40 Nova Scotia Pictures of Captivating Beauty

Written By: The Planet D

These pictures of Nova Scotia will inspire you to explore Canada’s beautiful east coast right now.

From Lunenberg to Peggy’s Cove and The Cabot Trail to the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia is one of the most photogenic provinces in Canada. We’ve rounded up our best Nova Scotia photos taking the southern route from Halifax to Yarmouth and then continuing on to the Bay of Fundy and the Cabot Trail. These are not Nova Scotia stock photos; all of these Nova Scotia pictures are taken by Dave of The Planet D.

Pictures of Nova Scotia, Canada

pictures of nova scotia peggy's cove

A picture says a thousand words, and these Nova Scotia images will transport you to an easy-going destination filled with beauty, culture, and interesting maritime history. If you want to explore more of Nova Scotia, check out Best Things to Do in Nova Scotia – The Ultimate Travel Guide

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

pictures of nova scotia peggy's cove lighthouse

Peggy’s Cove is the most famous tourist destination in Nova Scotia. Located just 30 minutes outside of Halifax. It attracts tourists from around the world who marvel at the rocky landscape of the Atlantic Coast, where a lone lighthouse stands guard, warning ships of the treacherous waters that lie ahead.

Peggy's cove sunset - nova scotia in pictures

When visiting Peggy’s Cove, the crowds can be brutal. Make sure to stay in a nearby lodge and get up early to have it all to yourself.

pictures of nova scotia peggy's cove lighthouse
Sunset at Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is one of the most photographed places in Canada. A word of caution: stay off the black rocks. People have been swept out to sea by ignoring the warnings. Don’t let that be you!

Peggy’s Cove Fishing Village

pictures of nova scotia peggy's cove fishing village
sunrise at Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove is still a working fishing village; stilt houses line the water’s edge. Lobster and fishing boats move in and out of the harbor in search of lobsters, salmon, and other Atlantic fish, as they have done for centuries.

peggy's voe nova scotia

Many picturesque fishing villages dot the Nova Scotia coastline, and Peggy’s Cove is just one of many. Take a drive along the Lighthouse Route to see many of Nova Scotia’s best villages. Check out our video of our time in Nova Scotia.


Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and probably one of the most well-known towns in Nova Scotia. Famous for its colorful houses, Lunenburg is one of the most picturesque cities on the entire East Coast of Canada.

nova scotia pictures lunenburg boardwalk

The undefeated racing schooner, The Bluenose calls it home, and here you can take a walking tour of Lunenburg hosted by an 8th generation local who will tell you tales passed down from years gone by.

pictures of nova scotia lunenburg boat

Lunenburg is one of the best places to visit in Nova Scotia and one of the province’s most photographed places, thanks to its picturesque setting on the Atlantic Ocean.

Blue Rocks

Blue rocks nova scotia
sunrise at blue rocks

Blue Rocks is another picturesque fishing village located just outside of Lunenburg. There are so many opportunities to take beautiful photos of Nova Scotia’s fishing heritage, with wooden lobster traps lining the wharves in the early morning to beautiful bays dotted with fishing boats.

nova scotia pictures blue rocks sunrise
Sunrise at Blue Rocks

Make sure to drive out early in the morning to see Blue Rocks without any crowds.

nova scotia pictures blue rocks
Calm morning for Sunrise at Blue Rocks

Make your way to Blue Rocks at sunrise when the tide is low for the most stunning captures.


nova scotia pictures yarmouth
Cape Forchu Lighthouse in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Yarmouth is a city located on the southwest shore of Nova Scotia, and here, you’ll find another historic lighthouse standing proud in a striking setting. The Cape Forchu lighthouse dates back to 1840 and is second only to Peggy’s Cove as Nova Scotia’s most photographed lighthouse. Get the Lonely Planet’s Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (Travel Guide)

Fishing Culture

pictures of nova scotia fisheries
Fisherman’s Museum at Lunenberg

The Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg is an excellent place to learn about the history and fishing culture of Nova Scotia. This province was built on fishing, which is still a large part of their heritage.

