The Best Things to do in Revelstoke, BC – Besides Skiing

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Revelstoke is known for its exceptional skiing and snowboarding, we want to share some ideas about the best things to do in Revelstoke besides its world class skiing. However, when visiting British Columbia in winter, you must make sure to add Revelstoke to your list.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort houses North America’s longest vertical descent at 1713m (5,620 feet) and has some of the best ski conditions in Canada with an average of 10.5 meters (34 feet) of powder each winter. It is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and there are plenty of food and cultural experiences to keep everyone happy.

things to do in revelstoke bc
Mount Begbie is the defining mountain of Revelstoke

Things to do in Revelstoke, BC

It was on our road trip from Vancouver that we had the chance to finally see the glorious Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Located partway between Vancouver in British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta this resort doesn’t see as much action as Whistler, BC or Lake Louise, Alberta and that is exactly what makes it so special.

things to do in revelstoke bc

Before we get started, let’s give you some of the details about Revelstoke. Revelstoke is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is situated in the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Sewpemec and Sylix, and Sinixt First Nations People. Sitting on the banks of the Columbia River between the Monashee Mountains and the Selkirk Mountains of the Columbia Mountain Range, Revelstoke is an outdoor lover’s playground.

Many people think Revelstoke is in Alberta since it is closer to Calgary than Vancouver, but it is in fact, in British Columbia. And Revelstoke is not located in the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies are 100 km away, but it certainly feels as if you are in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Revelstoke is located within the Columbia Mountains and the town of Revelstoke is located just outside of Mount Revelstoke National Park. It makes for the perfect outdoor escape in both summer and winter.

1. Downhill Mountain Biking

best things to do in revelstoke bc downhill mountain biking

If you have never given downhill mountain biking a try, this is the place to do it. At the time of writing, the green (beginner) mountain biking trail was being built, so by next season, everyone will be able to hit the trails. It is so much fun to get on the gondola with your bike and let gravity take you down the mountain. Mountain bikes and gear can be rented directly at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Costs start at $89 CAD for a half day. (approx $72 USD)

We tackled the intermediate downhill mountain biking trails in Revelstoke and it was spectacular. It was a fast learning curve riding the berms (high banked corners) and by the time we were halfway down the hill, we were whooping and hollering our way down the switchbacks. This is one fun adventure with spectacular views thrown into the mix.

2. Side By Side Dune Buggy with Great Canadian

things to do in revelstoke side by side carting

One of the most beautiful and exciting things to do in Revelstoke is to book a dune buggy adventure with Great Canadian Tours. We’ve had our fair share of dune buggy adventures and rarely feature them because they are a bit too tame. The Side by Side tour is anything but tame. We had four hours of heart-thumping fun as we made our way up and down steep technical terrain emerging at the most beautiful views in all of Revelstoke.

3. The Views of Revelstoke

things to do in revelstoke dune buggy

The amazing thing about this tour is that very few people get to witness this spectacular beauty because the only way up is by dune buggy or snowmobile. These trails take you along remote and rough terrain overlooking glacier lakes, snowcapped peaks, and old-growth forests. It’s truly one of the most beautiful scenes in British Columbia. See their website for more adventures.

4. Mt. Begbie Brewery

things to do in revelstoke begbie brewery tour

Revelstoke is known for its Microbrew scene and Mt. Begbie Brewery is one of the best and the original brewery in Revelstoke dating back to 1996. Its multi-award-winning brews have been crowned champions around the world. What makes their beers so special? It’s the fresh mountain water of course.  

Located above the town of Revelstoke, Mt. Begbie Brewery’s setting has one of the best views around. Enjoy a flight at its outdoor setting, marvel at its display of awards, and soak in the laid-back atmosphere. PS, they have the best pretzels outside of Germany. Visit their website for opening hours.

5. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

best things to do in revelstoke revelstoke mountain resort

When staying at Revelstoke Mountain Resort there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy for a couple of days. Get yourself a Play all Day Pass and head up the gondola to take advantage of the unique adventures to be had. A Play All Day Pass offers unlimited access to the gondola so you can go up and down all day long to enjoy these great adventures! Play All Day Passes start at $69. Check their website for more details.

