful fall colors with fountains and statues to admire as you go. At the end of the park, there are even views of the Eiffel Tower as you overlook the Place de la Concorde.

Paris in October Notre Dame de Paris and autumn leaves

Jardin du Luxembourg is our final recommendation. The 17th-century park has formal gardens with towering, smooth hedges and delicately patterned gardens adorned with stone statues. In fall, Luxembourg Gardens becomes a haven for fall foliage and aesthetic walks wrapped up in warm trench coats. Luxembourg Gardens are also just a short walk from the Latin Quarter.

Paris is beautiful in the fall, and notable mentions also go out on cruises along the Seine, providing you with landmark and foliage views. Remember to take day trips from Paris, too – you can check out a complete guide on day trips here. Getting off the beaten tourist path is a great way to avoid crowds and see more rural fall foliage.

Holiday Displays

Paris in October Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

Another fantastic thing to do when traveling to Paris in October is to see holiday displays, like decorations for Halloween. You should keep in mind that France celebrates La Toussaint (All Saints Day) more than Halloween. La Toussaint is a celebration on November the 1st where the dead are celebrated and honored – more in line with Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Halloween isn’t typically a big deal in France. However, Paris welcomes festivities still with open arms and embraces the consumerist and celebratory side of the holiday. You can still find excellent Halloween displays; you just need to know where to look.

At Disneyland Paris, you’ll find plenty of decorations for Halloween. Seriously, if you are planning a family trip, you’ll want to book Disneyland Paris tickets because the theme park goes all out. If you want the traditional Halloween experience, Disneyland Paris is singlehandedly and undoubtedly the best place to visit.

You should also consider visiting some of the spooky sites in Paris for a more adult Halloween experience. These sites don’t have ‘displays’ per se. Still, the creepy aesthetic perfectly fits the vibe those wanting a Halloween experience are after. Top choices for spooky Halloween sites in Paris include Pere Lachaise, the Paris CatacombsMusee des Vampires, and Musee Grevin.

Pere Lachaise is an incredibly atmospheric Parisian cemetery home to famous graves. You can read about our experience visiting here – we visited the graves of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and more. It is a beautiful and eerie way of paying respects to some fascinating figures.

Paris in Fall Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs are a little more eerie than Pere Lachaise, taking you through a tunnel of skulls, which many records show as haunted. The Musee des Vampires is a hidden gem by most tourist calculations, located on the outskirts of Paris and run as a privately owned venture. The museum showcases vampire memorabilia and is only visitable via scheduled tours. Musee Grevin is much easier to visit, and the wax museum offers regular slots for a Madame Tussaud-esque experience that turns extra creepy for Halloween.

Paris in October: Visiting Paris FAQs

Paris in October Autumn in Paris Garden Tuileries

Now that you are excited to visit Paris in October, let’s discuss practicalities and commonly asked FAQs. Whether you want to scale the Eiffel Tower or book train tickets to head out on a day trip, these FAQs will give you a brilliant insight into fine-tuning the trip of a lifetime.

Is October a good month to visit Paris?

October is a fabulous month to visit Paris. October is the peak of fall in Paris, so you’ll have fall foliage and fashion, plus the excitement of Halloween and harvest and wine festivals. It is also a shoulder month, meaning fewer crowds and mild temperatures.

How hot is Paris in October?

In October, Paris has highs of 17 degrees Celsius and lows of 10 degrees. This means sunny days with mild daytime temperatures but chillier nights – you’ll need a warm coat when venturing out at night to bars and night-time attractions like the Moulin Rouge.

How should I dress for Paris in early October?

You can still pack light when visiting Paris in early October. Still, you want a decent coat to keep warm as night-time temperatures can be chillier. Think capsule wardrobe; if you want to stay fashionable, incorporate some fall colors.

Is Paris better in September or October?

Paris is much better in October. September and October are both shoulder seasons. However, October has much more in the way of events – like wine festivals and Halloween. This makes October much more exciting to visit.

To Conclude

Paris in October Old town in Europe at sunset

So, as you can see, October is a spectacular time to visit Paris. We recommend booking a trip to Paris in the fall – from the special events to the Halloween decorations and the autumnal fashion, Paris in October is dreamy. To find fewer crowds, visit outside of the school holidays; otherwise, lap up the celebratory atmosphere and aesthetics. Fall in Paris holds not only the benefit of being one of its shoulder seasons. October in Paris is one of the most memorable times of year to visit, and the abundance of celebrations and festivals make it an exciting time to plan your trip. If you want a unique Parisian experience or have visited Paris before and want to see a new side of the city, October is the best time to visit.

Paris in October Montmartre

Are you looking for more inspiration before visiting Paris this October? Check out our guide on where to stay in Paris. You can also get up to speed on the best things to do in Paris at night. There’s tons to learn about and experience in Paris – whether you want a family trip to Halloween-themed Disneyland Paris or a romantic couple’s meal along Champ Elysees. Don’t forget to dig deeper to discover Paris’ true tourist potential and carve out some space for hidden gems and day trips.

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