Mahone Bay

nova scotia photogrphs mahone bay
The famous three churches at Mahone Bay

The three churches of Mahone Bay are a must-stop on the lighthouse route. It is located directly on Old Trunk Road 3 between Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg, so while driving, you can’t miss it. The three spires lining the waterfront are a popular spot for photographers.

Bay of Fundy Photos

nova scotia photos bay of fundy Burntcoat head park

This picture of Nova Scotia is at Burncoat Head Park. Home to the highest tides in the world, the Bay of Fundy is an incredible destination to visit in Nova Scotia. Walking along the ocean floor when the tide is out is unlike anywhere else on Earth. Tides here have a difference of 30 meters, so when we say the tide is coming in, we mean it!

Halls Harbour

Hall's Harbour in Nova Scotia

Halls Harbour is a hidden gem along the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. This quaint fishing village is famed for its rustic charm and the world’s highest tides, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness the natural wonder of the tides’ ebb and flow. The dramatic coastline, accentuated by rugged cliffs and the serene harbor with its bobbing fishing boats, provides many picture-perfect moments.

Fishing boats sit on the ocean floor, waiting for the tides of the Bay of Fundy to come back in. This is one of the most unique things to photograph in Nova Scotia. Capturing the essence of Nova Scotia’s maritime heritage, Halls Harbour is an idyllic spot for those looking to enrich their photo collections with images of untouched coastal beauty, vibrant sunsets, and the authentic character of Atlantic Canada.

Three Sisters

pictures of nova scotia three sisters

There is also an incredible photo opportunity to take photos at the Three Sisters on the Bay of Fundy. You can go kayaking out to see them up close and personal or you can hike the trails of Chignecto Provincial Park to see them from above.

photos of nova scotia three sisters rocks

We put up the drone to capture these amazing images of the Bay of Fundy Shoreline and the Three Sisters at low tide. Read more about Nova Scotia at Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Beautiful Skies

nova scotia photographs night ski

Nova Scotia is famous for astral photography with a night skies preserve at Kejimkujik National Park. We didn’t make it to the dark skies preserve, but the noise pollution is minimal wherever you go in Nova Scotia. Especially if you are staying on the coast. We managed to snap this shot from our Peggy’s Cove accommodation – Oceanstone Resort.

pictures of nova scotia night skies
Nova Scotia night skies

This night photograph of Nova Scotia was taken while camping on the Bay of Fundy.

Cape Breton Island and The Cabot Trail

pictures of nova scotia canada cape breton
Sunset on the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail is the most popular place to visit in Nova Scotia, and with good reason. It has incredible coastal views and showcases East Coast culture. It’s famous for its seacliffs and stunning scenery, but there are also great cultural experiences along the Cabot Trail as well. And the photo opportunities are plentiful.

nova scotia pictures cape breton fishing village
Cape Breton Attraction #6: Take a zodiac tour from a charming fishing village.

Home to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the island of Cape Breton has wild scenery and fishing villages dotting the route. The Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s greatest road trips.

Stunning Sunsets

pictures of nova scotia skyline trail
The Skyline Trail in Cape Breton at sunset

Sunsets in Nova Scotia are spectacular. From bright yellows to pinks and pastels, the sunsets in Nova Scotia are forever changing. The difference between the Cabot Trail and the South Shore was astounding. Look at these contrasting images.

nova scotia pictures sunset
Sunset on the South Shore

Nova Scotia has a gorgeous coastline that constantly changes before your eyes. It’s the rocky landscape that is the most captivating at sunrise and sunset. Make sure to take the time to really explore the coast at both sunrise and sunset. Here’s a hot tip, if you take photographs at sunrise, you won’t have any crowds.

Lighthouse Route

pictures of nova scotia lighthouse
The view from the Fort Point Lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Liverpool was home to the Privateers defending the area in the 18th century.

The Fort Point Lighthouse is a small lighthouse on the route, but it’s worth a visit with an informative video, a picturesque setting and interpretive stations as well as a chance to blow the fog horn!

East Coast Pipers

photographs of nova scotia piper
Piper at Peggy’s Cove

When visiting Nova Scotia, chances are you’ll see a piper or two playing traditional music.

