The Roman Forum Imposing Especially at Night

Coming from a music theatre background, all I ever think about when thinking of the Roman Forum is “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Sondheim lyrics swirled through my head as we whizzed around Rome on our Vespas during our Apartments in Rome, bloggers trip with House Trip.

The Roman Forum at Night

roman forum in hdr

Roman Forum - Incredible at night

Dave and I had walked by the Roman Forum earlier in the week and couldn’t figure out what it was. What is even more funny is that we walked by another set of ruins earlier that day and said to ourselves “that must be the Forum. We convinced ourselves that some pillars and steps along the road was the Roman Forum and that this place was some left over palace of some sort.

Great travellers we are, we can’t even find the Roman Forum when we’re staring straight at it! Luckily we took a tour on a Vespa during our final few days in Rome and got our history and geography lesson all at once. We learned that this was indeed the Forum but we never did figure out what those other ruins were.

We did learn that Mussolini built a roadway right through the ancient city during the communist times dividing the Forum and other structures in half. With little regard for history, the communist regime split the ancient city in half. So those ruins that we saw on the other side of the road were are part of the complex at one point in history.

If you haven’t been to Rome, get yourself there, it’s one of the most unique cities on the planet. And hey! Now you know what the Roman Forum looks like so you won’t have to walk around wondering where it is like Dave and I did!

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