6. Pipe Coaster

adventures in revelstoke bc pipe coaster

The pip coaster is one fast descent down the mountain. With your Play All Day Pass you have two rides which is the perfect amount of fun. The first ride lets you figure out your speed. Unless you are Dave and rip at high speed down the coaster in the first go. He admitted he pulled something on that ride.

british columbia road trip video
Watch our BC Road Trip video to see what fun we had on the Pipe Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The second ride lets you know what’s coming up so you can speed up over the dips and turns and have the ultimate mountain thrill ride as you enjoy whipping down the 1.4 km (.8 miles) track hitting speeds up to 42 km (26 miles) per hour.

7. Ax Throwing

things to do in revelstoke mountain resort ax throwing

We have always wanted to try axe throwing but never had the opportunity. Until now! Axe Throwing is front and centre at Revelstoke Mountain Resort located at the base of the gondola. With a professional on hand to show you how to throw an axe, you’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time! Dave and I both managed to get the hang of it and decided that we are going to commission the Olympic committee to include in the future so we can join the events! (okay, I say that in jest, but it felt good to hit that target again and again.)

8. Aerial Adventure Park

revelstoke bc things to do arial park

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at high ropes, this is the place to do it. Included in your Play all Day Pass, you can get up the Aerial Adventure Park to make your way through obstacles. The four-story rope course will help you overcome your fear of heights as you swing, jump and zip around the course. Make sure to try the freefall at the end. It’s not a super fast bunjy jump or anything, so you’ll be able to give it a go before moving onto a bunjy jump one day soon.

9. Revelstoke Hiking

what to do in revelstoke bc hiking

There is no shortage of hiking trails in Revelstoke and with the Play all Day Pass you have access to some easy hiking trails with beautiful views. They are short and sweet and since you’ve taken the gondola up to the top, you don’t have to deal with elevation gains.

If you want to do some other hikes, there are plenty of places around Revelstoke in Mount Revelstoke National Park, Provincial Parks, and around the area. Some popular hikes are to Sutherland Falls at Blanket Creek Provincial Park and Begbie Falls.

There are the Eva and Miller Lakes in Mount Revelstoke National Park, The Asulkan Valley to the Asulkan Hut in Glacier National Park. (Yes, Canada has a Glacier National Park too!) Located just 35 minutes from Revelstoke, you can tick off the Canada National Parks bucket list with two national parks nearby! Read more: The Most Beautiful National Parks in Canada

10. Disc Golf

revelstoke things to do disk golf

The interior of British Columbia may be known for golfing and there is a couple of golf courses in Revelstoke, but if you aren’t into hitting the links, you can try your hand at disc golf on Revelstoke. All we could think about was the “Summer of George” from Seinfeld when after being fired from the Yankees and poisoning Susan with tainted wedding invitations, George was going to enjoy summer outside and that summer included disc golf. Every time Dave threw the frisbee he yelled, “Summer of Dave!”

11. Stroll the Beautiful Historic Downtown Revelstoke

things to do in revelstoke downtown

Revelstoke has a downtown that reminds me of Banff and it is a beautiful town to stroll through. Start at the two Grizzly Bear Statues at Grizzly Plaza and start exploring. Boutique shops line the streets and you can stop in at a coffee shop or brew pub for some much-needed patio time. Read next: Where to Stay in Banff, Alberta

12. Art and Culture Scene

what to see in revelstoke art and culture

Revelstoke has a surprising art and cultural scene as well. When we were there, LUNA fest was just beginning. This weekend street art festival celebrates the art and energy of this mountain resort. The festival began in 2019 when local residents decided to transform downtown alleyways into works of art attracting tourists to other parts of the town creating an outdoor living art gallery.

13. Shopping

things to do in revelstoke shopping

One of my favourite things to do when visiting mountain resorts is to stock up on my technical gear and mountain wear. There is no shortage of shops in Revelstoke selling mountain equipment. Revelstoke has some great deals too!

14. Railway Museum

places to visit in revelstoke railway museum

Discover the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The railway united Canada and Revelstoke played an important role in that as it wound its way through the mountains of Western Canada. In fact, the Last Spike – the ceremonial final spike in the trans country railway was hammered into place just 30 minutes outside Revelstoke on November 7, 1885. To this day, Revelstoke is a big railway town and while stopping at one of the scenic views outside of town, we spotted the Rockey Mountaineer weaving its way through the landscape.

15. 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town

places to visit in revelstoke ghost town

Revelstoke has a rich history and one of the best ways to experience it is to stop at the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town located just outside of town. With 25 historic buildings from the 1800s, this display gives you a glimpse into life during the 1800s gold rush days. While it wasn’t quite on the scale of the Klondike Gold Rush, Gold fever gold diggers to the Revelstoke areas in 1862 to seek their fortunes.