Outdoor Adventures in Nova Scotia

nova scotia images kayaking

The best way to explore the coast is by kayak. There are several places you can rent kayaks along the lighthouse route, including Blue Rocks, Argyle, and just outside of Peggy’s Cove at Lower Prospect Point. Book your kayaking adventure from Halifax with Get Your Guide for just $70

images of nova scotia fog
The ominous fog on the Bay of Fundy

Nova Scotia Beaches

images of nova scotia beaches
Crescent Beach in Nova Scotia

Don’t miss Crescent Beach, it’s the only beach you can drive on in Nova Scotia and it stretches for 2 km.

Ingonish Beach

nova scotia pictures ingonish beach

Ingonish Beach in Nova Scotia is a photographer’s sanctuary, where the Atlantic Ocean gently kisses the crescent-shaped shore. This serene locale in the Cape Breton Highlands is famed for its panoramic views, with the rugged highlands rising dramatically in the background and the pristine sands stretching invitingly before you. The contrast of the emerald-green waters against the golden sands, framed by the verdant landscapes, creates a harmonious composition that captivates anyone who ventures to this Atlantic paradise.


nova scotia images halifax harbour
The new and modern Halifax Library

Downtown Halifax is growing fast, with construction all over town. The new Halifax Library is a modern piece of architecture that won a Lieutenant Governor’s Design Award in 2014. Check out all these things to do in Halifax.

pictures of nova scotia halifax

The waterfront of Halifax is a beautiful spot for capturing Nova Scotia photography. It’s a lovely place to watch the sunset and stroll along the harbourfront.

Quiet Gardens

nova scotia images gardens
The Halifax Public Gardens in Nova Scotia

The Halifax Public Gardens are 16 acres of quiet solitude in the city’s heart.


nova scotia pictures guysborough

Guysborough is a little-known place in Nova Scotia, but it has all the great adventures that we too throughout the province. There’s hiking the TransCanada Trail, golfing, breweries and distilleries, cycling, and watersports.

Nova Scotia is fast becoming known for its culinary treats. With many places promoting farm-to-table and utilizing local produce, it’s a delicious journey through the province.

Nova Scotia Lobster

nova scotia lobster

Lobster is everywhere in Nova Scotia, and locals are always creating new ways to enjoy it.

images of nova scotia food

While fresh out of the pot is preferred by all, there’s lobster mac and cheese and this dish above: Lobster Poutine

Annapolis Valley

images of nova scotia vineyards

Nestled in the heart of Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley beckons with its breathtaking landscapes and thriving vineyards, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking picturesque scenery. Renowned for its lush vineyards that produce some of Canada’s finest wines, this fertile region offers a visual feast that pairs beautifully with its gastronomic delights.

As you explore the valley, the rolling hills adorned with vibrant grapevines provide a stunning backdrop that is as delightful to the camera lens as the wines are to the palate. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional seeking to capture the essence of Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley’s vineyards present a perfect composition of natural beauty, agricultural richness, and cultural charm.

We hope you enjoy Nova Scotia pictures of the sensational South Shore. Click here for a map of our Nova Scotia Pictures.

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Our travels to Nova Scotia were in partnership with Nova Scotia Tourism, visit their website for more information travel to the Atlantic Province. 

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  1. I do very much miss Lunenburg, Halifax, Mahone Bay, Tim bits, and pebble ice under my skates.
    I lived in one of the homes in Lunenburg that you showed in the first photo, and years ago on the back of the $100.
    Now on the West coast, and a neighbor Dr. here in Seattle, used to be a neighbor a block down the street in Halifax.
    It really is a small world.
    Keep traveling, and have fun.

  2. Hey, this is a very interesting blog and the most important thing about your article you described all the little things very clearly although i read so many blogs on Norway but your article is one of my favorite. Norway is famous for its natural beauty, lush greenery, turquoise lake which are the main center of attractions for the globetrotter. Thanks a lot for sharing such a good article!!

  3. I love to be there
    it’s really fascinating and attracting me.
    i do not have words to explain my feelings
    do not have enough budget also to go.
    I Hope to Almighty that One day i will be there.
    Eyes are full from tears i do not know why.
    I love this place like heaven.

  4. Could you PLEASE give us a dose of reality & share the same, or different, pictures taken during January or February?
    Because the beauty of winter in arp and as much or more than the fleeting days of summer!

