11 Fun and Unexpected Things to do in Iguassu Falls

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Iguassu Falls is one of the must see natural wonders on earth. As a matter a fact, it was recently named one of the new 7 Natural Wonders in the world. It’s no wonder people make a point of visiting when traveling to Brazil or Argentina. But there are a lot more things to do in Iguassu Falls than simply marvel at their beauty.

Things to do in Iguassu Falls

People often pop in for a quick day trip to catch a glimpse of the massive waterfalls spanning 2.5 km with a total of 250 different cascades. They seem to forget that there is a thriving community in the town of Iguassu, plus an impressive surrounding jungle. If you give a little more time in Iguassu, you’ll come away from Brazil having one great adventure! Read more at 12 Fun and Interesting Facts about Brazil

1. Jet Boat Safari

jet boat safari things to do Iguassu
Deb getting soaked on a jet boat safari

The Macuco Jetboat safari is the most fun you’ll ever have in rushing water. After a buggy ride through the jungle and a short hike on a rainforest path, you come to the calm Iguassu River where you board a powerful twin-engine jet boat.

This thrill ride takes you right into Devil’s Throat where you run rapids and drive right under the thunderous falls located on the Argentinian side of the border.

After getting thoroughly drenched, you’ll come out with a huge smile on your face knowing that you just survived going underneath one of the world’s largest waterfalls.

jet boat tour iguazu falls

Read more about our Jet Boat Safari

2. Hike Bike and Paddle

Iguassu Falls things to do
kayaking the Iguassu River

You won’t see the waterfalls during this jungle adventure, but the Banieras Jungle safari was one of our favourite things to do in Iguassu Falls. The tour started off with a 10 km bike ride deep into the heart of the Iguassu Rainforest.

Be prepared it’s one long and steady uphill, but the guide makes sure you go at your own pace. It’s not a race through the rainforest; it’s a leisurely ride.

Things to do in Iguassu Falls - cycling in the rainforest
Cycling the Iguassu Rainforest

Once you are as far away from civilization at you can get, you drop the bikes off at a footpath and continue on for an easy hike over raised platforms weaving through the jungle.

With a mix of boardwalks, hard packed trails, suspension bridges and even a high lookout. This is an excellent hike for first timers and regular hikers alike.

hike bike and kayak iguazu falls video

The final adventure takes you on a thrilling jet boat ride along the Iguassu River where afterwards you have the option to kayak back to the dock.

Do it! It’s so much fun to paddle around and you even get to go over a little bit of rushing whitewater water.

3. Parque das Aves

toucan iguassu falls things to do
Toucan at Parques da Aves – Iguassu Falls

The Iguassu Rainforest is filled with exotic birds, but the chances of seeing them with your own two eyes are quite slim.

The Iguassu Bird Park lets you see endemic species of Brazilian birds as well as a few from around the world.

iguazu falls bird park video

Most of the birds in the park are rescues from wildlife smugglers trying to cross the border, or from places where birds have been mistreated.

iguassu falls bird park
Parrot in the bird park

The birds aren’t reintroduced back into the wild, but they do get to live out their days in peace and quiet in large and comfortable aviaries. Patrons can walk through many of the aviaries and feel the wonder as parrots, macaws, toucans and parakeets fly overhead.

4. Marco Das Américas

what to do in iguazu falls marco das americas

This is one of the up and coming things to do in Iguassu Falls as they are one of the newest attractions in Iguazu Falls. Marco das Americas was turned into a tourist intime site for the 2016 summer Olympics.

Marco das Americas is where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet. It is the golden triangle. While standing on the viewing platform, you can witness the fork in the rivers Iguassu and Paraná meet. This is where all three countries come together.

5. Marco Das Américas

things to do in Iguassu Falls - See a show
Dancers at the Cultural Show

At the Rafrain Churrascaria restaurant, there is an excellent dinner and show where you can enjoy typical Brazilian food like a Brazil Barbeque, while watching talented performers take you through the history and culture of South America.

