Spend a Year in Paradise – Bermuda Reopens For Tourists and Business

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Looking to go somewhere safe and beautiful in 2020?

As of July 1, Bermuda has reopened for business and is welcoming visitors to the island. And, as of August 1, the Government of Bermuda introduced the Work from Bermuda Certificate.

Imagine living and working in Bermuda for a year away from all the chaos and unrest going on in this world?

We just bought a house, or it would have been completely tempting for us. But when this information came into our inbox, we wanted to share it with you.

It’s a great opportunity to work on an island without having to jump through too much red tape.

Note: Rules and regulations are changing constantly and this is the information we have right now, but be sure to check the links for updated guidelines and information. This is just a guide to help you and give you some ideas for possible winter travel.

The Government of Bermuda has an FAQ section to answer any questions you may have.

Work From Bermuda

If you’re tired of working from home, why not set up shop in paradise? Bermuda has come up with an amazing idea to allow students and executives can now study and work from the island.

Any travelers 18 years and older can move to Bermuda for an entire year, and all it takes is filling out a $263 application fee.

I know I would love to work in paradise as the autumn season approaches and we have grey days ahead.

What makes Bermuda appealing for business is it has a strong infrastructure and they’ve worked all summer to create a healthy environment.

The Work from Bermuda Certificate is such a clever idea.

About Bermuda

Note: We have no affiliation with Bermuda and are not receiving any compensation from Bermuda, we just thought this was interesting information to share since everyone is trying to figure out how to travel in this “new normal.”

When we travelled to Bermuda, we took note of the luxurious island that hosted the America’s Cup in 2017. We definitely thought about setting up shop there.

Bermuda has everything you need to work and play, from luxury vacation rentals and hotels to electric car and motorscooter rentals.

Plus they have the broadband to accommodate working from remote spaces. Internet is important to all of us, and they have stable broadband Internet

It is only a two hour flight from New York City, and three hours from Toronto.

Bermuda boasts a well-earned reputation as a beautiful and clean, open and safe, close and comfortable island destination.”

Here is everything you need to know before you decide to work or travel to Bermuda.

Pre-departure Travel to Bermuda 

Visitors are to comply with the following Bermuda Government protocols:

  • Complete the Bermuda travel authorization process online. This must be done within 48 hours of departure.
  • The $75 fee per traveller includes the cost of all COVID-19 testing in Bermuda.
  • Before you depart, visitors must take a COVID-19 Test and obtain a negative result. Ideally, this should be done within 72 hours, but no more than seven days before departure.
  • The test applies to adults and children aged 10?and up. Children who are 9-years-old and younger?are exempt and are subject to their adult travel companion’s quarantine. 
  • NOTE: Children 9 and younger do not have to be tested at any point, and their Travel Authorisation fee is $30. 
  • Children 10-17 must receive parental consent to be tested. If consent is denied, the young traveller must quarantine for 14 days on arrival. 
  • Travel authorisation FAQ 

Before Boarding a Flight to Bermuda

  • Get health insurance. Safety Wing has added COVID-19 coverage to their policies as of August.
  • If Health insurances is not obtained, the visitor will be responsible for all health and accommodation costs. COVID or non-COVID related. Our advice is to get insurance and talk with your provider to make sure you are covered before traveling during COVD.
  • It is also recommended to Pack a thermometer

During flights to Bermuda

  • A face mask is required on the plane and wear it when in the airport and on the way. You don’t want to take any chances of contracting COVID pre-departure.
  • And practice physical distancing as much as possible.

Upon Arrival in Bermuda

When arriving in Bermuda be prepared to show your Travel Authorization form to immigration.

You will be required to have a copy of your negative COVID-19 test result.

And then you will have to take another test at the Bermuda airport before being allowed in. It takes approximately 24 hours for results, so be prepared to quarantine for a day or two up on arrival.

On-island Covid Rules in Bermuda  

Whether you are working or vacationing in Bermuda, be prepared to follow the rules and guidelines.

  • Wear a mask in all public spaces where there is close contact with others,
  • Masks must be worn in all public transport (taxis, ferries, and buses).
  • Bermuda is also currently working to increase contactless payment methods.
  • There is also an online portal where you must take your temperature twice per day and report it online.
  • COVID-19 tests will also be administered on Day 4, Day 8, and Day 14 after arrival.
  • There are several pop-up testing centers around the island where you can make appointments and will not have to wait for results.

What happens if you get a positive result in Bermuda?

Quarantine measures will be taken and you will have to isolate at your accommodation for 14 days.

Each property will inform of their guidelines and as of what we could see, they will offer a quarantine room to guests at no additional cost. Be prepared to have an electronic bracelet attached to track movement.

But chances are, if you followed social distancing, and took your pre-travel tests you should be good to go.

For more information check out the Links:

Bermuda Visitor FAQ
Airport and Air Service Information 
Bermuda Government COVID-19 Facts 

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