London Landmarks in Photos

London England is a city that we've always wanted to visit. As Canadians though, it's quite expensive and we never managed to make the trip. When we signed up for the Mongol Rally, we were so excited to be driving to Mongolia, but we were even more excited to have the chance to spend a week in the city as we made our preparations.

All our lives we've seen reference to the famous London Landmarks. They've been featured in movies and TV shows, in magazines and even sporting events and commercials. We feel like we know all the London Landmarks intimately, but have never seen them with our own two eyes. And then we finally did. It was a dream come true spending time in London and we took advantage of seeing every place we could. We were those cheesy tourists snapping as many photos as we could and we're so happy that we did.

We came away from London with amazing memories and photographs and we are thrilled to share a round up of all the London Landmarks that we managed to squeeze in during our time in the city preparing for the Mongol Rally.

London Landmarks in Photos


A different Perspective of a classic London landmark Big Ben


The London Eye is a landmark that defines the cityscape.


The Painted Hall in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is a landmark not to be missed


Westminster Abbey. Can you see Will and Kate?


A different look at this landmark: The St Paul's Cathedral in Black and White


The second largest dome in the world at St. Paul's Cathedral.


The Monument is a great landmark that gives you a spectacular view of the city.


A Lock of love at the Tower bridge in London.

Do you have a favourite London Landmark?

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