Adventure Holidays In The Balearic Islands

The Balearic islands of Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentara are located to the East of Spain. They are the perfect destination for adventure holidays being blessed with seemingly endless sunshine and beautiful coastal scenery. As such they are a major lure for the world's international travellers. Young people arrive in anticipation of fantastic all night beach parties and the older generation come to see the various cultural sites and indulge in the delicious Mediterranean food. Whatever your tastes, the following ideas for adventurous Balearic island holidays should be of interest.

Adventure Holidays to Remember

Ocean Journeys

If you've never experienced the delights of deep sea diving then the Balearic islands are the perfect place to start. There are a number of diving schools, with trained experts who will take you through the basics and accompany you on the initial ocean dips. Those people who master the control of snorkels and breathing regulators will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of fascinating sites.

Divers on Ibiza all inclusive  adventure holidays may like to head out on an underwater tour of the famous Es Payaret rock. This ocean environment is home to an assortment of Damsel fish, Sergeant Majors and Moray Eels. And the fishy fun can continue with a diving exploration of Mallorca's Malakoff Wreck, which sunk in the late 1920s. You'll be amazed at the number of fish that feed from the battered hull of this once magnificent ship.

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Beach Trips

The highly popular beaches of Las Salinas in Ibiza and Arenal d'en Castell in Menorca have their own special charm. However, there are a number of sandy stretches elsewhere in the Balearic islands where peace and quiet are almost guaranteed.

The picturesque beach of Cala Pregonda is just a short walk away from some of the best hotels in Menorca. Here you can either laze about in the shade of the tamerisk trees or have a look at some of the rock pool water creatures. Alternatively you may be interested in exploring the sands of Formentera's Ses Salinas nature park.

Rural Hikes

No matter whether you like the challenge of uphill climbs or prefer to take leisurely countryside strolls, the Balearic Islands have something to offer. There are a number of companies who organise group outings along the well trodden paths. However, independent travellers do have the option of packing some delicious Mediterranean snacks and journeying along the local routes at their own pace.

You may well enjoy a walk along the path from Sa Gremola to Sant Elm during your Balearic Island holidays. The views across the Tramuntana Range and the Mediterranean island of Dragonera are a truly inspiring highlight of this route. You might even be tempted to continue the hiking holiday with a jaunt from Portals Vells to Calla Refeubetx, not far from the buzzing resort of Magaluf.

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Guided Tours

Although it may be tempting to spend time beside the poolside bar of your Mallorca or Ibiza all inclusive resort, there are plenty of opportunities to visit nearby attractions. The friendly local guides will be happy to show you around sites such as the Formentera lighthouse, situated high on the coastline cliffs. You might even be prepared to enter the mysterious Can Marca Caves, where intriguing stalagmites and stalactites can be seen.

After exploring the local sites you may well be ready for a cool refreshing beverage. Instead of stopping off at one of the packed out beach bars you are encouraged to sample the locally produced reds and whites on a tour of a Mallorcan winery. Or for those of you who fancy a Mediterranean kick there's the Xoriguer Gin Distillery of Menorca. Just remember not to take too many sips if you want to avoid the dreaded morning hangover.

Restaurant Dining

No matter the quality of food served at your Menorca or Ibiza all inclusive hotel, there is simply no excuse for missing out on visits to the local dining establishments. There are quaint family run tavernas where traditional dishes such as Sobrasoda are served and five star restaurants, in which the very finest chefs ply their craft.

A visit to the Es Moli de Foc restaurant in the charming village of Saint Climent is highly recommended. Here you can enjoy seafood dishes such as the prawn carpaccio with cured Mahon cheese while people watching from the outdoor terrace. Alternatively you may opt to spend the evening at the cosy Italian Mezzonette restaurant in Ibiza. The staff will go out of there way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and leave the restaurant feeling pleasantly full.


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