Bella Italia!

Italy is scrumptious. We only spent 4 days in the Cinque Terre region but it was enough of a taste to know that we want to see more. We’re heading back to italy in April for a travel blogging conference and are looking forward to spending a bit more time in this romantic country. While we dream of our travels to Italy next month, enjoy our memory of a drive we took down the coast two summers ago.


An Italian Villa set high above the Clouds

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  1. Kate

    Oh wow – can you imagine waking up there everyday. You would have to feel like the universe was blessing you. Lovely lovely lovely…

  2. John

    Kind of reminds me of California…sometimes those marine layers come in so low that if you’re high enough you can be above them. Beautiful shot.

  3. Ali

    That’s an awesome picture! I love Italy, one of my favorite countries. I’ll be at TBU as well, looking forward to meeting you hopefully!

  4. Lois

    absolutely stunning – Dave you really need to put your pictures in a coffee table book – your pictures transport us to these locations in our minds – your’re amazing and so is your photography – I look forward to it every day

    1. debndave Post author

      I’m so glad you like it mom. Maybe I will get around to making a coffee table book one day soon. It helps to have these photos of the day to put one together.

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