16. Check out the Surprising Dining Scene

things to do in revelstoke dining options

One of the things that surprised us most about Revelstoke was its food scene. We were expecting pubs and grub, but there is plenty of options in Revelstoke. As they say on their website “For a small mountain town, Revelstoke is home to some big culinary experiences.” With farm-to-table foods and locally sourced ingredients, you’ll find fresh and delicious meals.

Our favorite was at of all things the Craft Beirhause. We expected schnitzel and bratwurst to go along with our delicious craft beers, but instead had fresh Ahi Tuna and noodle bowls. With choices of Ricotta & Steelhead Crustini, superfood bowls and kale caesar, you’ll find a delicious meal for everyone. Who knew beer went so well with Asian fusion cuisine. (Oh wait, we did!)

17. Mount Revelstoke National Park

day trips from revelstoke
View of Lake Revelstoke

Canada is blessed with beautiful national parks and Mount Revelstoke National Park. One of the premier drives in Revelstoke is going up Meadows in the Sky Parkway. We drove this in search of a good sunset view of Revelstoke. It takes you along the Trans Canada Highway to Balsam Lake located at 1835 metres. We didn’t make it all the way up as we left too late for sunset, but I wish we did! There are hiking trails and beautiful views to see. Like all national parks in Canada, there are so many pristine places to hike, cycle, and explore.

18. Paddling Lake Revelstoke

what to do in revelstoke paddling lake revelstoke

Make your way to Lake Revelstoke for some mountain paddling. Lake Revelstoke is a human-made 125-kilometer lake that is surrounded by old-growth inland temperate rainforest and mountains. There are hidden beaches, the Revelstoke Dam and you just may spot some wildlife like bighorn sheep and moose can be seen on its shores. Our guide told us that even though this is a calm and beautiful lake, you rarely see a lot of boat traffic on it making it ideal for paddling.

Other things to do in Revelstoke

19. Paragliding

We didn’t have the chance to do everything but we have done both these adventures in other parts of the world and Canada. Getting up in the air is never a bad idea, especially in Revelstoke. Paragliding can be booked directly at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

20. Skiing and Snowboarding

Snowbarding on the weekend
Snowboarding at another BC resort – Whistler BC

I know we said this was an article about all the things to do in Revelstoke besides skiing, but no Revelstoke post would be complete without it. If you haven’t gone skiing on Canada’s West Coast, this is a great place to do it! Besides the exceptional vertical drop and bowls of Revelstoke Resort, heli-skiing and cat skiing are very popular in Revelstoke. If you have the funds, splurge on it as some of the best backcountry skiing in Canada can be found in Revelstoke.

And there you have it, amazing things to do in Revelstoke British Columbia. Have you made it to Western Canada? What is your favourite outdoor playground in Canada?

Where to Stay in Revelstoke – Revelstoke Mountain Resort

where to stay in revelstoke - revelstoke Mountain resort

Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort – We stayed slopeside at this hotel and it was perfect for exploring the mountain. It is 15 minutes from downtown Revelstoke so if you want to be closer to the downtown bars and restaurants, we suggest only staying here for a couple of nights. But make sure you stay here, it’s the best place to stay in Revelstoke to enjoy the mountain attractions. Check out the Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort for details. And read on to see what there is to do here.

Restaurants and Entertainment at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

things to do in revelstoke mountain resort dining
Steak Dinner at Rockford Bar and Grill

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has everything you need for the perfect getaway. There’s a great restaurant, the Rockford Bar and Grill for lunch and dinner, and La Baguette for lighter options. All suites have full kitchens and there is even a liquor store and bar on sight. So you will have everything you need to enjoy a mountain stay. They have a year-round heated outdoor pool and two large hot tubs with a poolside bar. You can enjoy this serene setting all year long! See their website for rates and availability.

Where to stay Downtown Revelstoke

A good mid-range place to stay downtown Revelstoke is the Sandman Hotel Revelstoke. We stayed at Sandman Hotels from Vancouver to Revelstoke and they are great for road trips. The Sandman Hotel Revelstoke has an indoor pool and hot tub, it is pet friendly, and there is a Denny’s restaurant on sight. Check out rates and availability on their website.

things to do in revelstoke bc.v ideo
Enjoy the full video of things to do in Revelstoke on YouTube

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