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China is a country filled with unexpected surprises. The warm welcome from the people, the beauty of the landscape and the sheer size and scope of the cities has made China one of the PlanetD's favourite destinations. This China travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.

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Fast Facts about China Travel

  • Chinese power voltage is 220 V 50Hz;  Plug A, I & G.
  • The currency is the Chinese Yuan and is around 6.07 CNY to 1 USD
  • Toilet paper is rarely found in public restrooms; carry your own sanitary napkins just in case nature calls.
  • The internet is censored in Chine. You need a VPN to use most social media sites.

Top Packing Tips

China is one of the largest countries in the world. Given its size, the climate is extremely diverse ranging from tropical regions to a subarctic climate in the north. The type of clothing you pack depends on the season and also the intended region of travel. The Northern regions tend to have hot summers and chillingly cold winters while southern China tends to be wetter and milder

  • Layers – The general rule of thumb is to pack at least four layers: a base layer, long sleeve shirts, a fleece (mid-layer) and a top layer such as a windbreaker (waterproof!). Base layers should be make of wool or synthetic fabrics as they often offer superior moisture-wicking and temperature control protection than cotton.
  • Avoid White – smog is a big issue in many Chinese cities so this means that white clothes get dirty quicker than normal.
  • Avoid Jumpsuits (or tight pants)– squat toilets are quite common in particular Chinese areas. As a result, wearing any form of tight pants or jumpsuits will make a travelers trip to the bathroom infinitely more difficult.
  • Tampons – tampons aren't easy to find in China and unless you are a fan of pads than makes sure to stock up before you go on your trip.

Things to do in China

Make sure to start in Hong Kong, Asia's World City. And don't miss the Incredible Skyline of Shanghai




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