Your Czech Republic Travel Guide


Travel Styles:

Although the Czech Republic has only been around since 1993, it is definitely a country filled with exciting history. Prague might be the world's most beautiful and cultured cities but the country is known as having some of the best breweries you have ever encountered and it is filled with amazing castles and chateaus that will leave you breathless. This Czech Republic travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.

Czech Republic Travel Guide: Fast Facts 

  • Czech power voltage is 230 V 50Hz;  Plug E
  • Czech currency is the Czech koruna and is around 25 CZK to 1 USD.
  • Try not to pick up a taxi on the street, instead program Tick Tack Taxi or AA Taxi on your phone, both services are available 24 hours, charge a fair rate and also speak English!
  • Drink some Czech beer. The Pils beer was invented here! Try the Pilsner Urquell, the world's first pilsner.

Top Packing Tips for Czech Republic Travel

The climate differs among the various regions of the Czech Republic, but the climate can be described as a typical European continental influenced climate which includes warm and dry summers with cold, cloudy and yet humid winters.

  • Classic Basic items – You do not need to be a fashionista to blend in. The key is in embracing neutral toned items that can be mixed and matched easily. Avoid logos, baseball caps, shorts, hoodies, flip-flops and running shoes as these items scream tourist!
  • Layers – The Czech Republic has four distinct seasons with summer being hot and the winter being pretty cold. In the winter time it is important that you bring some warm clothes with you, specifically a warm coat, hat and gloves. On any given day you might encounter a variety of different temperature so get ready to live in layers and peel off a layer in a moment's notice
  • Leave your heels at home – Cobblestone streets are common in many cities and towns across Czech Republic. Heels and cobblestone do not mix so opt for flats, boots and/or sandals.

Check out our Packing Tips for more suggestions on what to bring with you.

Top Things to Do in the Czech Republic


  • Festival galore –  Summertime is Festival Season and Prague seems to know how to party.