Hampi Turns 500, What a Party! – Video

It was a wild and special day that is right up there with any moment in our travels.

When we arrived in Hampi a few days earlier, we were told that we were very lucky to be here as Hampi is celebrating it's 500 anniversary.  500 years ago, King Krishnadevaraya was crowned king and the beginning of an empire was born.

Luckily, Hampi is a beautiful place to explore and we had no problem filling the 4 days until the festival.  We went rock climbing, to see temples, we rode Lakshmi the temple elephant and we met unforgettable people. We will tell you all about it in the next few days, but we want to share the best first!

The festival happened on a pleasant day and we met up with some drummers before it all began which helped us to enjoy the festival even more.  We danced with them during the procession, we talked to them and in turn, the rest of the crowd embraced us as well.

We will never forget our experience in Hampi and while a photo is worth a thousand words…there is nothing like video capturing the energy and excitement of a festival such as the one that happened in Hampi India 2009.

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