All the Benefits of TripIt Pro That you Did Not Know

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There are so many reasons we would never travel without TripIt Pro. Ever since signing up after receiving a free year trial at a conference three years ago, we’ve been hooked. We love the app so much, we now work with them! (I feel like that Gillette guy from the 70s who loved the razor so much he bought the company)

If only we had the cash to buy a company. haha. Watch out TripIt, we may be coming for you!

tripit pro benefits
Maybe one day we’ll buy the company like the Gillette guy!

All the Benefits of TripIt Pro That You Did Not Know

Not only does TripIt Pro take care of the regular stuff like organizing all your travel details into one place and giving alerts about upcoming flights, hotel reservations and car rentals it goes a step further and really keeps you in tune with all aspects of your travel plans.

Let’s talk about the features where TripIt helps our the avid traveler.

Free TripIt services

benefits of tripit pro wing
  • TripIt organizes all your travel plans into one master itinerary. You don’t have to keep a list or cut and paste into a Google calendar or spreadsheet. All your travels are stored in your TripIt app and you can look them up with the swipe of a button.
  • If you like using a calendar, you can sync your travel plans into your favourite online calendar too!
  • When you link your email to TripIt, it automatically imports travel plans from your inbox to your TripIt itinerary. It’s all done for you, no forwarding necessary.

Document Storage

benefits of tripit pro plane

Instead of photocopying all your passports and important travel documents, you can enter all your essential information into the TripIt app for instant access whenever you need them. Don’t worry all traveler profile information is encrypted and locked by your 4-digit PIN .

There’s a lot of great benefits to the free TripIt app that you can download instantly to give it a try, but for just $49 a year you receive all the benefits of TripIt Pro and let me tell you, for a mere four bucks a month, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Shall we tell you about all the benefits you get with TripIt Pro? Okay, let’s go.

TripIt Pro

Travel Alerts

benefits of tripit pro dave

We love getting alerts. Dave and I travel a lot and most of the time, we aren’t very organized with days and dates. TripIt pro automatically sends us alerts letting us know that it’s time to check in for our flight. We then get regular updates regarding delays, what terminal we’re leaving from, gate changes and other updates.

Seat Tracker

But our favourite feature has to be the seat tracker. Many times we are booked on last minute flights or we’re just not efficient enough to get in early and choose our seats. We always set up a seat tracker asking TripIt Pro to keep an eye out for better seats in emergency exits, bulk heads, and upgrades to premium seats. It has saved our bacon many times.


tripit pro lounge

We love airport lounges. We have memberships to lounges with Priority Pass, American Express and having status with Air Canada we can access all Star Alliance lounges when flying with a partner. But not all lounges are created equal.

We sometimes have the luxury of being able to choose which lounge is the best at a terminal and LoungeBuddy helps us choose. It tells us what lounges are available at the airport we’re flying into, and it offers reviews, gives lounge hours and shows photos.

If you don’t have lounge access, you can purchase a pass and TripIt Pro tells you how much it costs to enter each and when you sign up, you get a $25 lounge credit to use.

Points Tracker

tripit pro deb

We keep an up to date tally of all our travel rewards programs and airline points on TripIt. We collect a lot of different points and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. But it’s important to keep track of them because when you have travel points, you can save money! TripIt Pro lets us check our balances any time we want.

Enjoy TripIt’s Fireside chat with Rick Steves about the Fear of Travel


tripit pro tv

When we last flew into Sydney, we noticed a new feature added to TripIt pro. When we checked our flight’s landing time, it recommended all the different ways we could get from the airport to downtown. The Rome2Rio app searches addresses and gives you all the different ways to get from point A to point B. It even gave us an estimate on taxi fare and ended up being pretty accurate. It showed us alternatives by bus, train, and even walking times. Hey, sometimes you don’t always need to get on transportation. Foot power works too.

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We love how each time we log into TripIt Pro, we keep finding new features to help make our travels easier.

Flight Refund

tripit pro plane

A feature we just discovered is flight refund monitoring. TripIt is so on the ball that it checks airfares to see if there is a better price available for your flight than what you paid. If it thinks you are eligible for a credit, it will send you an alert. Now that’s awesome. We haven’t used this feature yet, but we’re looking forward to the day we get that alert!

Sign up for the TripIt app for your smart phone now and start making your travels easier. New customers receive a 30 day trial of TripIt Pro

Check out how the TripIt App makes our travels easier

So as you can see, there are a lot of benefits to signing up for TripIt Pro. It’s made our travels easier and keeps us on the ball. There are so many times that we don’t even know what day it is when we’re traveling. Luckily TripIt sends us alerts to let us know when we have to fly, check in to a hotel or check in for our flight.

It keeps us one step ahead and makes our travels smooth and relaxed. If you travel, TripIt Pro is for you.

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  1. Hey, nice post! One extra bonus, tripit does track your miles and points and sends a notification when it thinks your points are about to expire. It’s sent me a couple of ‘false positives’ for this, but I’d rather get a notification in error than lose all my miles without warning

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