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A Post Office in Antarctica

Yes, there is a Post office in Antarctica at Port Lockroy. It seems that everyone is trying to lay claim to Antarctica. So, what did the British do to make their claim stronger? They opened a post office of course.

17 Signs You Travel A Lot

Dave and I have been running a travel blog a long time now and the other night while huddled in a tent during one of our latest around the world adventures, we talked about how life has changed over all our years of travel.

Gladiator School in Rome – Your Own Colosseum Experience

When we were told that we’d be spending the morning at Gladiator School during our visit to Italy’s capital, we immediately said, “Sign me up!” Who doesn’t want to learn a little about the Ancient City’s past while getting the chance to wield a sword?

Straddling the Equator – Finally

We missed our opportunity to balance on the Equator in Kenya. In Indonesia we had another chance to cross the Equator, We almost missed our opportunity again in Quito.

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