Antarctica Ice. That’s the real star of Antarctica.

The penguins are adorable, the seals are spectacular and the whales have that “Wow Factor” that take your breath away when they pop up beside your zodiac. They could all easily be the stars of Antarctica but they’re not. The real star of Antarctica?


We couldn’t get enough of looking at the different hues in the ice. The amazing ice bergs make you stand in wonder. Listening to ice break off of thousand year of glaciers from the seat of a kayak is overwhelming and catching seals sleeping on ice flows in the middle of the Antarctic Peninsula is astounding. Check it out for yourself and decide if Antarctica Ice is the star of the seventh continent or not.

Antarctica Ice in Photos


The aquamarine colours of the Antarctica Ice 


The stunning reflections of the Antarctic Ice



Ice takes on so many forms in Antarctica.


Black and White in Antarctica

Black and White really brings out the drama of Antarctic Ice.



The ice in Antarctica makes for some interesting patterns.



Sometimes the Ice in Antarctica is so blue it hurts your eyes!



Ice towers are everywhere in Antarctica



Ice Floes are all over in Antarctica



A perfect Antarctica landscape


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  2. Heather Stearns

    These are breathtakingly gorgeous and the landscape seems otherworldly! I can’t imagine getting used to seeing so much ice in one place. I hope to travel there someday and have some icy adventures of my own!

  3. Arti

    Surreal shots! Ice does look so beautiful, infact it never looked so beautiful!! Your photography skills amaze me, superb!

  4. Christina

    Wow you guys, these are amazing! I’d love to go to Antarctica one day. The blue ice is just out of this world. Very alien actually. You must have felt like on a different planet!


    Amazing photos!!!! Remind me of my Antarctica trip a lot!!!!! It’s breath-taking, really want to go back again! Love the black and white photo!! Never thought of it can be so great!!!!!. I always thought iceberg look the best in blue;)) Definitely learn something in here:)


    1. debndave Post author

      Glad we could bring back some memories for you. We love reliving amazing travels through photos. It’s true icebergs definitely look best in blue, but this black and white did turn out ok didn’t it:)

  6. Jennifer Dombrowski

    These are simply gorgeous. I haven’t been to the Antarctic yet but I have been to the Arctic and there is just something fascinating about the ice on the frozen parts of our planet few of us are lucky to see.

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