Holiday Gift Guide For The Travel Lover Part 2

It’s part 2 of our travel holiday gift guide.

Yesterday we gave a list of gifts that we love so today we want to give you some gift ideas that we use(and also love). This gift guide has something for everyone who travels on your list. From the person who loves to give back to the one who loves a good adventure. So when you are shopping on Cyber Monday or any other time of the year keep these ideas in mind .

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intrepid logo1. Gift of Charity:

The Intrepid Foundation is running a holiday campaign where you can buy Global Gifts for children in need. Right now, They are doing a Holiday campaign where they are matching donations dollar for dollar to give the gift to someone in need. We visited a project for the disabled in Xi’ian China and see the great work they are doing. I know our families do donations now that we are older instead of giving presents to one another.  You can give the gift of everything from a braille reading kit to 1 month of care for a child in Mongolia.
Donations: From $15 – 110 and Intrepid Travel will match dollar for dollar

gift_box2. Gift of Adventure: 

Samba Days offers gift packages ranging from $49 to $299 all the way to $5000 right across Canada. We took a flight with them over Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Using their gift card. 2 people for $299 for a 45 min flight over the city. They offer everything from dinners, zip lining, sky diving and snowboarding with experiences across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia
Cost: $49 – $5000 Varies on Experience. The Flight over Toronto was $299 per person

3. Electronics:

Olympus Waterproof Camera: Olympus TG-810 Tough We never had a waterproof camera and while in Fiji white water rafting someone asked us why we didn’t have one if we were such big adventurers. As soon as we flew to Bangkok we bought one and use it wherever we go. We’ve taken it canyoning over waterfalls in Jordan, rafting and swimming with dolphins in New Zealand and snorkelling in Jamaica. It’s our go to camera that can be used on any occasion. This Olympus Tough TG-810 is a 14 MP, 5x Wide Optical Zoom that is not only waterproof, it’s shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof! Cost: $299

travelpro-spinner-upright4: Gift of Cool:

4 Wheel Maxlite2 Carryon luggage by Travel Pro: We used to be backpack only, but now that we have learned to pack lighter we have moved to carry on luggage only. I am loving the 4 wheels to be able to push the bag along rather than having to pull it. Much easier and so much nicer to not have to wait for your luggage when you get off the plane. They are set up great to hold more in less space, our laptops slide down the front and it has an expandable zipper for your return home after you’ve bought all your souvenirs on your trip.

Travelpro Maxlite 2 Starting at $109.00

pacsafe5: Gift of Security 

Pacsafe Luggage PacSafe is an amazing thing to add to your luggage for places like South East Asia and Central and South America where security is an issue. For buses you can put your valuables into a small bag and lock it up under your seat or you can lock up your things in a hotel room if you don’t feel secure. If you are sleeping on a train, you can wrap your bag with this mesh wiring, lock it up and sleep soundly.
A fellow travel blogger from Brendans Adventures recently had everything stolen from his bag in South America when his bag slid back on a bus during a ride. People get on and off buses all the time, so there was no finding the culprits once he came to his stop and noticed his bag was much lighter.

6. Gift of Relaxation: 

Cabin Max Ultimate travel kit Comfort packs for Airplanes. Give eye masks, blow up neck rests and most importantly ear buds to the traveler in your life. Nox Audio ear buds are what we brought all the way to Mongolia not only to listen to music, but they work great as ear plugs as well. I use them instead of earplugs because they don’t put as much pressure on my ears as ear plugs but still blog out the noise. Plus, most airlines make you buy your headsets now, this saves them money. You can add a mini toothbrush and toothpaste as well.

silk-liner7: Gift of comfort:

Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack We use these wherever we go. While backpacking you can stay in some nasty places and having your own sheet makes things much nicer. Adding that extra layer between you and a matt or questionable sheets, makes your sleep bearable.
Also, if it is really hot, the silk is nice and comfortable wicking away your sweat and moisure and if it is really cold, the silk holds your body heat and helps to warm you up with layers.

pegless clothesline8: Gift of Cleanliness:

Coghlans Pegless Bungee ClotheslinePegless Clothes line and a universal Do it Rubber Sink Stopper : Sometimes you can’t get your laundry done and hotels charge an arm and a leg. Doing Laundry in your sink helps a lot and a universal plug can help you clean easier. A pegless clothesline has saved us many times. Even on treks, we may not be able to wash our clothes, but we can hang them up outside to dry out and we don’t have to carry around clothes pegs.

9:Gift of silence/Privacy 

Nox Audio Ear Buds are what we brought all the way to Mongolia not only to listen to music.We could tune out the ambient noise and realas while listening to our favourite tunes. We never invested in quality earphones before and now I wish we did, they make a huge difference. They work great as ear plugs as well. I use them instead of earplugs on the plane when taking a nap because they don’t put as much pressure on your ears as ear plugs. Plus, most airlines make you buy your headsets now, so this saves them money. Cost $75

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