I’ll be honest, we weren’t sure if we would enjoy this or not, but we ended up loving it. The music was contagious and the performers were brilliant. There was the showstopper where a man performed a traditional skill of twirling solid balls around his head.

things to do in Iguassu Cultural Show

He even twirled them at breakneck speeds around a guests head! My favourite was watching the capoeira dancers. These guys made flipping and turning in mid-air look easy!

6. Itaipu Dam Tour

best of iguassu falls - visit the Itapu Dam
Itapu Dam Iguassu Falls Power

It was once the largest Dam project on earth. It is now only second to China’s infamous Three Gorges. For sheer engineering genius, the Itaipu Dam is worth visiting.

This two-hour tour takes you into the facility where you see how the Iguassu River’s water is harnessed for energy. All three country’s; Paraguay, Argentina and Brasil benefit from this hydroelectric dam.

Keep your hard hat on because you even get to take an elevator deep down to the depths to see the power station and feel the heat generated by the surging water.

7. Itaipu Lake Sunset Tour

sunset itapu lake iguassu falls
Sunset over Lake Itapu

When visiting the dam, book a sunset tour afterward. Leaving from the same spot, the Itaipu Sunset tour is a pleasant way to end the evening as a catamaran takes you and about 200 more of your good friends to the centre of the lake to enjoy sunset. 

8. Chinese Temple

other things to do in Iguassu Falls, Chinese Temple
Tranquility at the Chinese Temple

Who would have thought there’d be such a giant Chinese Temple in South America? But the Chinese Temple in Iguassu is a beautiful display of typical Chinese architecture and folklore.

Big Buddha Statues line the yard surrounded by massive guards. You can get a map from the gate to explore on your own, but if you go with Bliss Tours, they’ll be able to inform you of everything that you see.

9. Mosque Visit

things to do in Iguassu visit a mosque
There’s a Mosque in Iguassu that is open to visitors

There is also a mosque that you can visit and learn about Muslim culture. An Imam is on hand to talk to you should you have any questions and you are free to enter.

Make sure to respect the Muslim Culture and wear long sleeves and pants, otherwise you can rent a sarong for a very minimal fee. (like 50 cents I believe)

10. Views of Iguassu Falls

iguazu falls brazil

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We highly recommend taking the time to explore Iguassu Falls and spend a few days trying some of these adventures. Let’s get started.

Okay, I know I said there are a lot of things to do in Iguassu Falls besides viewing the waterfalls, but you have to make sure you give them ample time too.

11. Walkways Inside the Falls

things to do in Iguassu Falls
The Catwalk of Iguassu Falls

The best way to explore Iguassu Falls is to stay at least one night at the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas inside the park. It is on the expensive side, but it is the only hotel in the National Park and by staying here, you have access to the trails along the falls and the catwalk leading into the horseshoe at sunrise and sunset.

12. Iguazu Falls From Restaurant Footpath

things to do iguassu falls header
Things to do in Iguassu Falls

There is an excellent viewing point at the main restaurant where you can see them from above, plus take an elevator or footpath down to the catwalk to see them up close.

Iguassu National Park opens at 8:00 am and closes at 5pm, so if you are not staying at the hotel, you have no chance of witnessing sunrise or sunset over the falls.

We were out at the crack of dawn and until after dusk exploring Iguassu Falls virtually on our own. We only saw one or two other people at the falls so we were free to photograph and explore in solitude. It was an incredible experience. If you don’t stay inside the park, there are several options to view the falls.

Enjoy these video views of Iguassu Falls

jet boat tour iguazu falls video

Give yourself time to go for a hike as well. Iguassu Falls spans 2.5 km and there are walking trails along the gorge where you can see all the waterfalls that line the canyon along the way.

13. Eat at a Brazilian Barbeque

things to do in Iguassu Falls

While the Rafrain Churrascaria put on a great show, I wouldn’t say it had the best food of all of Iguassu. If you want to experience an authentic Brazilian Grill, try eating at Palazzo Grill and Buffalo Bronco Steakhouse.

A Brazilian Barbeque consists of entering a restaurant filled with food. The meal starts off with a massive smorgasbord of salads, pasta, meats, breads, cheese and even sushi before the main meal begins.

