Have you Experienced Greenland?

Last week we spoke at the New York Times Travel Show about our time in Greenland with Quark Expeditions. When talking to Quark they told us that Greenland has suddenly become a very popular destination for polar adventure lovers.

We weren't surprised. When they asked us what expedition we wanted to talk about during the show, we said Greenland because we want to let people know about this amazing destination that everyone is putting on their 2016 hot travel list.

We've written about Greenland a few times, but we wanted to show you our latest video letting you really experience Greenland with us.

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Experience the Real Greenland – Video

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I think that Expedition Leader, Alex McNeil summed up travel to Greenland perfectly in this video.

“It's the spirit of adventure, you never know what is around each corner” That is so true to Arctic travel. The ice is constantly shifting and changing, fjords are opening and closing with each season, and glaciers are constantly calving.

On an expedition, no two days are the same. In fact, no two cruises are ever the same. The crew and captain are always switching courses, looking for new opportunities and keeping an eye out for wildlife and scenery.

You will spend your days exploring by zodiac, watching the scenery pass by the bough of the ship or hiking along the tundra to stand beside magnificent glaciers. It truly is the final frontier of adventure travel.


Experience the real Greenland

Enjoy: Greenland, The Land of Kayakers. Our Journey through Uncharted Fjords. 

We went kayaking, we took the polar plunge, we sipped champagne in hot springs and we sampled the local cuisine.

I don't recall a trip that has stuck in my mind so much as Greenland. I learned a lot, I came away with a better understanding of the Inuit culture and I now have a better appreciation of life in the North.

If you are looking for a trip that will give you an authentic travel and cultural experience, Greenland is the place. For us, it was a destination that epitomizes the definition of adventure travel.

For more information on travel to Greenland, Check out Quark Expeditions Arctic Expeditions. 

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