A Valentine’s Note to my Husband

Too many times Valentine's Day is about the guy courting the girl, bringing her roses and chocolates and spending far too much money on a romantic meal.

Although, in today's world of dating, where kids break up over a text message, declare their love on Facebook and Tweet their indiscretions to the world, I wonder what Valentine's day means to anyone?

valentine's day dave and deb

A Valentine's Note to my Husband

For me, Valentine's Day gives me a chance to tell the world what a great guy I married. Dave and I met in 1991, in college.

We wore similar cowboy boots (or as we said to each other after it was pointed out by my roommate Melissa, “You have the same cowboy boots!”

We watched a Blue Rodeo Cover Band play at Tequila Willies, went on our first date two days later, and a couple of weeks later, Dave moved in with me and my four roommates who lived in an already crowded townhouse.

(But everyone was happy because hey, it was less rent to pay!) We were inseparable right from the start.

valentine's day note to my husband

Each Day is Valentine's Day

Dave and I have never been ones to celebrate occasions.

We've always tried to make every day count and every day special.

When you put all your stock into making one perfect day, it is always a big let down.

I think that is why we never made a big deal about getting married.

We booked a trip to the Dominican Republic and decided to make that our honeymoon after the fact.

Our Wedding

We had just over a week until we flew out, so we went to city hall, filled out our marriage license, and were married the following Friday night, after work.

It's worked out well for us. We have never regret not having the big lavish wedding.

Instead, we have cherished the sunsets we have watched around the world, we have bonded climbing mountains, cycling continents, taking road trips and making time for one another.

We've enjoyed going to the movies and sharing a large popcorn, we love going for walks and having regular romantic dinners out. If we feel like buying each other something special, we do.

But not because it's a birthday or Valentine's Day.

enjoying a beavertail at winterlude

Dave and Deb enjoying a beavertail

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I don't think there is a better man out there.

Dave opens his heart to the world and isn't afraid to let people know that he loves me. That is rare for a man.

I recently watched our Travel and Escape Video where he brought me (and everyone else) to tears at the end, when we declared that he gets to share his life with his soul mate.

Our Travel and Escape Story


He stole the show again in our Expedia spot when we said: ” I discovered why I fell in love with her in the first place.”

Our Expedia Commercial


What woman doesn't want a man to tell the world how much he loves her? I get that every day and every day I am thankful that he chose me and that I get to spend my life with him.

Let me tell you about Dave…

Not only is Dave sensitive and caring, but he's also a guys guy who enjoys talking sports and music.

Guys like hanging out and having a beer with him and all the ladies think he's simply the best.

I am always in awe of how everyone who meets Dave loves Dave. I am so proud of him each day.

He makes me a better person. I know that I have a lot of faults, but I know that when I have Dave at my side, he makes me better.

I'm nicer, I'm funnier, I'm more confident and I'm smarter because I know he's there to back me up, correct me when I'm wrong and fill in my sentences when I go blank.

Valentines day 2

Dave is an extraordinary cook. He is a whiz at computers. He is strong yet vulnerable. He takes care of me.

He puts up with my moods and my temper and he provides for me.

He listens to my constant worries and understands that I can never shut off my brain.

He has patience and will always stop what he is doing to help me when I can't figure out some technical error on my computer or how to change the settings on the TV.

He never judges me and loves me just the way I am.

I can never understand how I don't drive him mad but he always looks at me with love in his eyes.

I wake up to a smile and a good morning every day, I go to bed with laughter and spend my day with the man I love.

valentines day

Thank you, Dave, for loving me and thank you for making each day Valentine's Day.

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