Make sure not to stock up too much on food, because men will bring around endless cuts of prime meats to shave off at your table. From prime rib, steak, lamb, chicken and every cut of beef you can think of, they’ll be forcing you to eat as much as possible. Try the deep fried cheese balls too. Mmm, that was one of our favourite dishes.

14. Helicopter Tour Over Iguazu Falls

View of Iguazu Falls from Helicopter

As far as helicopter tours go, this wasn’t our favourite of all time. But if you want to see the falls from above, this is the only way to do it.

This company has the market cornered, so they don’t give the best service, and the ride is very lopsided. If you don’t sit on the right side, you’ll end up not having the worst views.

Things to do in Iguassu Falls - Stay at Belmond
Belmond Hotel Cataratas in the Centre of the Park

Our flight was a very quick 10 minute journey with no safety briefing or information about what we were going to see. I was luckily seated at the front with the pilot and had the best view and best side of the chopper.

The other customers weren’t so lucky. Dave had the seat right behind the pilot and he didn’t get any real clear views of the falls.

Normally helicopter flights give each side equal time to see the view, but our pilot only circled around once for the left-hand passengers to see.

Where to stay in Iguazu Falls

where to stay in iguazu falls belmont

If the Belmond Hotel Cataratas is out of your budget (which it is for many, but remember, you should budget for at least a night there) try the Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort.

This is a family hotel close to town that has a thermal swimming pool, dining options and gym. It also offers tours and excursions to Iguassu Falls.

How to Get to Iguazu Falls

There are several flights daily to Iguassu from Rio de Janeiro.

Things to do in Iguassu Falls Pinterest

For more Iguazu Falls Tours check out BlissTravel and Cassinotur

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  2. Thanks for the info. Very informative, I’m going there for a week next month. And, BTW it’s a Buddhist Temple not a “Chinese Temple”. Big difference, kinda like saying it an American church 🙂

  3. I live in Brazil and have visited this marvel several times. I never get tired, every time I visit, it’s like I’m the first time. Great photos gave more beauty. Congratulations 🙂

  4. Awesome post and things to do in Foz do Iguacu! The jet boat of Macuco, going as close as you can get to the falls, must be thrilling experience!

    What about the bike ride and paddle in the falls? It looks like a great thing to do! Is it a new tour?

    A tip that I would give is to get to Foz do Iguaçu by bus, that is usually cheaper

  5. All our trip designers add the bird park to our itineraries for our travel clients. Its a fast stop but well worth the time to see all the pantanal and amazon and even Australian species in one place.

  6. The falls of the mouth of the Iguaçu is very beautiful too and I speak with pride because I am Paranaense I love this place.

  7. All that, plus a mosque and a Chinese temple? What an amazing spot … won’t miss it my next time through South America.

  8. This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to go here I didn’t know there were so many things going on around the falls. Saving this for when I eventually get there 🙂

    • Thanks Kassie. We didn’t know there were so many things to do in Iguassu either. We thought that we had booked way too much time in the area, but then after a few days we realized that we could have done even more! There’s going to Paraguay and Argentina as well if it’s in your budget.

  9. Hi Dave & Deb 🙂

    thanks for this nice post, I love Jet Boat Safari and Hike Bike and Paddle, which one your’s favorite? Thanks

    • The Jet Boat was awesome for the sheer thrill factor. Getting to go right into the falls was pretty amazing so if I could only choose one it would be that. But we really loved the hike/bike adventure too. It was another aspect of the falls that people don’t think of doing. The entrance to the trail is located just down the road from Iguassu Falls so after seeing them in the morning, you could go for a hike and bike in the afternoon or the next day.

  10. Parque Das Aves was my favorite trip! Iguazu Falls have a lot of activities to do besides the falls itselfs.

    Thanks for the post, very complete information.

    • We agree, the bird park was such a pleasant surprise. We don’t often like to go to zoo type places, but this is more of a sanctuary. Knowing that many of the birds are either rescues or born in captivity. And they all have huge aviaries and open spaces to enjoy their lives.