Ice Sculptures at Night at Winterlude Ottawa

There's no doubt about it. The star attraction of Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada is the Crystal Garden. Especially when the Rideau Canal is closed due to warm weather.

Once the sun goes down, the lights go up and the artists have the chance for their hard work to shine. The Crystal Garden is located in Confederation Park right in the heart of downtown and there are all sorts of displays for people to look at. The most popular exhibit however is the long hall featuring the winners of the ice sculpture competition.

My favourite exhibit however was the painted wolves hanging out in a field. Beautiful.

For more information on Ottawa and Winterlude, check out Ottawa Tourism for all your needs when visiting Canada's Capital City.


The entrance to the Winterlude Ice Sculpture display




The runner up for Ice Sculture of Winterlude!



And the winner is……



A sculpture display of Canadian Wolves



A memorial to Canadian soldiers inan Ice Sculpture at Winterlude

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