Kidnapped in Vietnam – A Story of Human Trafficking

Travel can be scary. You’re not sure if the food is going to be safe, you’re worried about being robbed, or maybe you’re afraid of getting sick or injured. Almost always, these fears are unwarranted and the vacation turns out absolutely amazing, but the fears are still there.

Now, try to imagine the absolute worst-case scenario. Imagine being kidnapped and taken across international borders for forced work, marriage or prostitution. That’s what happened to a 16 year-old girl from northern Vietnam called M.


Just a few years ago, Ben Randall was a traveling photographer exploring Asia. He was taking photos and building friendships with locals including M, while he was teaching English in her area.

After leaving the region, Ben heard from a mutual friend that M had been taken against her will across to border to China. It’s suspected that she’s been sold as a wife or prostitute, unfortunately, an all-too-common problem in SE Asia and other parts of the world.

It would’ve been easy for Ben to just forget about this past acquaintance. After all, what could he do from the other side of the world? However, this was too serious of an problem to just ignore.

The Human Earth Project 

Right now Ben is back in Asia working to discover exactly what happened to M and he’s doing all he can to help stop this from happening to others around the world. He’s filming a documentary about his search for M and is connecting with local NGOs and human trafficking experts to help raise awareness of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Most of the travel and production costs have been self-funded by Ben himself, but he needs our help to get the film completed and out to the world.

A small donation can help the project get one more step closer to completion. Your support will help the world see the great work of the dedicated organizations and volunteers on the front lines of helping victims of human trafficking.

Please take a moment to watch the video to learn more about the project.

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Human trafficking is too big a problem to ignore.

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