  5. I lived in Lunenburg for 3 years in the early 1990’s in a house right above the shipyards where the various iterations of the Bluenose were created. Bluenose II wintered in the dry docks right in front of my kitchen window. My kitchen window view across the bay – just remembering it, leaves me without words for the lightness and the beauty. There is a quality of light on NS’s South Shore that lifts the spirits like no other place I have been. I live in Ontario for family reasons, but my heart remains in NS.

    Your photos capture the light very well. It brought me great joy to recognize so many of the places you showed us. LaHave Bakery is known for the wonderful quality of its baked goods, and back in my day, they used to deliver into Lunenburg. Maybe they still do?

    I can hardly wait to go back.

  6. As a native Nova Scotian I have been to most of these locations. I am putting LaHave on my summer to-visit list though!

  7. Your photos are breathtaking and the site excellent. However, I have one unpleasant comment. Because your site is so good I thought it should be noted. Spellings/grammar: Second picture down , it says “tales past down…” . Should be “tales passed down..”. Sunset at Peggy’s Cove photo says “lay ahead” ;should be “lie ahead”. Sorry – I do love your photos!

    • Thanks for the correction. I really appreciate it. I try to catch all the grammar but sometimes things slip through.

  8. See million of stars in the sky is one thing i miss so much, last time i can see stars in the sky is when i’m 5 years old and that so amazing.

  9. I’m hoping to visit very soon my wife and I have been watching the show “HAVEN” and there’s a lot of spots that we wish to visit were that episodes? of the show was filmed.

  10. Beautiful photos that capture the wonder of Nova Scotia. One of the photos shows the delightful breads and treats at LaHave Bakery in the village of LaHave. Do stop for brunch or lunch on your way to Crescent Beach. Also visit the NS handcraft store behind the bakery. All in all a very worthwhile stop.

  11. With Nine Wineries and the Maritimes “Bread Basket” the agriculture area of Wolfville, and the Annapolis Valley…?????Where is it????????

  12. Thank you for the lovely photos, I was born and now live in Nova Scotia. I love the South Shore and the Annapolis valley but my favorite is Cape Breton Island. I am glad you enjoyed your trip.

  13. Nous sommes allés en nouvelle Écosse en 2015 au mois de juin en particulier au cap dauphin dans le cap breton découvert de merveilleux paysages , des gens ouverts . Vos photographies sont sublimes .

  14. I grew up in Liverpool on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. I go back almost every year. I love to visit and have been to all the places you have shown. It is so good to finally have someone show off the South Shore as no one has done that before. Thank you. I also use to live in LaHave for many years out on the point where the lighthouse museum is. The LaHave bakery is fabulous. The South Shore is a treasure. Did you visit Summerville Beach or Carters Beach outside Liverpool. Another treasure. Thank you

  15. I live in a small community of Heffley Creek, near Kamloops, British Columbia, but I will always call the South Shore of Nova Scotia my “Home”. I so much enjoyed these stunning pictures of the South Shore – it brought back memories of my teen age years in the ’60s. I lived in East LaHave, right at the mouth of the LaHave River. I looked out my window at the Fort Pointe Lighthouse, could also see the Riverport Fish Plant. During the time I lived there, the freighters quite often anchored in front of our house before making the trip up the river for lumber. It was just a short walk up from my house to the LaHave Ferry, a motor launch that took us the short ride across the river to LaHave, where we had many a fresh baked treat at the LaHave Bakery. There was also a factory there that made denim wear – I lived in cheap jeans! My Dad was a Commissionaire at the newly built National Sea Products in Lunenburg for 20 years, starting in 1963. I witnessed the launching of the Bluenose11 at the Smith & Rhuland Yards, also the replica of the Bounty, in 1962. The highlight of the year was the Nova Scotia Fisheries Exhibition in Lunenburg & Fisherman’s Memorial. My first job was in Mahone Bay at the nursing home – did not fully appreciate the beauty of the churchs! I could go on & on – my love of the lighthouses, of course tasty meals of scollops & lobsters, & my wonderful extended family who still live in Riverport & Bridgewater. Thank you so much for bringing back the memories!

