A nigh time view of the Trevi Fountain



The Roman Forum at dusk



The Colosseum in Rome



St. Peter's Basilica at night in the Vatican



The Pantheon glows in Rome



The Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in Rome


Vittorio-Emanuele II-Monument-rome

The Vittorio Emanuele II Monument Rome



The Watchful eye in the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

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    1. debndave Post author

      Wow, thanks John. The best time to take a photo of the Trevi Fountains was at night. It was so crowded during the day, but after midnight, it’s nearly deserted.

  1. Leigh

    How do you do it? Incredible! And considering how many photos I’ve seen of Rome these feel like a fresh take on the city.

    1. debndave Post author

      Thank you Leigh, that is a huge compliment. Rome was a very inspiring city. I only wish I had more time there and better weather. But then again, I’d have too many photos to choose from if we had too much time there.

  2. Dean

    Wow, I just recently went through my old photos from Rome and these put them to shame. Amazing photography as always! I want to go back now!

  3. Will - Gap Daemon

    Absolutely amazing photos guys. Is there somewhere you run through your equipment and post processing techniques for shots such as these? I’m wondering if you could make my home time of Swindon, England, look as attractive as this too?!

    1. debndave Post author

      Hey Will, I used long exposures and a 6 stop ND filter for the Trevino Fountain to get the smooth water effect. All on a tripod of course.

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  5. Cole @ Four Jandals

    I’ve seen better… not. Amazing pictures Dave. Hopefully it will be as beautiful in real life when we are there next month. Going to have to learn some tips from you some day soon!

  6. Christy

    Great shots. We didn’t have time to visit Rome on this trip to Italy since we have both been there before, but I know we will be back. We stayed at a pretty awesome hostel there while in transit though.

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  8. Adrain

    Now I know why the quote “Rome was not build in a day” Amazing art all over, just can’t wait to have my personal collections of such extraordinary work

  9. Loco2

    These images are intriguing and somewhat regal, fantastic to look at!

    My favourite image is ‘The Watchful eye in the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome’ her long wings and the fact that she is headless is very unique in comparison to the other headstones.

    1. debndave Post author

      Thank you Loco2. I think that this is the most captivating piece for sure. We were told that she has been replicated all over the world. There is actually a head there, it is just dangling very low. Dave chose to take the photo from this angle, it does make for a very captivating shot.

  10. Calogero

    Excellent photo of the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument in Rome.

    St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius? Very good.

    The Trevi Fountain is wonderful, but it had problems recently! The Colosseum and the Roman Forum are amazing.

  11. Alex

    Traveling to Rome in August. These pictures have me even more excited to go now! So beautiful!

  12. murali

    Wow what a great pictures…A nigh time view of the Trevi Fountain is looking Gorgeous really nice photography…… I love this post and these photos…thanks for sharing with us…

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