adams peak pilgrimage mountains

Climb Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka’s Sacred Pilgrimage

If there is one thing that both Dave and I agree 100% on is that we both love to climb. We love treks and we love the feeling of getting to the top. When we learn about a great trek or climb in a country, we just have to climb it. And yes, the reason is, Because its there. What luck we had that it was prime season for pilgrims to make their way to Adams Peak to climb. Adams Peak is Sri Lanka’s Holiest mountain and each year Pilgrims flock to climb its 5200 steps.

rock climbing in hampi boulder

Rock Climbing in Hampi – Bouldering Among the Ruins

Dave and I love to rock climb. For a couple of years in our life, we climbed regularly all around the Toronto area. We were regulars at Joe Rockheads climbing gym in the city and we hung out with our climbing friends to tackle the local crag on the weekends. That is why when we heard that there was bouldering in Hampi, we just had to check it out for ourselves.