Borneo Travel Guide

Hands down one of our favorite adventure destinations on the planet is Malaysian Borneo

The Legendary Rainforests of Borneo bring to mind images of towering trees, abundant wildlife and wild foreboding rain forests filled with raging rivers.

Only great explorers would dare to go there, it was home to the Headhunter after all.

This Borneo travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.

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mount kinabalu borneo
Beautiful Mount Kinabalu

Fast Facts about Borneo

  • Borneo power voltage is 230/240 V 50 Hz; Power sockets G.
  • The island itself is divided among three countries: Malaysia and Brunei in the north, and Indonesia to the south.
  • The Borneo currency is the Malaysian Ringett (MYR) and is around 4 MYR to 1 USD. In Brunei the Brunei Dollar and Singapore Dollar (notes only) are readily accepted. In the south the currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and is around 13,000 IDR  for 1 USD.
  • Air-conditioned express buses are the economical way to travel long distances within, and sometimes between, Borneo’s different states
  • Borneo is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world – around 130 million years old.
  • Brunei is a ‘dry’ country – alcohol cannot be purchased, however you are allowed an alcohol allowance to be brought in for personal consumption.

Things to See and Do in Borneo

  1. Hike Mount Kinabalu – This 4095 metre mammoth is a 2-hour bus ride from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo’s northern province.
  2. Trek the Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu – a stone forest of white and grey limestone, jutting 45 metres out of the earth in razor sharp formations.
  3. Go on a Jungle Safari – Take a boat up the The Sungai (river) Kinabatangan right into the heart of the jungle of Borneo, and stay in a rustic camp for a few days with Uncle Tan Wildlife Adventures
  4. Visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre – They are orangutans that have either been injured, rescued or orphaned that have been nursed back to health and let back into the jungle.  To make their transition easier, they can come back any time they want for a feast.

Borneo Travel Guides



Budget: You can stay at budget hotels in Borneo for as low as $10 US per night. They may include free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and have air conditioning.

Mid Range: There are mid-range hotels available in Borneo for around $30 US. They often include complimentary breakfast, are found in the city center, and have laundry service.

High End: High-end hotels in Borneo start around $60 per night. They may include family suites, indoor and outdoor pools, and offer airport transfers.


Here are some of the foods you may find in Borneo:

Hinava – A common dish found in Sabah with mackerel, spices, lime, and onion.

Clay pot soup – A soup with a variety of ingredients including tofu, prawns, squid, noodles, and vegetables that are cooked over a high temperature.

Pinasakan sada – A flavorful dish commonly found at restaurants with fruit, fish, salt, and turmeric.

The Best Ways to Get Around Borneo

Getting to Borneo:

Getting to Borneo: There are no direct flights from Borneo from Europe or North America, so you’ll have to connect at an Asian city such as Singapore or Hong Kong.

You can check for the best flights to Borneo on Skyscanner.


Buses: You can take buses within the city as well as across the country starting at B$18.

Taxis:  Taxis are found in the major cities, but you’ll always want to confirm if the driver is using the meter or not so you know the price in advance.

Car Rental: Car rentals in Borneo begin at B$60 a day. Check for prices and availability here.

When to go To Borneo

  • March through October is the best time to visit Borneo, as this is when the weather is the most pleasant and driest. You also have the best chance of seeing wildlife during these months.

Where to Stay in Borneo

Seven Boutique Hotel – This hotel is a great choice to stay at when you’re in Putatan. It’s only 3 miles away from the airport and the hotel offers a free airport shuttle service. They also are a few minute’s walk away from restaurants, bars, and a grocery store.

The Pacific Sutera Hotel – This beautiful hotel in Sabah has stunning views of the water while being close to shopping, so there’s something everyone can enjoy. They also offer a pool, fitness center, and a private balcony.

Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa – This resort is a great place to relax when you’re in Sabah. You have access to the beach, diving, and babysitters.

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What to Pack for Borneo

Borneo is hot and humid with a typically tropical climate. Sarawak receives an abundance of rainfall during the monsoon season which falls between November and February of each year, whereas the dry season generally occurs from May to October. 

Heavy rains may cause cancellation of flights and riverboat trips into remote regions, so the dry season is best for activities.

  • The protection basics – Travellers should stock up on the essentials: sun block, mosquito/insect repellant containing DEET or a pyrethroid insecticide, sunglasses and a hat. If you will be spending time in national parks or upriver areas (e.g. Batang Ai & Nanga Sumpa), make sure to bring a strong mosquito repellent that contains 30-50% DEET.  Use this in the jungle and interior and bring it from home as it might be hard to find in Borneo.
  • Pack for Humidity – for humid weather it is best to pack fabrics that breathe as much as possible and natural fabrics, like cotton, linen or rayon (avoiding silk, wool and polyester). Clothing should be loose and comfortable to encourage the flow of air and allow moisture to evaporate.
  • Sarongs – From protecting yourself from the hot island sun, covering up at religious sites or keeping warm on a cool night, sarongs are a must-have.
  • Raincoat / Jacket – rain gear is always a good idea, as is a light jacket for the cooler temperatures at Mt Kinabalu.
  • Water bottle – Water is not potable in Borneo – do not drink or even brush your teeth with tap water.

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