‘Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license.’ Those were the last words we heard before parting ways to freshen up for an evening out in Barcelona. We had just finished watching an F1 Race at the  Catalunya Circuit and we were all ready to put the pedal to the metal after watching this adrenaline filled event.

The Catalunian tourism board was never predictable during our time in the region and as usual came up with something completely unique!

Driving in Barcelona you say?

seat 600 and tour guides in Barcelona

Our Guides and Owners Marc and Edwardo

We arrived at a parking lot in the middle of downtown Barcelona to discover a floor filled with the cutest and most personality filled automobiles we’ve ever seen. The Seat 600′s were the limosines of the 60′s and tonight, we were going to be our own chauffeurs.

seat 600

Having already driven an inappropriate car from England to Mongolia in last year’s Mongol Rally, I jumped on the chance to get behind the wheel and rev the engine. We split into groups of two and three to take turns at the wheel as we followed the guys from Pimm Barcelona around the town for a our dinner tour of the city.

Deb of the adventure couple sits in the Seat 600

Dave was gracious enough to give me first crack at the wheel, but when I saw that we had to go up a steep ramp to exit the parking lot with everyone looking on, I was a bit nervous. These cars were old and a little testy. The clutch wasn’t exactly smooth and the gas was a little slow,plus the inside the car was very tight with the skinniest steering wheel I’ve ever held, so I had a very real fear that I was going to stall the engine on the way up.

Adventure Couple with seat 600 in Barcelona Spain

Lucky for me, it all worked out and I drove out of the lot with a big smile on my face covering up my insecurities to the rest of the group.

Off Like a Herd of Turtles

convoy of Seat 600 cars in Barcelona

It wasn’t the fast paced race of the Catalunya Circuit, but it sure was a lot of fun. We turned more than a few heads as we drove in one long convoy through the downtown streets. Tourists and locals alike snapped photos as we passed and we honked our horns and made a spectacle out of ourselves gathering as much attention as we could.

Stopping for Tapas and Food in Barcelona

Our first stop was a tapas bar Bar Velodromo where we checked the menu with 3D glasses and enjoyed great meat and cheeses. We thought that we were stopping here for the night, but like every meal in Spain, this was only the tip of the iceburg. The Spanish love to feed you until you burst and having already stuffed ourselves to the max, we continued on to the top of a hill overlooking the city to eat our main course.

menu at tapas bar 3D glasses

Jack of Buzz Trips checks out the Models - errr Menu

Everyone was stuffed at this point but we made the extra effort to force down more food and keep the conversation flowing

The air was brisk and the night was clear allowing us a perfect view overlooking the lights of the harbour where we were free to snap some photographs as we waited for the food to arrive to our outdoor picnic.

Looking over Barcelona Harbour

After we finished our meal, it was on to yet another meeting point. Dave took the wheel this time and the fun began as our guides led us through the suburban streets of the city. We circled roundabouts waiving at each other with delight and went through tunnels obnoxiously honking our horns at one another.

Driving City Tours

It was pure fun!

dave driving during our couples adventure in Barcelona

Our final stop took us to a trendy downtown bar where we joined the already happening party with champaign and dessert awaiting our arrival. Having parked our cars safely back in the lot, we were free to enjoy more than a glass or two of the bubbly goodness.

If you do one city tour while visiting Barcelona, I highly recommend this one. It’s unique and fun and hey, how often do you get to drive a classic car anywhere let alone downtown Barcelona. Once of the coolest cities on earth.

For more information on booking your own city tour check out Pumm Barcelona, they organize Urban City Adventures in Barcelona. 

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  1. John

    Very cool! I’ve never seen cars like that before, but I imagine it’d be great fun putzing about Barcelona in one of those. I’d have to overcome my inability to drive a stick though (my dirty little secret).

  2. Ron Victor

    very smart cars……
    And really to say this one is nice vacation trip in Barcelona. This one is very smartly focus the vacationers to enjoy their trip….

    For More Travel Info and Guide Visit: tour package

  3. Jack

    That was the wildest tapas tour I’ve ever been on. Totally brilliant from the 3D voyuerist menu to those incredible cars to some dastardly wacky racing through Barcelona’s streets. Excellent fun. Great to relive it :)

  4. Erica

    Aww! This looks super cute. I think I would totally try the driving. Shaun and I are always competing over who is the better driver (I’m one of 2 people he lets drive his car). Does it feel like shifting an old Beetle? Those cars are just too damn cute!

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