Putting the E in Epic Adventure, A Winter Trek in Northern Canada

Today is the big day. We are on our way to the great Canadian North. As you read this, we are sitting on a box car traveling 7-hours north of Sudbury, Ontario about to start our winter trek to the Great White North.

We are making our way to the height of land between the Lake Superior and James Bay watersheds – The Headwaters of the Missinaibi River! This is way up north people.

Winter Trek in Canada

Why are we doing this? To get back to our adventure roots, to push ourselves to our limits and to suffer just a little bit. Nothing makes you feel more alive than achieving a great feat.

We're participating in a 100 km snowshoe trek with Lure of the North. We won't see a warm room or comfortable bed for 10 days. It's going to be Epic!

winter expedition

From Toronto to the Missinaibi Headwaters

The weather forecast tells us it is going to be 30 below zero and even colder with windchill.

winter expedition canada map

Somewhere between Lake Superior and James Bay

I admit, we are nervous. We are out in the elements for 10 days.

There are no Tea Houses for shelter like when we climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp, there are no support vehicles to pick us up if we get in a jam like when we cycled through the continent of Africa and we can't just hitch a ride if we have problems like we could have on the Mongol Rally.

epic winter adventures

Dave embraces sub zero temperatures.

No, in Northern Canada, you are on your own. Luckily we have two expert guides with us, Kielyn and Dave are owners of Lure of the North. They are a married couple who have trekked and camped all across Northern Canada.

We're in good hands as far as navigation and reading ice conditions on frozen lakes and rivers goes. They have done this before, they are prepared and ready. Bringing all the food we need and equipment we need.

food for winter trek in canada

Food for the Trek!

Lure of the North, An Epic Canadian Adventure

What we are nervous about is being able to make it through thigh deep snow day in, day out. We will be trudging an average of 10 km a day, which isn't too much if we were walking on pathways and solid ground.

But on the Missinaibi, we'll be breaking trail with snowshoes, pulling our own sleds and needing to portage through wilderness. It's not going to be easy.

Dress for the an Outdoor Workout.

snowshoeing winter trek

The Key is Layers

My biggest problem is overheating. I've always been a profuse sweater.(I always used to joke that I have Hyperhidrosis.) Remember those radio ads about people suffering from extreme perspiration?

I nearly called the number for help. Even in my most athletic and prime fitness days, the sweat poured off of me in an instant. When in a warm climate or gym, this isn't a problem.

In the freezing cold, getting your body wet can be a huge problem. It's freezing when you start off your day and you want to keep all your layers on in the cold, but when you start trekking, you quickly work up a sweat and need to strip down immediately.

I'm going to have to be aware or I am going to be miserable.

Lure of the North, Discover Ontario

This will be us in a few hours: Photo courtesy Lure of the North

We plan on hiking with minimal layers on and having our parkas and warmer jackets handy. It is better to have a bit of a chill than to overheat. As Survivorman always reiterates in his survival episodes, overheating in the cold can lead to serious problems.

We've been taking part in a lot of winter adventures this season and it has been an extremely cold and stormy winter all around so we've had a lot of time to prepare.

I think we've got our clothing figured out. We've had a lot of trial and error by spending a lot of time outside in 30 below.

I don't know if we'd be as confident if this was our first winter adventure of the season, but now that it is deep into the winter season, we're ready.

We're excited and terrified all at once and we hope you will follow along!

Regular Social Media Updates

Needless to say, we will have zero Internet connection. But you'll be getting regular blog updates from us and Lure of the North on Social Media as they share Spot Updates from the Satellite phone with our GPS co-ordinates on Facebook.

While we're up north, we're hoping to get a bit of cell reception here and there. We want to give you some updates besides the Spot Updates, on Facebook and hoping to send out some Instagram photos of beautiful Northern Ontario.

So stick around and see how we survive. Our fantastic assistant (and one of our best friends) Bran, will be keeping everyone informed of our progress and making sure we don't disappear on you.

We've got lots of fun articles coming out about our Ontario and Alberta Winter Adventures while we're away. You're gonna love them!

northern ontario winter trek

We'll be enjoying views like this in Northern Ontario

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