    • Hi Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your memories. It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. The South Shore is a beautiful part of the country and I can understand why you remember it fondly. That is amazing that your dad was the Commissionaire and that you witnessed the launch of the BluenoseII, that is quite an event. It’s true, it is easy to go on and on about the beauty of Nova Scotia. I’m glad you enjoyed our photo journey and we look forward to going back one day soon!

  16. Fantastic photos (as usual)! I’m a huge fan of Nova Scotia’s south shore, especially Brier Island (which I’m not sure you had a chance to visit on your trip). It’s waaaay at the end of the Digby Neck, two car-ferries get you there. It’s the westernmost point of Nova Scotia, and a really wonderful place to visit. My husband and I love it so much we made a guide to help people enjoy it! I hope you’ll be able to visit Nova Scotia again and visit Brier Island. 🙂

  17. Such a beautiful place – definitely worth a visit. I’d love to check out the fishing museum as well as all the docks. Do you know what the primary catch they live off of or does it vary from season to season? 🙂

    • It varies from season to season. Lobster is a big catch in Nova Scotia, but Lobster and crab are the biggest catch in Nova Scotia. Other fish are cod, tuna and mackerel. You will love Nova Scotia.

  18. Would like you to enjoy a visit to the Cobequid Bay/Minas Basin part of the Bay of Fundy. At Burncoat, Economy and Five Islands, the tide will COMPLETELY disappear right before your eyes, exposing amazing rock formations sculpted by the tides, sandy coves, a place where you can walk for several hours on “the bottom of the sea” and a few hours later that same area will be covered with over 50 ft of salt water. Can you imagine fishing with no water! A stop at the Cobequid Interpretive Centre in Economy to learn how this is possible and learn so much more about the geology, history and culture of our whole shoreline and best of all, how you can experience it. Hope to you you in 2016!

  19. Oh, you guys! I’m yearning for Nova Scotia after seeing your awesome photos. I was on a a similar road trip in 2014 when I fell in love with Nova Scotia — the towns, landscapes, and awesome food. Lunenburg and Blue Rocks were big highlights and you captured them so beautifully.

  20. Moved to Guelph two months ago to be near my family, really miss Cape Breton, especially the sea. Looking forward to seeing your photos of my island in the future.

  21. My sister and I are planning a trip in the spring to explore our genealogy. These photos are spectacular, now I more than ever can’t wait to go!

    • have a great time. What an excellent reason to travel. I’d love to explore my roots the next time we go there. My mom grandmother lived there when the Halifax explosion happened.

  22. Cape Breton is calling me again…absolutely stunning scenery! But it’s the beautiful friendly people that make it a place you want to go back to!! It’s like a whole different world there.I have no desire to visit Mexico,Cuba,Hawaii….but Cape Breton and Nova Scotia won my heart!! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Visitors to the area in July, don’t miss the ten day arts festival in the St. Margaret’s Bay area. Over 90 artists participate in plein air painting, arts fair and a huge studio tour. Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts, July 7 to 17, 2016.

  24. STUNNING photographs showing beautiful province of Nova Scotia…There are many other gorgeous and interesting places not shown so must have been hard to narrow it down to these. I do believe besides two Crescent Beaches in NS there is also a Crystal Crescent Beach in Sambro area.

    • Thank you Linn, we definitely have only scratched the surface of all there is to see and do in Nova Scotia. But that gives us a reason to come back. I love seeing the passion that everyone has for this province. It is loved by many.

  25. Beautiful shot of Cape Forchu light! I call Yarmouth home and call me prejudiced but Peggys Cove light cannot hold a candle to ours. When visiting Yarmouth make a point of travelling “up the French Shore”to Maivelette Beach. You will love that beach!

    • I have to agree. Peggy’s Cove many be the more famous of the two, but Cape Forchu is quite striking. Which is saying a lot because the setting for Peggy’s Cove is spectacular. So there you go! Two spectacular locations in one province. I like how there are no crowds at Cape Forchu. We look forward to coming back and we will check out that beach. We only had 10 days to see what we saw, so we definitely need to return.

  26. Lovely photos! One thing: it looks like “haskapa” is the brand of that juice. The berry is actually called the haskap berry and is prized in Russia as well as in Japan. Cheers

  27. I am proud to say I have Been to all of these wonderful places in the south shore of Nova Scotia.
    Recently stayed in Port Medway- Amazing!!

