Cuteness Alert: Penguins of Antarctica

Warning: Watching the video below will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Penguins of Antarctica

When visiting Antarctica there is one thing you are guaranteed to see….penguins. They just may be the cuteness little animal on earth. They are the most curious creatures.

Passengers on an Antarctica expedition are required to stay at least 5 meters away from the penguins and to stay off their penguin highways. (Their trails leading to and fro on the ice)

However, if you sit still for long enough and observe, you'll soon find yourself surrounded by penguins popping over to check you out.

Dave was busy taking photos of other penguins for quite some time before he noticed one little guy pecking at his pants.

A couple of other penguins watched the scene and didn't want to be left out, so they joined in the fun pecking at Dave's pants and boots. It's as if they are saying “hey, what are you doing here?”

Penguins smell really bad and sometimes the odour of fishy pooh can be almost unbearable. But then you watch them waddle around with their big wide eyes and all the discomfort of their putrid stench disappears.

How can you not love these guys? Penguins are truly cutie pies.

To learn more about expeditions to Antarctica visit Quark Expeditions. Our trip to the Antarctic Peninsula was courtesy of the company but all opinions of the penguins are 100% our own.

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