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vacation in Hong Kong

Someone recently asked us “What is your favourite city in the world?” Paris used to be our answer. But as we’ve explored more cities in recent years, our reply has changed. Today we always say, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is Asia’s world city. It’s alive with energy and excitement, it’s filled with culture and beauty, and it […]

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Many people travel to Thailand to see elephants. But many people don’t think about visiting in a responsible way. Elephants are often abused for the amusement of tourists to ride, but you can make a difference and visit an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai instead. As someone who once rode an elephant before we knew better, we can attest that […]

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adventures in oman

Located in the Arabian peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is a country full of colors, culture, history, natural wonders and… Adventures! Discover 5 experiences you could enjoy on your trip to Omani mountains, valleys, canyon, desert and islands.   1. Hike in the Oman’s Grand Canyon Jebel Shams is the highest mountains in Oman reaching […]

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