Romantic Getaways – Rome Vs Paris

When it comes to a romantic city break, Paris and Rome are always top contenders for places to go to sweep your partner off their feet in a romantic, exciting and culture filled few days.

Romantic Getaways – Rome Vs Paris

With both cities offering many similar advantages, when it comes to making the decision you have to ask yourself – are you a Roman or a Parisian?


Are you heading to Rome this Year?

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The Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower?

colloseum of rome

Two world-renowned landmarks – it’s hard to tell which one is more famous!

paris eiffel tower couple kissing
Both are incredibly magical places to visit in their own right and are an important part of European history. So which to choose?

A trip back in time to 82 AD, a visit to a mighty Roman ruin where men either ‘made history or were history’?

Or perhaps you would prefer to see the incredible Parisian structure which dominates Paris’ skyline – the beauty of the Eiffel Tower is that no matter where you are in the city you can almost always spot the tip of the tower peeking over the rooftops!

The Vatican City or Notre Dame?

vatican at night


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Check out the Catacombs of Paris for a historic tour in the city.

There is no denying that the Vatican City is the holy capital of the world and also home to the biggest and greatest church – St Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican is lavishly decorated from its marble floor to its expertly painted ceilings, and even if you’re not a Catholic, you will no doubt still be able to appreciate and admire the grandness of the church.


Are you heading to Paris this Year?

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notre dame paris

You could say the Notre Dame is quaint in comparison to the Vatican, but when it comes to romance, perhaps visiting a less ostentatious building may be more your cup of tea.

Often referred to Europe’s finest example of Gothic architecture, the Notre Dame de Paris is certainly an impressive cathedral worthy of a visit.

Pizza in Rome

Dave enjoying his Delicious Pizza

Personally, when it comes to the cuisine I don’t believe there’s any competition – for me Italian wins hands down every time. Pasta, pizza… you can never go wrong!

A great idea whilst on holiday in Italy is to explore your local supermarket and try out the local Italian delights firsthand.

food the big easy

It all comes back to the food!

However, having said that, you do have to give the French some credit.

Dining Locations

In terms of dining locations, Paris is a prime romantic dining city, with its infinite number of quaint bars, bistros, and cafés.

I also have to admit there is a lot more to French food than frog’s legs – coq au vin, beef bourguignon, and fondue are all fantastic meals, and that’s without even sampling the wine, cheese and of course ‘la baguette’!

Overall, both cities are bursting with fantastic things to see, do and discover.

Whether you decide to live ‘la vie Parisienne’ for a few days or you want a taste of Rome, you’ll be guaranteed to leave either city with beautiful memories.

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