Marrakech Photos – Beauty Captured Through the Lens

It was our first time in Marrakech.  A city filled with energy and excitement, these Marrakech photos capture the unique destination and its people. 

marrakech photos square night

We've been wanting to visit the country of Morocco for quite some time. When our plane landed, we took a taxi to the Medina; the old walled city where we'd be spending the next week exploring.

Marrakech Photos

marrakech photos square

The Medina is exactly what we envisioned.

marrakech photos tagine

It's busy, full of life and hectic. It's where the old world still clings to life as a new world emerges around it.

tea sugar

Snake charmers and street artists perform for money in the middle of the main square Jemma El Fna and thousands of stalls are set up in the Souks selling everything from carpets and lamps to dates and mint tea.

marrakech photos riad

It's a place to get lost in. Walking through the Medina is part of the adventure of being in Morocco.


Let yourself get lost and see where each turn takes you through this historical city.

marrakech photos house

Or you can go out to the desert and see how the Berbers live. Visit a local village or try a homestay. Whatever you decide to do in Marrakech, you'll never forget it.

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