    • Amazing! Glad to see you are well travelled in Nova Scotia. And thanks for the heads up about Port Medway, we’ll check it out next time.

  28. Thank You, beautiful pictures but the province has beautiful scenery everywhere. I was born in Halifax but grew up mostly in LaHave area. I learned to drive on Crescent Beach and the LaHave Bakery has wonderful food and their light meals are delicious. I now live in Kanata, Ontario and will have to stay here as our children are settling here and I want to be part of their lives. My heart is still in Nova Scotia.

    • Thanks for sharing Heather. We are from Ontario too. The thing I love about Canada is how diverse and beautiful it is everywhere. Kanata is a great location. But I completely understand. Your heart always seems to stay with the place you grew up.

  29. Being From Nova Scotia, and from the south shore, i call Liverpool my hometown. There is so many beautiful places in Liverpool that are breath taking…..

  30. All wonderful photographs. My only complaint would be the repetitiveness of Peggy’s Cove. Yes, it’s a beautiful spot, but showing it over and over again at the exclusion of some other, less well known South Shore sites is a bit unfortunate.

    • Thanks Robert. We spent 3 days at Peggy’s Cove and then split the rest of our trip in 1-2 days at the other destinations. I agree though, we’ll have to come back to see more!

  31. Odd that although I like your 22 pictures of Nova Scotia Cape Breton being one of the to 10 placdes to visit is not even mentioned. No mention or pics of the various cultures that really make Nova Scotia what it is, a great palce to visit

    • We didn’t get a chance to visit Cape Breton and are definitely looking forward to coming back to Nova Scotia. This will definitely not be our last trip to the beautiful province. And as this a photostory of landscapes, we didn’t include the cultural aspect of Nova Scotia, but we agree, it is the people and culture that make Nova Scotia such a wonderful destination.

  32. Hey guys!! Great article! As a Lunenburger myself (well, Second Peninsula 10 mins away), I am so proud to have my hometown featured so beautifully! Just to clear up a little misconception, Lunenburg is, in fact a town, not a city (a little too small!), and the boat you would have seen is actually the Bluenose II, as the original Bluenose sunk off of Haiti in 1946. Great article! 😀

    • You are right, I actually said city and town in the same paragraph, my bad 🙂 and thank you for clarifying the Bluenose II not the original that sadly sunk after retirement from racing. Cheers!

  33. would like to see a photo of Cresent Beach in Lockeport, N.S…and a picture of Shelburne waterfront…these pics are beautiful but we should be represented too !!!! Thanks !!

    • Thanks Margaret, we didn’t know there was a second Cresent Beach. The next time we visit (which we surely will) we will make sure to check it out!

  34. Please denote that your picture of Crescent Beach, is one of TWO beaches with this name On the South Shore, the other is in Lockeport, Shelburne County and you CANNOT drive on that one, also when facing “West Head” from the beach just past Cranberry Hill there is a small peninsular Island with a house and barn on it, That area of the beach used to be on the back of the Canadian $50 bill, many, many years ago.

    • Thank you for letting us know, we didn’t realize there were two Crescent Beaches in Nova Scotia. There is still so much more for us to see and do!

  35. Amazing photos! As a Canadian I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to that part of the country… I’ve explored more of other countries than my own! This makes it very enticing to go there.

    • I know how you feel. This was our first visit to Nova Scotia as well! We always seem to put off exploring our own back yard. I think it’s human nature. Especially for Canadians. I believe we all dream of warm weather in the winters and end up going to someplace like Cancun. It takes us awhile to finally appreciate our home and native land. I know for us, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve really started exploring Canada and we are proud to say that we are finally getting around to seeing a lot of it and it is spectacular!

  36. Beautiful photographs and a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Will definitely plan a trip to Nova Scotia.

  37. Stellar photos! The one looking up with the headlamp into the milky way, mind blowing! I miss Nova Scotia, only spent a couple nights there!

    • Thank you! Dave really wanted to get a night sky while we were in Nova Scotia. We want to go back to the Dark Sky Preserve next time. We hear it is incredible.