Greenland – The “It” Destination of 2016

National Geographic Traveller and Lonely Planet have it on their top destination lists for 2016. And Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD have been touting Greenland as the hot “it” destination for two years now. Glad you could join us LP and NatGeo! Yes, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to travel trends. (Insert smiley face here) But in all seriousness, we've been in love with Greenland since visiting with Quark Expeditions in 2013.

Iceberg and Tundra

Massive Iceberg overlooking the Arctic Tundra

Greenland is that destination that makes us feel excited about travel. Very few tourists visit the country, Greenlanders still cling to their ancient culture, and the mountainous scenery and polar ice-cap is awe-inspiring. I can still picture the massive icebergs dwarfing our ship as we looked on from our kayaks while exploring an uncharted fjord.

Destination Greenland

Kayaking in through the Incredible Greenland Scenery

Greenland – The Hottest “It” Destination

Greenland is one of those places where people's eyes widen when you mention you've been there. What's it like? They ask. Is it similar to Iceland? We always say, “A little, but not really.”

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destination greenland the it destination of 2016

Greenland settlement

Compared to Iceland, Greenland is bigger, bolder, and untamed. There are no roads connecting villages. You either must travel it by plane or on ship. A small expedition ship is the way we travelled down the West Coast along the South Shore and over to the East. Our ship's captain navigated through fields of ice taking our small group of 50 passengers deep into fjords to view enormous glaciers and giant icebergs.

Destination Greenland

Incredible Greenland Ice

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Each day was spent hiking along the Arctic Tundra, exploring smaller inlets by zodiac, and kayaking to the hardest to reach places. At night we'd watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky as we sat on lounge chairs bundled up in our warm parkas. Greenland leaves a lasting impression.

Northern Lights Greenland

Dave and Deb enjoying the Northern Lights

Greenland Tours 

There are shorter 10 day trips for those who don't have a lot of time where they can fly North and South to trips lasting up to 21 days where you can really delve into the magnificent destination. Greenland offers you the chance to spy polar bears, musk oxen, and whales. You can hike on the tundra, climb mountains, or take a more relaxed cruise to watch from zodiacs and the ship's deck.

Greenland adventure

Hiking on the Arctic Tundra

Greenland is the final frontier, and Quark is making it easier for anyone to visit. Greenland is still one of the most isolated regions in the world making independent travel difficult. But this also makes it one of the most interesting and untouched regions of the globe.

greenland expedition ship

Our ship in Greenland

The smaller expedition ships led by Quark allow passengers access to remote villages where you can meet the local Inuit and learn about their fascinating culture. Many villages see very few people each year and they look forward to ships coming in. They allow you into their homes, welcome you to their community, and even play a game or two with you.

Greenland soccer match

Playing a game of soccer with the locals

There are so many things to do on a Greenland tour. Our days were never boring. In fact, they were a bit tiring. But as we say, you can sleep when the trip is done. If you want to learn more about what it's like on a Quark Expeditions trip to Greenland, enjoy our video below.

Greenland, a Day in the Life

This post is in partnership with Quark Expeditions. All opinions are our own. For more information on polar travels visit the Quark Expeditions Website

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