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Active Traveler

Is staying in shape and keeping fit an important part of your daily life? Active travel is probably the choice for you. There are many tours that cater to the active traveler and there are many activities you can do on your vacation that will help to keep you active. We've even taken time to go to spas and retreats to get our bodies back in shape while still having a great time exploring the destination.

If you want some active travel ideas, we've had many experiences around the world where we've stayed fit while traveling. From yoga retreats to India to a week detoxing and working out at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico we've done it all.

Even tour companies like Intrepid Travel offer many group tours that focus on active travels. When we visited the Galapagos with them, we spent our days mountain biking, hiking and swimming with sharks and sea lions. We came away loving the Galapagos and feeling better about our fitness levels.

Enjoy the post ideas below to add active travel activities into your vacation.