We already shared some Instagram photos with you from our time in Switzerland, but an iPhone can never compare to a photograph carefully crafted with a Canon DSLR. Dave took amazing Switzerland pictures from Lucerne to Bern and Interlaken to Geneva. When I look at this collection of Swiss photos, I am impressed by their variety. Dave used several different kinds of post processing and photography techniques to achieve a variety of different views of Switzerland.

Yes, I love Dave’s shots of Switzerland. I enjoy throwing up my photographs taken on the iPhone for everyone to see our travels in real time, but I adore seeing his shots after the trip to really get a taste of the beauty of the country. Enjoy these Switzerland Pictures, they’re some of our best.

Switzerland Pictures

Bern Switzerland pictures

The City of Bern

Bern Switzerland in Biptures

A Street Scene in Bern, Switzerland

swiss alps photography

The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps near Interlaken

two people looking at Swiss Alps view

Taking in the View of the Swiss Alps

Black and White Travel Photo of Swiss Alps

Black and White Photo Shows the Drama of the Swiss Alps

Travel Photos, Switzerland Landscape

Swiss Countryside near Emmental

Swiss Wine Region

The Wine Terraces


Travel Photos, Vineyard in Switzerland

Grape Vine

Travel Pictures Switzerland

Chateux Chillon

Travel Photos Landscape Switzerland

Lake Geneva

Interlaken at night travel photography

Interlaken at Night

Travel Photos Switzerland countryside

A typical view of the Swiss Countryside

Travel photos of Switzerland

Lucerne at Night

To achieve different looks above, Dave took his Switzerland Pictures using a variety of methods. HDR photographs are always very dramatic but I also love his Swiss Alps pictures in Black and White and his selective colour photograph of the Swiss Countryside. There’s the use of a shallow depth of field when walking through a Swiss vineyard, a long exposure night shot of Interlaken and a good old fashioned picture where no post processing is used at all. I love these Switzerland Pictures and they truly are the best of the best.

Our trip and these Switzerland Pictures were made possible by Expedia.com.

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  1. Amanda

    I lived in Switzerland for over four years. These shots certainly make me yearn for the mountains. Great job capturing the beauty of the countryside. Cheers!

  2. Tom @ Waegook Tom

    I’m in love with these photos! Been a while since I checked the site (self-imposed mini digital detox), I think the last post I saw were the photos of the Grand Canyon (with all the light pouring in…I wish I could remember the exact name). These are absolutely stunning, some of them even look like paintings. I love the plant (thistle?) in colour in the foreground with everything else in black and white, the first two of Bern, and the one of Interlaken the best (the mountain in the background is a fantastic effect). Needless to say I’ll be checking in more often now that I’m fully back online!

  3. Addison S.

    Now that people is how to promote Switzerland in photos – truly remarkable what you have captured. If I worked for the Swiss tourism board I’d be contacting you immediately. I’d give anything right now to be sat on the bench looking out at the Swiss Alps.

  4. Jennifer

    Dave is truly a great photographer and these photos are simply stunning! The black and white with the purple flower and the night shot of Interlaken are my favorites.

  5. Mike

    These are some amazing photographs. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes, images you would think came from a movie.

  6. Shalee

    My favorite place Switzerland looking so beauty in your Photo Collections. Never Seen such a collection of Switzerland Images. Looking So Beauty.
    Shalee David

  7. Trekking in Nepal

    These are awesome pictures.I am so much impressed by the detailed photography you have done here and the views are awesome.I really enjoyed a lot watching them.Very good job.You guyz are doing awesome work.Keep up the good work.

  8. Paul Krol

    Those are absolutely breathtaking views and I hope you consider taking those shots minus the awful HDR-processing, which is a fad and i’m sure in a few months or years you will agree :-) Or not..either way, thanks for sharing!

  9. Turtle

    Wow, you’re right about the variety in those shots. I love the colours of them too.
    But I get the feeling you can’t not take a good photo of Switzerland because of those mountains. With a backdrop like that, every shot is just stunning!!

  10. Adventure Tours

    Switzerland is very beautiful place to visit.We have really great Adventure tour when have tour of Switzerland.These pics are very nice and specially the night pics are looking so attractive

  11. Spanish translator

    only been to Switzerland once, but loved it. Your HDR shots are gorgeous, they all look like paintings!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way. Hope to meet up with you guys again soon :)

    - Maria Alexandra (LatinAbroad)

  12. Rob

    I always love seeing your photos, especially when they are of such a beautiful country.

    Many years ago, my grandmother painted a picture of Chateux Chillon so it was nice to see it from a slightly different angle.

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  14. Denise Thomson

    I was born and raised in Switzerland. These pictures make me home sick. And I have lived more than half my life in the USA. Still, my family lives in Switzerland!

  15. vineeth r

    My favorite place Switzerland looking so
    beauty in your Photo Collections. Never
    Seen such a collection of Switzerland
    Images. Looking So Beauty.
    vineeth from india

    1. debndave Post author

      Lucky you! Switzerland is a beautiful country, and I’m jealous of your economy. Everyone seems so well off there. Thanks for sharing your article, we’ll definitely check it out.

  16. Mr.Loto

    The photos are beautiful and have a special light that gives them a surreal and unique. Really good photographer.


    P.S I found you with Stumble

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