Mongol Rally in Three Minutes – From the Start Line to Mongolia

In 2011 we set off from London England with Sherry Off of Ottsworld and Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip to take part in a charity road rally. The Mongol Rally spans 2 continents and 14,000 km, all while driving in a tiny inapropriate car across deserts, mountains and very rough roads.

During our six-week roadtrip from England to Mongolia, Dave and I took a lot of photos and videos. As is the case with many of our past adventures, we finished our cross country drive, tried to share as much of the experience with our readers as possible, and moved on to the next trip. But, the Mongol Rally was so epic and huge, we didn't get to show off nearly as much as we wanted, especially when it came to video. When we chatted with video editor extraordinaire Geoff Matthews of Wandertooth, we told him that we were upset with ourselves for never getting around to editing our big Mongol Rally video. He was kind enough to offer to do it for us.

The result … we couldn't have done it better ourselves! Geoff captured our personalities and the epic-ness of the Mongol Rally in this fun, interesting and beautiful video.

Mongol Rally From England to Mongolia

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